Nimki Mukhiya 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritu to come back home

Nimki Mukhiya 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweeti says so what? I will marry abhi. Babbu says he is my enemy. sweeti says how was the person who hit you not your enemy? Babbu says if you wanna get married, i will get you married to any man in this world but not BDO. You better die than marrying him. He leaves. Nimki comes nad says how is this dress? Sweeti is crying. Nimki says what happened? Sweeti says let me die in this cage. Nimki hugs her and says you will decide what happens in your life. i have challenged your mom. But this is more about existence and life now. You will decide what happens in your life.

Ramla says Mauha made such good food. Tune says yes this is good. Nimki could never cook. Mauha says even when appreciating me you have to talk about Nimki. Ramla says he isn’t wrong. Mauha says Mono take

this plate out. Mono says this is women’s work. Ram says no don’t say that. Mauha says papa worked for us when mai wasn’t here. Tune helps mauha in chores. she says I will do it. Tune says no let me help you. Mauha says were you saying something? He says should I say something? She says no.

Sweeti says to Nimki how do you stay happy after all this? Nimki says from the movies. Sweeti says amma will do something after all that happened.
Annaro says she challenged me. I have to do something. Tettar says I am more worried for Sweeeti. We have to bring Ritu back if we have to control.
Sweeti says I have decided Nimki I will complete my education. Nimki says abhi will help you. Sweeti says I want to be established on my own.
Babu says okay dad do what you think is right. Tettar calls Ritu and says come back to haveli tomorrow morning. Annaro will make your favorite breakfast.

Abhi is trying to sleep. He recalls what happened earlier. Nimki says I don’t love you. Mausi comes nad says you have fever. what did se say? You are not well. Elena says papa I have to go to school. Mausi says I called moraylal. Elena says I will get gift for sweeti aunty. abhi says enoug. Stop talking about her. Go to your school.
Abhi says to Mausi I couldn’t get my love for Sweeti. Mausi says Nimki doesn’t love anyone. I know she doesn’t love Babbu.

Sweeti says to Nimki i should have studied. Nimki says I am mukhiya without studying. Sweeti says you can only do politics without education. With education a lot more. Nimki says we should open a library here. Sweeti says lets go. Anaro says where are you going? you don’t have to study. Sweeti says what is my study doing now? Nimki says we are plannin to open a library you can study there too. Annaro says shut up. You don’t speak between us. Annaro says you will have to go out every day. sweeti says what do you do in this house all day? Nimki says just keeps doing house politics. annaro says street people like you Nimki wont ever know.
Precap-Ritu comes back home. Tettar says welcome back. Sweeti slaps him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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