Nimki Mukhiya 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu wins the case

Nimki Mukhiya 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ramla says why did Tune do this. Sinha says there might be some reason. Mauha says how can he be so selfish. Sinha says Tettar might have paid him. Mauha says for money, he sold all the love papa gave him? His friendship? Abhi says but where is he. Mauha says we shouldn’t care. Nimki says no. I have to speak to him why did it. Nimki says I trusted him. Abhi says stay strong.

Annaro gets a call. She says what Babu would be released? Rekha says how.Annaro says my Babbu is winning the case. Dablo and Sweeti are dazed. Rekha says but what happened? Annaro says to dablo you thought he would go to jail? Sweeti says what are you saying. Annaro says you know who saved him? Tune. Dablo says what. Annaro says yes like you betrayed your family. Sweeti says he can’t do this. Annaro says it happened. You two tried hard but I won. My Babbu won. Dablo says to Sweeti this can’t happen. How can Tune.. Sweeti says we have to go to ghat tola. Dablo says you go I will handle things here.

Hearing starts again. Judge says Babu if you are punished you will go to jail for two years. Your face shows you are a bad man. You are Tettar’s son after all. Judge says to Shankar court is for justice not to play with justice. Judge says so according to Dablo yu all misbehaved with Nimki in your house. This case wakes up my conscience. He says I will be sad that due to system you couldn’t get justice. According to all witnesses, Babu would is free from the allegations. Nimki is dazed. Babbu heaves a sigh of relief. He smiles at Nimki. Judge says this court asks you to reconsider your married life. You can appeal in high court against the verdict. Court is adjored. Nimki stands there in shock. Tettar and Babbu celebrate.

Tune says Babbu Singh pick the phone. Babu comes home. Tune says I did what you asked. Please don’t harm them. Tettar says who was it? Babbu says Tune. Ritu says now tell what you did. Babu says I did what I had to. He calls diamond and says we won the case. Leave them. Ritu says leave who? Babu says we won that matters only. Tune cries.

Babbu comes home. Annaro says bring arti. She does his arti. Dablo is shocked. Ritu says see I brought him back. Annaro hugs him and says I thought I lost you. Babu says that nimki couldn’t do anything. Babbu looks in anger at Dablo. He says yes Dablo.. Where is your sister? Rekha says I brought him here to apologize. Sweeti can’t show face. Dablo goes upstairs. Babbu says stop. I want to talk. This s my turn now.

Precap-Abhi and everyone in ghat tola beat Tune. He says kill me but save Elena first. aBhi stops. Abhi says where is Elena? Tune says Babbu kidnapped her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What sheeet is this ? This garbage is stinks!

  2. Disgusting, I will not even be able to watch this episode. Very wrong.

  3. I think Zama habib has gone Crazy!!this is disgusting!babbu the bastard should have been punished!!in real life the rapists n criminals don’t get punished but at least the serial should show something examplery.
    This is the worst scene possible.u stretched this sequence so much just for trp,do u think this horrible verdict is going to raise ur trp??
    Im not going to watch it again.just goto Hell

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