Nimki Mukhiya 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Tune gives statement against Nimki

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Nimki Mukhiya 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shankar asys my next witness is Tune. Sinha says he will be asking Tune the same questions. Shankar says I want to ask him a few questions. Nimki says Tune went out. Babbu says he ran away. Nimki says they are just wasting time. Abhi says let me get tune.
Abhi comes out. Tune is there. He says Tune come, the judge summoned you. Tune looks worried.

Tune stands in witness box. ramla says we will win the case. Shankar asks Tune are you Nimki’s childhood friend. Is there something more than that? Abhi says what is he saying. Shankar says calm down. Shank asks Tune don’t be shy tell me whats up. Tune says she is my friend. There is nothing more than that. Shankar says Tune is very special to Nimki. Shankar says Nimki tells you everything right? Things she doesn’t even tell her sister. So that night, when she called Babbu.. Did she tell you? Tune is silent. Tune says yes. Nimki is shocked. Everyone is dazed. Babbu smirks. Abhi says what are you saying. Shnakar says so she called Babbu there right? Tune says yes. Everyone is startled. Shankar says so it all had Nimki’s consent right? Abhi says Tune what are you saying. Your statement has Nimki’s life depends on it. Shankar says you keep quite. Tune nods. Abhi hits Tune and says you liar. Police stop abhi and take him out. Ramla says what are you saying. How can you be sold. Abhi says Tune stop lying.

Abhi says he is sold. Nimki says let it be Abhi. Nimki sits down in tears. Abhi says are you okay? She says alive. Sinha says I want to ask Tune something. Nimki says no one will ask anything. Judge asks Tune did someone scare you? Please tell us the truth. Shankar says what do you mean. He isn’t scared. Tune says no. Tune looks at Babu. Everyone is shocked. Tune leaves the courtroom.

Shankar says it’s clear now. Nimki called Babbu there. She did this to defame Babu and his family. Shankar says we will announce the verdict in next sessions.
Babbu laughs and says I changed the game. Ritu says wow played so well. Ritu asks Babbu what game did you play? Babu says you will know. Nimki and Mauha trying calling Tune. Tettar says where did that Tune go.

Precap-Court announces the verdict.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is full of sheeet. Dont wasye time

  2. Sunil Kumar Singh

    Its a bull shit drama, i request to all viewer don’t increase trp, director of this serial having very bad mentality regarding the womens,

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