Nimki Mukhiya 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Tettar kicks Ritu out of the house

Nimki Mukhiya 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweeti says to Babu what did you do? Tettar is dangerous. You are competing him in elections? Nimki says for how long should he see this injustice? Babbu says he is playing with our lives. If he wins elections he would ruin everything. This is my responsibility. I did wrong to you because of him I was unjust to Nimki because of him. Once he loses, he would come back to his worth. Sweeti says what if you lose? Everything would be over. You know Ritu.

Annaro is angry. Tettar says Babbu come downstairs. Ritu says they insulted us a lot. We have to decide right now. Babbu comes downstairs. Tettar says sit here. What do you want? Nimki says what do you mean? He says let us talk. What do you want? Babu says MLA seat. Ritu says you.. Babbu says you won’t speak between us. Tettar says tell me for true what do you want. I will give what you want but withdraw your name. Babbu says I won’t do that. Ritu says you know his dream of becoming MLA. You won’t win at all. Nimki says if he speaks, I would speak too. We don’t know who wins the elections. How can you say you would win? Ritu says you’re playing with lava. Ritu says Babu ask for what you want. Tettar says I can kill you right now. Annaro says he isn’t even a man. Tettar says I will kill everyone. Party would not support me. I will burn down this house. Sweeti says Babbu withdraw. ANnaro says you forgot what your father did for you? Ritu says you’ll have to do it or tettar can do anything. Nimki says I think you should withdraw. He is scared he would lose. Tettar says I won’t lose. Ritu says his bail can be taken back too. Nimki says Babu will withdraw his name but on right place. Tettar says I will throw on your face what you want.

Nimki says we want justice for Sweeti. Annaro says what do you mean? Nimki says Ritu doesn’t fit in this house. Nimki says if you kick him out of the house, Babbu would withdraw his name. Right Babbu? He smiles. Ritu says you are jealous since he called me his right hand. You think he would agree? I am so important to him. He is incomplete without me. He can’t do anything without me. Tettar slaps him and says you think I can’t do anything without you? Get out now. Ritu says what are you saying.. Please listen.. Tettar kicks him out of the house. Everyone sees. Tettar says jhariya kick him out. He shouldn’t even be seen around. Ritu says what are you doing. Dablo says get out now. Tettar says now withdraw you name. Babbu nods.

Nimki comes to Ritu and says I do what I say and I also do what I don’t say. Don’t take me lightly. Where would you sleep tonight? There are a lot of dogs in street and even they have their places.

Scene 2
Abhi recalls what Tune said. Abhi recalls Nimki fighting them. Abhi says Tune is right. Nimki I was thinknig you were wrong.
Babu says he is kicked out of this house. I will remember this moment for the rest of this life. You used your mind right. Nimki says your father only cares about his seat. Babbu recalls what Tettar said.
Prcap-Abhi calls on Nimki’s phone. Babu picks it. Abhi says I am mad you didn’t tell me but I am with you in this game.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This bdo will f ruin everything.
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    Though babbu may be acting to have changed at least he is listening to nimki.

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