Nimki Mukhiya 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki challenges Tettar

Nimki Mukhiya 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Soraj says to Tettar that Nimki came here with BDO ABhi. Ritu says stay away from Nimki, she has become head now and doesnt know how to keep respect intact, Tettar says she must have told Nahar too, he says to Soraj that I will protect your honor, stay away from Nimki, Nahar and Abhi, they leave from there.

Dumri asks Tunee why Nimki is silent? what happened? did she have a fight with Babbu? Abhi was tensed too, did something happen in panchayat. Mauha says yes someone has stolen a cow so Nimki have to take action, she is worried about that.
Tunee comes to Nimki and says stop thinking about Richa, we did everything we could. Soraj calls Nimki. Nimki sees Dumri there and asks her to leave. Nimki asks what happened? Soraj says you are telling this to everyone, you told it to Tettar and then Nahar, you brought Abhi too. Nimki says I didnt tell Nahar anything, Soraj says stop interfering in our lives.

Kundan says to Chirag that I thought to make you a politician and now I have to beg Tettar for you, I cant trust Tettar, you should leave this village, he says where will I go? He says go to culcutta but if you do anything there then I wont spare you. Nahar calls Kundan and says come to me, we have to prepare for campaign. Kundan says Chirag’a matter is going out of hands. Nahar says Tettar didnt know about that? Kundan gets tensed and says no he doesnt know, Nahar says I will make Chirag leave the village, Tettar will not know. Kundan says he is leaving, he ends call. Nahar says he is playing double game with me, I wont spare him.

Tettar comes home and shouts for Nimki, Ritu asks him to calm down. Babbu says she cant do anything like that without asking us. Tettar shouts Nimki.. Dublo asks if something happened? Sweety says she is not home. Tettar asks Ritu to call her and ask her to come here, I will show her position today. Mai asks what happened? Tettar says she is trying to dance on our heads. Mai says you have given her the freedom, Tettar says she is not above us, call her. Nimki comes there and says what happened? everything fine? Tettar says I asked you to stay away from this matter, you are trying to play games with me, I am telling you last time that nobody would be bad than me. Nimki says what did I do? Babbu says why did you go to Soraj’s house with Abhi? why are you involving in that girl’s matter? Nimki says you dont know? Ritu tell him who I am. Mai says you are a common girl from village. Nimki says I am deepika of village and also head of the village, Nimki Mukhiya. Dublo says she is right. Babbu glares at him, Tettar asks him to shut up, he coughs. Nimki asks him to calm down, Tettar says stay in your limits, you dont know who I am. Nimki says I know you very well now, you promised me that you will find that guy, get him punished but you talked for Richa’s marriage with that jerk guy for your politics? you want to destroy a life for your politics? thats why I took this matter in my hands so I will do what I want now. Babbu says how dare you, who are you.. Nimki says I told you who I am. Ritu grabs Babbu and asks him to calm down. Babbu says I am not Tettar. Mai says Babbu kill her and bury her. Nimki says I am not a seed to be buried, you must be watching TV serials, I told you I am a traditional daughter in law and Babbu no violence otherwise I can file two cases on you, first of domestic violence and second of raising hand on head of village then you will be running to courts, Tettar says you are threatening us. Nimki says I cant trust you in Richa’s case, she was raped and I will get that guy punished, this time I wont let you play your politics, its about that girl’s respect, you people met Kundan, instead of getting justice, you are protecting that rapist, I wont let it happen. Sweety says Babbu you are taking side of that jerk? Mai says Kundan is our family friends, Sweety says think about that girl’s honor. Tettar says if this thing goes out then that girl’s honor will be destroyed, we are trying to get her married to Chirag so she will be saved. Nimki says its about that girl’s life and respect. Tettar says I will get Richa married to Chirag at any cost and you cant stop me. Nimki says I love challenge so I accept this challenge, all are stunned.


Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. wow lovely n intesting episode….luv u nimki mukhiya

  2. Excellent serial…I just love watching Nimki Mukhiya…Nimki is too good…turning all negative situations into positive…. good role played by the actress

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