Nimki Mukhiya 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Annaro gets mad at Elena

Nimki Mukhiya 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweeti says I have only seen women being disrespected here. Nimki was respected as a woman in this house. She doesn’t know big things but at least they eat together. Annaor says so Nimki is so nice to you? She is taking over our rules. Sweeti says her questions are right. Annaro says who is she to question. I rule this house. How dare she. sweeti says you think you rule this house? If yes then why can’t you sit and eat with your husband? You wait like servants. Annaor says these are our rituals and we follow them. Your mother believes in rituals.

Dablo says my father doesn’t even talk to me. Nimki says you are right. you are like a street dog anyone who crosses the street kicks you. Dablo says exactly. they never help me. I want help. I want to settle my help.

Nimki says how can I help you?
Annaro says ever since she has come you are changing. I can’t change my rules for that girl. I wont let her stay here. You know your mom. I am silent because of your dad. If that BDO’s daughter comes here again I will break her legs. Elena comes and says nani I brought this pakoray for you.
Dablo says if your father gives me that land my life will be made. I will give him money.

Sweeti says amma be nice to her she is a kid. Elena gives pakoray to Annaor. Annaro takes the plate and throws it away. elena is scared. Nimki comes out. Elena is crying. Sweeti calms her down but she runs. Nimki hugs elena says are you okay? She says I was giving nani pakoray. Annaro goes to her room. Nimki says wait a minute. Annaro says if you take one more stop.. Take her from here and get out. Tell her don’t dare coming upstairs again. Rekha says the plate fell from her hand and elena was scared. Dablo says that might have happened. Nimki says don’t interfere. ANanaro says hey.. Nimki says enough. I respect you because you are babbu’s mother. And today I want to tell you all that I am a mother as well.. Elena’s. everyone is dazed. Nimki says if anyone makes her cry I will ruin their lives. And this isn’t a dialogue. These are my words. she leaves. Annaro is angry. Annaro says how dare she. I told you there was something. she has an affair with BDO. Sweeti says amma enough. You don’t think before speaking. You can’t see your mistake and accusing her. She is a child. Rekha says she came on wrong time. sweeti says amma your problem is that you are losing and you can’t take it. That’s why you are going crazy. Dablo says sweeti is right. Sweeti says save yourself amma. She leaves.

Elena is crying. Nimki says elena dont cry. Elena says why she hates me. I only wanted to give her pakoray. Nimki says she is old. She gets angry. She talks to everyone like that. Don’t cry. Lets take a selfie. Elena says you said you are my mom. Is that true?
No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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