Nimki Mukhiya 13th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki goes to meet Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dablo says babbu was arrested to he can be saved from people. Babbu will be punished for his sin. Annaro says you forgot how your father came home? He only took revenge. Tettar comes in. Annaro says where is babbu? Tettar says in jail. Ritu says it was important or villagers would have killed him. Tettar says ritu will get im bailed. Sweeti says he can’t do anything. Diamond says he never did. Annaro says I want my babbu right now. You have no worth. Tettar shoves her. He says I had to call police to save him otherwise nimki would have killed him.

Rekha says sweeti attracts ABhi everywhere. Sweeti says babbu was alone there so I went there. Dablo says shut up Rekha. He says dad can’t do anything. Tettar says I hit you still you couldn’t shut up. He says shuting

me up wont change the fact that you are loser. tettar is angry.. Dablo goes upstairs.

Scene 2
Nehar says Tettar will get his son out. He will spend money like water. Nimki says I wont let him get bailed. Tune says I wish I could kill Babbu. Abhi says me too. Nimki says no. I want him insulted in the whole world. I want him called rapist all his life. I will change the fact that rapist should be ashamed not the girl. His life would be ruined. Abhi says yes that would happen. We wont let him live in this world.

Sweeti drinks water in anger. She recalls Babbu shooting her. She recalls what happened with Nimki. Dablo comes there. He says you didn’t sleep? She says I can’t. When I close eyes I see Nimki’s face. Dablo says you took Abhi ti Mumbai? She says I had to do it. Otherwise I would die in regret. He should be punished for what he did with Nimki. He says we are all sinners of Nimki. We did so bad to her. Sweeti says that’s why I did this so she gets justice. She says why is there bruise on your neck. He says the fact that we are part of this family hurts more. They want to kill us because we have a human heart. Sweeti says when I was in hospital, amma only came to request me to save Babbu. It felt like she shot me not Babbu. They are both in tears. Sweeti says you also shot me in hospital. Never do this again. Dablo cries.

Scene 3
Babbu is in jail. He is angry. He recalls being insulted by Nimki. He looks at the bangle in anger. Babu shouts. Constable says what happened?
Nimki is trying to sleep.

Mono gets ready for school. He says does it hurt? Nimki says don’t worry about me. He hugs her. Nimki does makeup. Mauha says let me bring hot cloth and put it on your bruise. Nimki says makeup will hide the bruise. Mauha says it doesn’t hurt. She says women are strong. Never show your bruise to your makeup. Mauha says where are you going? Abhi? Take tune with you. Nmki says I don’t need guard. Nimki says I have an appointment with Babbu. I am going to meet him him. Mauha says what.

Precap-Nimki says to Babbu I will make you cry for life. Don’t think your dad can get you out of here. Babbu throttles her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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