Nimki Mukhiya 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Everyone finds out about Nimki’s life with Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ramla says you knew all this? Ram says I knew too. Nimki hugs Ram. She says don’t cry papa. You knew it all? Ram cries. Nimki says I am home. Everything will be fine now. Tune says yes end everything now. ram see nimki is with you. You were so worried about her. She is here. She fought her battle. You don’t have to hide anything from each other. Mauha says you knew all this but you didn’t tell me? Ramla says hit him. Tune says Nimki asked me not to tell anyone. Nimki says why did you tell ram? Tune says chacha you asked me not to tell. They all slap him in fun. Tune says Ram you did all this. Ram says Nimki come here. Ram says it is not tune’s mistake. Ramla says they wont leave you. It is not that easy. Nimki says don’t worry. You are all with me now.

Abhi comes and says everyone knows the truth now.

Annaro gets Nimki’s room cleaned. Ritu says we have to make he story. It is still scary for us. Parbatya shows annaro picture of Ram. Annaro throws it away and says trash it.
Babbu says I should shoot her. I wouldn’t let her live alive. Ritu says the problem hasn’t ended. She is still in village. People will ask her. What will she tell them? Babbu says that’s her problem not ours. Tettar says lets live in peace for a while. We will think later. Rekha says yes you can sleep in your room again.
Annaro says to parbatya burn everything she used.

Abhi says I kept asking you and you kept lying. Nimki says I told you I will leave one day. Nimki says I left it in style. I taught them a lesson. Go and ask them. Abhi says why did you hide all this from me? Tune and Ram know but I don’t. Nimki says Tune didn’t tell me that papa knew. She says to Mauha and Tune go I want to talk to abhi in person. Tune and Mauha go in. Nimki says you left sweeti alone in hospital? He says moraylal is there. Sweeti said she admires our friendship but see you didn’t even tell me. You always knew they were just using you. I would have got you from there right that day. Nimki says I thought I would fix everything. I knew if I told you, you wont understand that difference between love and friendship. Abhi leaves in anger. tune says he was angry? Nimki says he will be fine. Tune says but his anger is justified. Everyone is hurt. Nimki says I am Nimki. I don’t feel weak.

Scene 2
Diamond says to Babbu drink. That nimki is kicked out. Babbu slaps him and says she left this house. This is an insult to me. Didn’t you hear what she said? We didn’t say a word. We let her go. Ritu says she left anyone. Lets cheers. Babbu says are you even a man. Your wife isn’t even in your control. Ritu says I could shoot sweeti too. But I remembered tettar’s respect. Babbu says so you mean I have no respect for him? Tettar says calm down Babbu. He says end this story forever. Send Nimki divorce notice. WE will handle people. Ritu says it isn’t this easy. This is a battle now. We first have to remove BDO from her way. Babbu says you are right. First we have to do something to that BDO. Then people around Nimki and then Nimki.
Precap-Nimki is with Sweeti. Abhi comes. He says I will come later. Nimki holds his hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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