Nimki Mukhiya 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi transferred from the village

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Nimki Mukhiya 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu says meet Jhankar. New BDO. Ritu says he was transferred from Patna. Nimki says what nonsense where is Abhi? Mogayri lal comes. Ritu says give the BDO file he asked for. Mogayri lal gives the file. Nimki says what did they do? He says sir was transferred yesterday. Nimki and Tune are shocked. Abhi says he is gone now. He wont be seen here anymore. Ritu says he is transferred to a deserted place. Nimki is shocked. They laugh. diamond says what happened? Shocked? Tune says ever fight me I will turn your diamond into a coal. Nimki says I am not scared of you. Babbu says we are showing your power is useless now. Ritu says we have cut your wings. Jhankar says all previous BDO’s decision are stopped. Babu says I will decide what appens in this village now. Tune says Nimki is

the mukhiya. Babbu says I will rule anyway. Nimki takes Tune from there. Babbu says stop.. Nimki doesn’t stop. Babbu says she is still not scared. She insulted us in front of everyone and she will be punished. Ritu says we got our first win. That Nimki must be crying inside. Her support is gone. Mogarylal takes the stuff. He says this is of Abhi. Babbu says stop give it to me. Bau sees his medals and certificates. He sees Nimki’s photo in it. Babbu tears it in anger.

Dablo says Nimki texted she is asking for rent. Rekha says wasn’t she good to you? dablo says you keep speaking against her. Rekha says I wont say anything now. Tell her we are in her party. Dablo says my business is going down. Rekha says why it happens with you only? Sweeti says dablo this all isn’t your thing. You should do a job. Rekha says yeah Sweeti can get you to BDO’s place. Dablo says shut up. Rekha says no ask her what her husband does. She ran to BDO for the same reason. Dablo says shut up Rekha. Annro comes. Everyone shuts up.

Scene 2
Nimki comes to Abhi. He says they played a huge game. Nimki says people are with us. We just stared our revenge. Abh says we never thought tettar would do something. Tune says can’t we do anything? He says I am transferred already. I have to do something to get back here. Nimki says we have to solve this and fight together. Nimki says I will take all people to BDO’s office. We will leave snakes in their office. Abh says this is real life not cinema. I will have to leave this house too. Tune says please dont’ go. Abhi says I will have to come back here for Elena. Mausi says she considers you family. Abhi says she feels complete here. Nimki says my life is incomplete without you too. He says I will have to go but please don’t mess with Tettar for some days. Tune says yes please. Nimki says I didn’t say anything to Babbu either. Abhi says please be careful.

Babbu comes home. tettar hugs him. He says you did a wonderful job. Sweeti says what happened? Babu says BDO is thrown out of his office. He is gone forever. Annaro says what a good news. Rekha says wow. Dablo says that’s a good news. Now dad has some work to do instead of being jealous of my business. Tettar says why would I be jealous of a useless person like you. Rekha says sweeti was saying her heart is sinking something bad is gonna happen. Diamond says that nimki can’t do anything without BDO. Babu says the power is in my hands now. Sweeti goes towards her rood. Ritu says where are you going? What is your say on such a good news. Sweeti says you did right as per politics. Why didn’t you do it earlier. A brother wont have to shoot his sister if you did this earlier.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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