Nima Denzongpa 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Nima Denzongpa 4th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gulshan throws momos in the garbage can. She leaves from there. Virat asks Nima why she listens to Gulshan and doesn’t give her any answer. Nima says that she is older than her so she doesn’t mind her words. She tells Virat that the momos were very good. Virat says that he wanted to have hot momos with her but he will take her to Sikkim and eat momos with her made by her father’s hand.

Nima gets happy. Virat says that he can talk to her the whole night but tomorrow morning he has to wake up early so he has to sleep early. Next morning Virat is preparing for the party. Mona says that she cannot see all this. Saying this she leaves from there. Nima calls Manya and asks her when she is coming here. Manya says that till now he has not even reached the orphanage.

Nima says she is waiting for her. Further, the glass falls from Krish’s hand. Nima is cleaning the glass pieces. Gulshan is about to get hurt but Nima saves her and she gets hurt. Gulshan asks Alok to bring medicine. Virat says that seeing Nima, her heart was melted today. Virat is applying medicine on Nima’s hand. Nima says she will do it herself.

Virat says that he will put medicine in her hand. Virat takes out a piece of glass from Nima’s hand. Tears well up in Nima’s eyes. Virat wipes the tears from her eyes. Nima thanks him. Virat says that Gulshan should say thanks to Nima. Nima says Gulshan doesn’t need to do this. Next Sunita comes there. She sees the injury in Nima’s hand and asks her what happened.

Nima says that there was a minor injury in her hand but Virat has applied medicine on her hand. Sunita says that it is good that someone is taking care of her. Further, Manya knocks on the door. Virat and Nima get excited to welcome her. Nima asks Manya where is Khushi. Manya starts crying and hugs Nima. Nima asks her what happened. Manya says that she was excited to adopt Khushi but when she reached the orphanage, she came to know that Khushi’s mother had taken her away.

Sunita says that Manya can adopt another child. Manya says that she does not know why God is punishing her. Virat explains to Nima that right now she cannot break in front of Manya as she has to take care of Manya. Priyal says that all this happened because of her. She says that she has taken away her happiness. Manya says that she does not have the happiness of becoming a mother, so she should not blame herself.

Episode ends.

Precap: Virat says to Nima that, we do special things for people who are close to us and important like family and you are important to me.
Priyal asks Krish is he upset because Khushi didn’t come, after all real parents matter.
Priyal and Mona discuss once Krish sees the photo, Nima will be out of the house.

  1. Cammie - Malaysia

    When are you getting rid of the Monstrous MONA!!%#@$”;

  2. I bet Mad monstrous Mona is behind this adoption problem. Pryal is too dumb to be able to even think.
    Mona probably paid someone to act as parents and then the child will get dumped.
    Its really high time the writers and producers did something.

  3. ROUND AND ROUND we go with these two evil women and Virat is blind to what’s happening in his home…oh this is what the writers want and not the viewer’s!!

    1. Yes dear
      These 2 🧙‍♀️ 🧙‍♂️ want krish yo to know 😒 that VIRAT is not his biological father

  4. its probably that b*t*h’s b*t*h mona bona dona,

  5. Lassinvincible

    I don’t know who’s behind the adoption problem but I sense that these b*t*hes are going to manipulate lidl Krish again. Enough with their drama. They are running the show right now & they are main villians thus here for significant time. I don’t think makers will get rid of characters any sooner! We got to bear with them for now. Sad but true!

  6. Yes you are all right I was thinking the same its Mona and man both evil sisters ,well the show is ending they have to expose them evil sisters and should get the punishments for all their bad deeds other wise no point of showing the such evil peoples getting away .

    1. 😨😱😱😱
      I hope they don’t end the show.
      Its just starting to get interesting again.
      Producers, PLEASE DON’T END THE SHOW!!!!

      Those two sisters are the same as child molesters. They should be locked up permanently and never allow anywhere near children!!!!
      In fact, they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near another living thing!!

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