Nima Denzongpa 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Nima comes back to Suman’s house

Nima Denzongpa 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tulika is about to talk to Shiv about Sia but Nima arrives there and stops her. Nima asks what are you doing here? Shiv says do you know each other? Nima says yes, very well. Tulika starts leaving. Nima stops her and says if you dare mess with my daughter’s job then I won’t spare you. Tulika says I came to open an account. Nima says don’t fool me, I was silent my whole life but if you mess with my daughters then I won’t be silent. Tulika says Suresh was worried about Sia so I thought to talk to her as a stepmother. Nima says you are saying that Suresh talks about our daughters with you? I don’t believe you, if you try this again then I will talk to Suresh. Tulika leaves. Shiv comes to her and says you came to meet Sia? Nima says yes, I wanted to deposit her salary. Shiv says that’s a good idea, Sia went away for some work. You called me earlier, was anything urgent? Nima says nothing important. She congratulates him for his marriage. She says I will wait for Sia. Shiv says I will get his money deposited. Shiv gets a call from his wife, he says I was talking to Sia’s mother. She says let me talk to her. Kanchan talks to Nima and says you all are invited for dinner, I really like Sia so please come. Nima says but.. Kanchan says just meet us tomorrow, she ends the call. Nima looks on.

Paras is looking at Mania’s photos and smiles. Suman comes there and says it’s good to see you happy. Paras says I met Mitali and I know for sure that we are not made for each other. I talked to her and she agreed with me. Suman says what? I asked you to meet her to mingle with her but you did this? You have messed up. Your papa will kill us. Suman says your papa would be so angry.

Sia meets Nima in the bank and says you didn’t need to come here to deposit this money. Nima says I will handle the housework, you should save your money for the future. Sia sadly looks at her. Nima gives her the money and leaves.

Tulika tells Sunita that Nima was so angry, she is too proud of her daughters. Sunita says Nima must have said something to Suresh that’s why he is acting like this.

Nari sees the news of riots going on in the city. she says where is Ayi?

Shiv comes to Sia and says riots have started, we have to leave early. Sia says Ayi just left, I have to go and look for her. Shiv says let’s go together.

Suresh finds Mitali’s necklace in the car. He calls Mitali but she says it’s not that expensive.

Sia and Shiv are in the car looking for Nima. Mania calls Sia but she says I can’t tell them as they will start looking for her also.

Nima is on the road when the riots start. She falls down and starts crying. A man is about to hit her but Sia arrives there and pulls her in the car. Sia hugs her and cries. Nima says I am fine, God sent my Devi to save me. Nima thanks Shiv. Shiv says I will drop you both home. Sia thanks him.

Sia and Nima come back home. Sia says I am sorry, I misbehaved with you when it was all my fault. Nima says I know you were angry but maybe I couldn’t be a good mother. Sia says you are the best mother, I was so scared for you. Nima hugs her and says my Sia is back, forgive me. They hug each other. Nima says just promise to not hide anything from me? Sia says promise. Nima tells her about Kanchan inviting them for a dinner, I know you get pained when you are close to Shiv so I will handle everything.

Suresh comes to Suman’s house. He says I have to give Mitali’s necklace back. Asha says I will give it to her. Suresh says it’s an expensive necklace. Asha says just trust me, I will give it back to her. Suresh gives the necklace to her.

Suman is tense, Maaji asks if something is wrong? Mitali’s mother arrives there. Ginesh says we will serve you well. Mitali’s parents look serious. Her mother tells Suman that we have to talk because of Paras. Ginesh asks what is going on? Mitali’s father says you people have lower status than us but we still gave a chance to Paras. Paras told Mitali that they are not a good match and they shouldn’t get married. Mitali silently heard all that. What if Babita’s fiance Vikram had told her that? The whole society knows about this engagement but Paras doesn’t want to get married now? It’s about our honor now. Ginesh says I don’t know what Paras was thinking. Maaji says we will make everything fine. Ginesh says there is some confusion, I will talk to Paras and make everything right. Mitali’s family leaves. Ginesh asks Suman if she knows everything? Tell me. Suman looks down.

Scene 2
Asha brings Mitali’s necklace to her house, she tells her husband that it’s an expensive necklace. She should run away from this place before they call the police on us.

Ginesh tells Suman that Paras has gone mad, he is trying to be too modern. Maaji says call Paras and do as I say. Ginesh calls Paras and asks where are you? Paras says I am coming home. Ginesh says don’t come home, I want you to do some legal work so go there. He asks him to go to Soorat. He ends the call. Maaji tells the family that Paras shouldn’t know Mitali’s parents came to talk to us.

Nari asks Nima that you should have said no to Shiv’s wife. Nima says she was talking so sweetly. Mania says what will we do now? Nima says do you have a solution? Mania says lie about something like you have work. Nima says I will have to lie? Mania says it’s a harmless lie. You can call them tomorrow. Nima nods.

Ginesh tells Maaji that your plan is good. Maaji says we can’t give freedom to the kids, it doesn’t matter why Paras did all this but how dare he do it is important. Ginesh says what if Paras knows about our plan? Suman says we are going overboard. Ginesh asks her to shut up, it’s about our honor and Babita’s life. Maaji says just leave everything on me.

Paras calls Mania and says I am going to Soorat but I will meet you after coming back. He ends the call. Mania thinks I will tell him about my life when we meet.

Nima calls Kanchan and tries to lie that our gas pipe broke so we can’t meet you tomorrow. Kanchan says okay, no worries. Nima ends the call and says I can’t lie. Mania says you were totally red while lying.

Shiv is leaving for the office. Kanchan tells him that Sia’s mother looked tense, their gas pipe broke so we should take food to their house. Shiv says wouldn’t that be weird? Kanchan says we should help her, she looked tense. Shiv says fine.

Suresh comes to Suman’s house and looks for Asha. He asks Bakay. Bakay says she ran away and didn’t come back. I am missing Nima as there is so much work. Suresh says don’t worry. Suresh thinks my plan worked. He talks to Suman and says she ran away thinking that necklace was of gold. Suresh says we can’t trust Asha. Suman says you will handle all this right? Suresh says yes.

Suresh comes to Asha’s house but their house is locked. A neighbor says they left last night. Suresh calls Nima and asks till when you will keep sitting at the house? Suman needs a maid so go to their house. Nima says I am happy to know that.

Asha comes back to Suman’s house and thinks it’s good that I checked this necklace was fake. She enters the house and sees Suman talking to another maid (Nima). Suman tells Nima that it’s good to see you back. I know Maaji will accept you also. Asha hides and thinks if they found another maid? Suman tells Nima that you should start the work from tomorrow. Nima says thank you. Suman says Suresh helped me with this fake necklace. Asha thinks so Suresh fooled me? Suman leaves from there. Asha sees that the maid is Nima. Suresh tells Nima that if Tulika finds out we work together then she will create a scene that’s why I silently worked on this plan. Asha hides and thinks he fooled me? They still have an affair going on? I will not spare him, I will take my revenge.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiv and Kanchan visit Sia at her home. Kanchan says, Sia is engaged, right? And asks if she can see the pictures. Asha comes to Suresh’s house when she hears Nima’s voice. She plans to expose them both.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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