Nima Denzongpa 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima and Sunita decide to leave

Nima Denzongpa 19th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sujata hides the card. She asks Tushar where were you last night? Manav says I caught a good last night and he was wearing a black shirt. He says am I the only person with a black t-shirt? I gave this to Sujata three days ago. Sujata says this t-shirt was with me for laundry. Tushar leaves in anger. He says sorry to Sujata and leaves.

Nima says to Sunita I am happy we went to the doctor. Your BP was high. Sujata asks Nima what do you want? Your husband is missing so you’re after my husband? Is my husband supposed to save her? He got injured. Sujata says you have no character. Nima says shut up. Mind your language. Sujata says to stay away from Manav, this is the last time I am warning you. Sunita says to Nima you didn’t even tell me so much happened. Nima says I didn’t want to bother you. You were not well. Sunita says let’s go back home. You are not safe here. I can’t see you in danger. I am very scared. I won’t’ stay here. Nima says we can’t go without finding out the truth. She says we will do it from our home. Your safety matters the most. Nima says aai, please. Nima says don’t worry, please. If you want to go we will go. Sunita hugs her.

Scene 2
Sujata, tushar and sarita come to pooja. Sujata sees Nima leaving. She says Tushar they’re leaving, you did so well. She thanks, God. Nima says before leaving let’s do pooja. Nima and Sunita do the pooja. Nima prays that she finds Virat soon. Manav comes there and does pooja with her. A chunri falls on both of them. Manav sees flashbacks. He says Nima. I mean Nima ji. He asks where are you both going? Sunita says we are not going. We were but not now. Nima says what? Manav leaves. Sunita says God showed me Manav is Virat. I can’t take you away from him. We will stay here and fight this battle.

Sarita tells Suujata they’re going back to the house. Tushar says they must be picking something. Sujata asks where are you both going? Sunita says we will never leave this basti. We love it. Let’s go in. Sujata is angry. She says to Tushar our new plan should start from today.

Scene 3
Nima and Suajat get ready for pooja. Nima prays how Virat used to bring her perfumes. He used to smell it on her hands. Sunita says let’s go. Nima applies perfume and smiles. Sujata asks how do I look? Surita says my Madhuri. Tushar says really? She asks Manav. He says yes you always look good. But why so much? A woman looks good when she’s simple. She says you’re wrong. Everyone comes for pooja. Sunita says he will remember something today for sure. Pandit ji asks Nima to sing bhajan. Manav says yes you sing well. Nima sings.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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