Nima Denzongpa 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Nima keeps getting dizzy but ignores it

Nima Denzongpa 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Suman tells Mitali’s family that Nima is like our family member. Maaji says she is a servant so keep her in limits. Mania hears it and feels bad.

Tulika meets her goons and asks them to wait for Suresh. Suresh comes out of the house so they start acting. Tulika screams and acts like goons are attacking her. She cuts her arm a little bit. Suresh runs there and beats the goons. He asks who are you? Tulika gets worried as he keeps beating them. Tulika distracts so the goons run away. Suresh helps her and she acts like fainting.

Suresh brings Tulika home. Sunita asks what happened? Suresh says they took away everything from me. He gave me 7 days to return the money but now I met him and he said that he sell away my house. He said he is allowing us to live in this house. Tulika says I told you to not listen to him. Sunita says you gave away this house? Why did you need that kind of money? Suresh says I had no choice, I needed the money. Sunita says take me me to that goon and I won’t spare him. Tulika says he is a dangerous man, he can hurt us. I am scared, we have lost the house but we can’t do much. Suresh says he is a dangerous man. Sunita says you lost this house? Suresh says I wanted to give away his money but he fooled me, he made me sign the property papers but he can hurt us. I won’t lose like that, I will hire a lawyer and get this house back. Tulika asks him to calm down and go to work.

Nima gets Nari’s call, she tells her that I got nominated for an award in our college. She says every student will come with their parents so you will come right? Nima says yes, I will talk to Suman to give me some time off tomorrow. She ends the call and is happy. Nima feels dizzy but ignores it.

Tulika’s father gives her the papers and says the house is in your name now. You are the sole owner of that house now. She says I was scared that goon might fool us but our plan worked well. I thought Suresh might catch me but we played it well. Her father says we fooled them all. Tulika prays to God and lights diya in the mandir. she puts property papers there and the papers got burned.

Sia comes to Shiv and asks about work but he ignores her. Sia asks if something happened? Shiv recalls his promise to Kanchan to stay away from Sia. He says I am busy.

Mania comes to Nari and says Maaji is so rude, she thinks she is everything just because she is rich. Nari sees mehndi on her hands, Mania recalls how she mistakenly got it on her hands.

Suman comes to Nima and says I am sorry for Maaji’s words. Nima says I am a worker here so it’s okay. Suman says I am just worried about Paras. Nima says don’t worry, Paras will get a good girl.

Mania is talking to Paras on the video call, he finds mehndi on her hands and says you should have only my mehndi.

Suresh calls Tulika and says we will complain to the police, I can’t lose my house for 5 lacs. he ends the call and turns to see Nima there, she asks if there is some issue? You must be worried about the money, I will help you. Suresh says don’t worry, I did what I had to as a father.

Tulika says this Suresh is crazy, I own the house now.

Nima gives a saree to Nari and says I got an off for tomorrow, I am proud of you. She feels dizzy and says I will take some rest.

Sia is going back and falls down on the road. Shiv comes there and rushes to her. He gives her a band-aid and tries to help her. Shiv says it’s okay, he cleans her foot and helps her. Sia thanks him. Shiv asks her to take care and gets an auto for her but it’s Kanchan in the auto. She is stunned to see Shiv holding Sia. He moves away abruptly. Sia leaves from there. Kanchan says I told you to stay away from her. Shiv says she got hurt, you have to trust me.

Suresh tells Sunita that we are together so don’t worry. I know we lost the house but we are all fine and that’s what matters the most. Sunita says I feel something wrong is going to happen. Tulika says don’t worry, she leaves. Suresh says she is not angry? It’s good though.

Babita talks to Paras on the call and asks him to come back soon.

Nari sees Nima sleeping and asks if she is fine? Mania says she must be tired.

In the morning, the alarm plays so Nari wakes up and is excited. She says Ayi is still sleeping. She asks her to wake up. Nima asks if I slept a lot? Nari says don’t worry, get ready. Nima tries to get up but faints. Nari gets worried.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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