New spoilers for your fav shows

All your choices have been noted and will be written in the same week. As the shows keep on changing tracks, the most imp are covered in priority basis, and some shows which are already covered does not have immediate spoilers. Also, rate the spoiler section and what else you would like to read here. More shows will be added based on fresh inputs. So keep checking the Spoilers Section…..

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  1. Plz tell yhm spoiler

    1. Amena

      YHM is included….

  2. nice spoiler for fanaah season 2

    1. U are most welcome but we are the one who shuld thank as u always give our fav serial spoiler so a big thank u 🙂

  3. Spoiler for jodha akbar & shastri sisters

  4. …….

  5. include
    kaisi yeh yaariyan

    1. I agree with supriya please kaise yeh yarriaan.I have included its name in spoilers for november.PLEASE.

  6. Pls Pls y no spoiler on shastri sisters
    Pls next time Pls include that

  7. Doli armanon ki pls

  8. Please could you include the spoilers for ek hasina thi and nisha aur uske cousins..

  9. include kaisi yeh yaariaan

  10. satyam maheshwari

    wat is spoiler…please explain…i dont know

    1. spoiler means the tracks which will happen in upcomming episode

  11. Kaisi yeh yaariaan is best !! LOVE IT

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