Wait a minute. Why was I running? Why should i help him. After he made me suffer. I am not going to him. Let him get drunk. Not my problem.
With that.. i stopped running. “Nandini… where r u? I was searching for u.” Navya said. “Areyy.. Navya can we go now? Pls.” I said. “No.. not now yaar..  wait for sum more time. Bye.” And she left. I was just wanfering here and there. I went to the bar and asked the waiter to give water. And he started giggling. “Wht, huh? Why r u laughing?” I asked him. “Nothing madam” the waiter said. He gave me the water and i drank it. It was 1:30 am now. I need to get to the college before they throw me out. I thought I saw Navya going into a room in a corner. I went following her. “Navya.. are u there. Its getting late. Navyaaa” I said. I couldnt find her here. So i went out… but then sumone pulled me inside and locked the door. “Aaaeee..” And he put his hand on my mouth. “Nandini … Nandini.. u r so small and yur screams are so loud. I still dont understand how u get so much energy.” Manik said.

Oh it was Manik. He is drunk. I need to do sumthing. “Manik pls leave me and u need to go home and let me go too plz.” I said. But he held me tightly and came near to me. “No Nandini.. i will not leave u.. u slapped me infront of all the ppl and now..” he said as he left me and was abt to fall down. I ran and caught him. “Manik control yurself.. u r drunk right now. Ill take u home.” I said as i took his hands and put it on my shoulder. “Manik  Malhotra can never be drunk… How can u think like that Nandini… Cheeee. Nandini is a fool!” He said as he started jumping around. Godds what’s his problem. How do I take him home? Maybe his driver might be waiting. Lemme check. I went and checked, his driver was waiting. “Are u waiting for Manik?” I asked him. “Yes Madam ji , I am waiting for him.

Can u call him. It’s getting late.” The driver said. “Umm.. Ok wait here” I said and went inside to bring him. Now he was lying down. God wht should I do now. I put his hands over my shoulders again. He was heavy. With grt difficulty I took him outside. “Manik baba, wht happened to you?” The driver came running and helped me put him inside. “Madam ji.. He’s drunk! We need limbu panni!” He told me. Now where should I bring lemon water from? Maybe lemon water might be there in the bar. “Achaaa fine wait… Let me see if there is any lemon water left.” I said as I went inside. I found a lemon and water. I quickly made it and went to Manik.

“Here give him this water.. Make him drink. No listen I’m leaving now but pls make him drink that.” I said . “Madam ji.. I can leave u to the college. U r going to do the college right?” He asked me. I didn’t think how I would ever reach and now maybe Navya might have gone too. “Ok.. Leave me there.” I said and I went to the front seat. I saw him… He was sleeping peacefully. He had such a sweet face. He looked so nice when he slept. “Madam ji, we reached the college.” He said shaking me out of my thoughts. “Oh k.. Thankyou very much.” I said and went.

Today was a weird night. I need to tell him that it was Harshad who spiked his drink.

Wht do you think will happen when Manik finds himself in himself in the room?
To keep knowing, keep reading, and commenting.

Hey guys… Sorry for the short update.. But it will be better next time. Wht do u think will happen now. Pls comment .

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  1. Its really awesome waiting for manik’s reaction

  2. Yaaaar 1st of i want to say i read both ur chappies toghthr so cudnt wait to read toghtr than to comment…..it was fantastic..reallly ….Manik praising nandu…ooooo…felling 4 her…oll oo….will c tl him abt harshad….waitng

  3. Awe..so cute…imagining manik drunk with nandu made me smile… U nailed it …
    Keep smiling…

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