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  1. I really hope that Aliya gets busted and these writers dont split up Bulbul and Purab, they make such a nice couple. I will stop watching then. Just like the other shows that break up the couples their ratings drop to the floor and I hope that the writers remember this.

  2. everyone should take a lesson from Ishlita from Mohabattein. Pragya turned into a typical house wife that just acts like she is dumb now, she used to have a voice, she needs to find it again and take charge of her life. Suhani needs to realize that her friend is a back stabbing bitch. Yuvraaj acts two faced. Their are times that he acts like he cares for Soumya and he always yells at Suhani. I hope Suhani comes to know the truth soon cause she is just being used and she is too nice of a person for that.

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