Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mukund Suspects Bose Family

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Swadesis wait in railway station to spy on Junior Lord Andrew Fraser while Ananth and others plant bomb in railway track. Mukund and Chaudry make way for Fraser and push Indians aside. Swadesis get angry seeing that and think they should kill betrayer Indian officers first. Richardson thanks Fraser for teaching him how to handle swadesis. Fraser says once he reaches Calcutta, he will take strict actions against Swadesis. Swadesis fume hearing that. Anant and his team successfully plant bomb in railway track. Fraser gets into train and train leaves. Janaki and his family reach railway station. Sarath and Satish go to check with guard about train, and guard informs that train already left. They inform Janaki the same. Tauji says even after so much efforts, they missed train. `Bomb blasts and derails train. Swadesis chant Vande Mataram. Janaki’s family sees people rushing towards bomb blast spot and asks what is happening. Guard informs that Swadesis blasted bomb and derailed train. Tauji yells that Swadesis don’t value lives. Sarath asks what about Britisher who killed innocent boy. Mukund walks to Bose family and asks what are they doing here. Tauji says they missed train in which Fraser was traveling and asks if Fraser is fine. Mukund says that is not important, why they missed train purposefully is important. He asks Subhi who delayed to get out of house. Subhi doesn’t speak in fear. Mukund with his team leaves warning them.

Swadesis return to Khudiram’s sister’s house and celebrate Fraser’s death. Aurobindo walks in and says Fraser is alive. Swadesi feels sad that his bomb was not so powerful to kill Fraser. Aurobindo says it was powerful to derail the train, but not much to kill Fraser. Mukund with his team searches for Swadesis. Khudiram’s sister gets tensed seeing them and thinks she needs to evacuate Khudiram and his friends from store room. Mukund notices her and asks what is she doing here, if she is trying to escape her brother and his friends. She nervously says nobody is at home. Swadesis hear sound, and Anant goes down to get clothes from didi, but hearing police’s voice rushes back to inform his friends.

Tauji continues yelling on Swadesis and says they need to leave Cuttack tonight itself as police will doubt them for reaching railway station late. Sarath says why should they leave. Janaki says situation is bad and Sarath should stop arguing. Subhi tells Sarath that Anu maasi was the last to leave home, so she knew about Swadesis’s plan. Sarath stops him. Anu feels proud of Swadesis.

Precap: Uncle tells Janaki that he had gone to railway station and found out about train derailing and junior lord narrowly escaping death. Anu gets shocked hearing junior lord is alive. Subhi asks why is she shocked hearing that.

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