Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash Is Expelled From School

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshay gets Janakis’ letter requesting to delay wedding and informs same to family. Wife Subala reacts and says how can they do that. Akshays says when it s good for them, even its good for Vibha. Subala decides to get Vibha married to Manmath. Ajith asks what is she say. Subala warns him to keep his mouth shut.

Subhash keeps Khudiram’s photo in school to pay him respect and gathers students. Students ask what is he doing. He says he is paying respect to martyr Khudiram who sacrificed his life for the nation. He continues that outsiders barged into our nation and are trying to rule on them, so they should send them out of their nation. Principal walks in and asks him what are they doing here. Subhash says he called them all to pay respect to Khudiram Bose. Principal asks him to get out of school and other students to get into their classes. He warns that he will call his father and expel him from school. His wife asks him not to do that and to give some other punishment to Subhash. Principal calls Janaki and informing him what Subhash did says he should have called police, but didn’t as Subhash is a brilliant student. Janaki is surprised to hear about Subhash’s act and requests principal not to suspend him.

Subhash stands in garden silently crying holding Khudiram’s photo. A man walks to him and asks why is he crying. Subhash says he is thinking about Khudiram. Man asks if he knows Khudiram. Subhi says Khudiram is a brave warrior who sacrificed his life for nation. Man says looks like he is from PE School, but they don’t allow this. Khudiram nods yes. Man asks where are his shoes. Subhi reminisces leaving shoes before paying respect to Khudiram. Man asks him to go home now, he will meet him later. Subhi asks where to find him and who is he. Man says he stays nearby and boosts children’s morales.

Subhi returns home where Janaki angrily asks how he wants to justify his act, what will he do after being expelled from school, he is an intelligent boy and not like other children, etc. Subhi says if it is wrong to pay respect to the son of motherland. Prabha says she is his mother and his duty is to just study and not fall in all this, etc. Sarath walks to his room. After sometime, Prabha walks to Janaki’s room and asks if he didn’t go to court today. Janaki says he just wants to be alone today. She asks if he is worried for Subhash; says Subhi doesn’t want to go to PE School as he doesn’t like it, so if he can use Tauji’s reputation to cancel Subhi’s punishment and send him to Beni Madhav’s school. He says if the can change his school to Ravenshaw in the middle of year and why will Ravenshaw’s school head master Beni Madhaav agree; if they do so, Subhi will get a wrong signal to Subhi and he will continue his mistakes. She says she didn’t speak in front of everyone as she doesn’t want his and Tauji’s insult, if he thinks what Subhi did was wrong, Khudiram sacrificed his life for nation while Britishers could have given him some other punishment. He sasys she is speaking like Sarath. She says he is speaking in anger and if he will not think of his son. He says she didn’t understand him well, he scolded Subhi not only for respecting Khudiram, he is worried that Subhi will develop hatred for British which is not good for him.

Ajith invites Sarath and Satish home and introduces him to his uncle and aunt. Satish and Sarath touch uncle aunt’s feet. Ajith then introduces them to Manmath who studied abroad and returned as Barrister. Aunt asks Subala why did Ajith bring guests without informing them.

Subhi pays his respect to Khudiram’s photo with flowers. Anu walks in and asks him not to do that, else his parents will scold him. Pramila walks in and blames Anu for teaching wrong to Subhi. Subhi asks not to blame Anu as he brought flowers himself. Pramila calls Prabha. Prabbha walks in, and Pramila complains and even blames Anu. Prabha asks her to be silent. Janaki walks in. Subhi says he brought Khudiram’s photo home and kept flowers in front of it. Janaki asks why did he do that. Subhi says Khudiram gave his life for motherland and whoever does that should be respected. Janaki asks if Sarath taught him that nation is their mother.

Precap: Janaki orders Subhi to keep Khudiram’s photo out and asks Pramila to throw away newspaper from which Subhash this pic. Subhi says if he can keep Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s pic as he is a patriot, then why not Khudiram’s pic.

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