Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Khudiram Bose Is Hanged

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Khudiram takes bathe happily before his capital punishment and says he will sacrifice himself for his nation. His sister cries remembering him. Jail inmates discuss that he is so small and is smiling even being on death bed, don’t know of which soil he is maid of. He says he is made of Indian soil and will get into Indian soil. Panditji informs Khudiram that his last wish of meeting his sister is not fulfilled. Khudiram smilingly says its okay. Panditji recites Geeta for him. He says even he knows a mantra and sings Vande Matarm song. Subhi asks Anu if she knows Khudiram Bose, how does he look like. Anu says he is a small boy just a few years elder than him but is a very brave son of nation.

Khudiram is taken to hanging room where he walks in smiling. Doctors and lawyers feel guilty seeing a boy who is ready to face death smilingly. Indian officers also feel guilty. Khudiram asks undertaker why paraffin is applied on hanging rope Undertaker bends his head under shame. Khudiram is hanged. His sister imagines him leaving smilingly. Many Indians protest and attend his funeral. Sarath and Vibha also attend his funeral. They both cry for the loss and Sarath asks what will he do if his brother wants go on this path. They both exchange their sorrows. Sarath leaves for Cuttack.

Anu cries thinking what will she say Khudiram’s sister when she meets her, how will she face her. Subhi asks if they will bear injustice repeatedly and innocents will be killed again. Anu says not anymore as they will fight for injustice. Subhi asks if Khudiram will feel pain when he is hanged. Anu nods yes. Subhi runs to temple and prays god not to give pain to Khudiram. They both return home feeling sad. Sarath returns home. Subhi runs to him and says he was feeling very sad and wanted to share his sorrows with someone, if he saw Khudiram hanging. Sarath gives him Khudiram’s funeral’s flowers and says that boy’s last rights were performed like a martyr and everyone paid their respects to him with flowers, he will be remembered forever, etc. Pramila with Prabha enters and stops Sarath from discussing about it. Prabha dismisses her. Sarath walks into room and continues sharing his pain with Subhi. Tauji walks in and warns not to talk about it. Prabha says that child should have been given different punishment than death, his mother will feel his loss forever. Sarath continues expressing his grief.

Precap: Subhash pays his respect for Khudiram in his school. Principal kicks him out of school and informs Janaki that Subhash was paying respect to a criminal. Janaki orders Subhi to go and apologize principal, else he will be out of school. Subhi says its is not wrong to pay respect to one who sacrifices life for motherland.

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