Nazar 31st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedsheree kills Divya

Nazar 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saanvi mistakenly throws liquid for Ansh. Piya says what we will do now? Nishant says we dont have enough herbs now. Vedsheree sees it and thinks what if Mohana was right?

Dilruba asks Naman to give mani to them. Panna throws coins at him. Suddenly heavy winds blow there

Family comes to Piya and tells that Vedsheree took Ansh away. Shekhar says where did she go with him? Piya says I know she took him to Divya.

Vedsheree is in car with Ansh and says I will save you. Storm comes there.

Nishant is in car with family. He says storm is start of this war, she will attack a witch to win this war. Piya says it means she will kill Ansh? We have to stop her. Saanvi says but how will we save him from poison? Nishant says we will find a way.

Divya is waiting for Ansh with Palai sword. She says soon I will kill him and win this war.

Nishant’s car gets stuck in storm but Piya uses her powers. Nishant and Piya leave car to runaway.

Vedsheree comes to Divya and says a mother is here so you have to make him fine. Divya says I am thinking to free him for live. Divya is about to attack Ansh but Vedsheree comes there and puts trishul around her neck, she says I am here to save my son.

Scene 2
Naman sees storm. Panna says end is here, I have to go. She leaves.

Vedsheree takes palai sword from Divya and says I cant understand how you can kill your daughter’s husband. Divya says you cant see that he is a witch and danger to world, you are a witch too. Vedsheree says he has always taken side of right, give me cure to poison. Divya thinks that if I dont get this sword then only one option is left. She says poison cure is in your hands. This sword can spill blood and cure that poison, only this can save Ansh. He is dying so you have to attack. Vedsheree says you are lying. Divya says kill me for Ansh, do it. Vedsheree stabs her with palai sword. She screams. Piya and Nishant sees it and are shocked. Divya thinks that my blood spilled but I attacked first so war has started with me. She tells Piya that witches have attacked us so you have to answer them back otherwise they will kill your father and sister too. Piya cries. Divya gives her palai sword and dies.

PRECAP- Mohana, Dola and all other evil powers are about to attack Piya and her family. Mohana says get ready for last war.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    This is really stupidity they introduced… I am not liking episodes now a days..
    Anyway congrts nazar team for completing one year????

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