Nazar 29th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Adi attacks Ansh

Nazar 29th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya says to Ansh that dont know what is happening with Maa. Ansh says she is still thinking about people as a witch hunter, she wont listen to you and might be dangerous. Piya says you are right but she must be planning something, what if we dont know about?

Divya uses palai sword and says game has started, I know Nishant has protected house so I cant use this sword on them but Adi has become a snake and he will attack someone, then they will have to come out of house and I can spill their blood.

Piya is sleeping, she wakes up and sees snake there. Ansh wakes up and sees nothing, he says Piya you might be worried. Piya sees Adi missing from crib and goes to check on him. She comes in lounge and sees Adi walking there. She scolds him and takes him from there.

In morning, Piya is giving bath to Adi. Otherside Divya messages him to attack someone.

In house, Chitali shows snake skin in lounge. Piya says nobody can come inside then how come ints here? We are in danger and war can start.

Dilruba says to Panna that how can we get that mani? Panna throws her pennies near lord’s idol but its useless. Dilruba says I have to do something. She sees a guy and calls him. She says can you find our mani from mandir? She gives him gold coins.

Nishant says to family that Divya might be in house. Avi says we dont know if she is outside or here. Nishant says we will find out. He uses chemicals on snake skin. Adi is crying. Ansh takes him from there. Family throws liquid in house. Nishant uses his weapon to find the snake. Saanvi sees smoke becoming snake in air. Nishant says sarpika will tell us truth. Nishant says snake showing here means snake is still in house. He asks sarpika to take them to that snake. They all fall snake shadow. Avi says its going in Adi’s room. Piya says oh God, Adi is that nake. Nishant says Ansh is in danger.
Ansh is in Adi’s room. He sees Adi becoming snake. All come there. Adi takes snake avatar and bites Ansh. Ansh faints. All rush to him. Nishant says we cant do anything, we cant take him out of house as then Divya will attack him. Piya says poison is spreading, stop it. Nishant says Adi’s poison is strong.

Man brings mani from mandir but Panna and Dilruba cant touch it. Panna says mani doesnt want to come to us. They drag mani with man. Naman comes there and points arrow at them, he asks them to leave mani or else I wont spare you both.

PRECAP- Nishant tells family that there is no way to stop this poison. Piya is tensed as Ansh becomes blue.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Forget rest episode as it was just dragging to find baby snake?, but Aditya was looking sooooo cute??? with blue eyes and cute little snake?????????
    Aditya is munchkin, cutest baby

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