Nazar 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Ansh leaves

Nazar 28th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ansh says your father knew but he asked me to do it. We can’t change it either the consequence. Piya says all I know is that evil can’t take over you. Piya hugs him. He shoves her and says stay away from me. Let me go. Piya says I won’t. Until you tell me why do you want to go away, I won’t let you go anywhere. He says I have changed. Piya says this is a lie. You’re my Ansh, he can’t change. Your eyes can’t lie to me. Nothing has changed between us. You can’t change.
Mohana paints. She says I will decorate your funeral. It’s ready, I am waiting for you only.

Pari says to Adi let’s go to papa’s room. Pari and Adi come there. The circle shoves them. Ansh says carefully. Pari says why has mama tied you here? Ansh says because she doesn’t want me to go. Adi says then please don’t go, papa. Ansh says I know it’s difficult for you but this isn’t possible. We have to make difficult decisions in life. Pari says why? Ansh says God takes our tests. but don’t worry. Choose the right path always. Pari says what if we don’t know what is right and what is wrong? Ansh says ask your heart. It always directs us to the right way. I made a mistake and I have to pay for it. Pari cries. Ansh says Adi, get me the keys of the chain. Adi says where will you go? Pari says can we go with you? Ansh says you both need to stay with everyone here and protect them. Adi wipes Pari’s tears.

Adi and Pari look for the keys. Adi says Pari you stay here and warn me if someone is coming. Adi comes to room and turns into Dilruba. She has Pari’s hair. It was her disguised as Adi all the time. She took Pari’s hair. Adi is fainted under the bed.

Scene 2
Savi comes to Nishant and says there’s a problem. She says Tirkon isn’t in cupboard. He says did you check properly? she says yes. I kept it with all the weapons. Nishant says what’s happening. First Naman went missing and Dilruba found him yet didn’t bring him. Savi says and Dilruba is missing as well. Nishant says something is wrong.

Mohana asks Dilruba do you have trikon? She says yes here is it. Mohana says and hair? Dilruba gives it to her. Mohana takes the hair. She ties it with trikon. Dilruba says what are you doing? Mohana says it will target the hair’s owner. Dilruba says Pari? Mohana says yes, she has to die.
Pari comes to Adi’s room. She says Adi, what are you doing here? Did you get the keys? He says what keys? Pari says the keys papa asked for. Adi says I never went to papa’s room. Pari says wasn’t it you who went with me? Adi says I was here. Pari says who was it then?

Nishant says what is happening. Piya says Ansh is pretending like he is under black powers. He is guilty. He is doing this so Mohana doesn’t harm us. Savi says but Mohana is locked. How can she come out? Pandit ji calls Nishant. He tells her Mohana fled. Piya says that means Ansh knew the nail didn’t go in properly and Mohana would come after him. Nishant says if Mohana is out, she will attack him. We have to go to Ansh.

Ansh asks Adi and Pari to open the chains. He tries to step out of the circle. Piya and Nishant run towards Ansh. Ansh steps on the circle, it hurts him but he jumps out. The kids hug papa. Ansh says please go before someone comes. Pari says when will you come back? Piya and Nishant come there. Ansh isn’t there. Piya says I know were he is. I have to stop him.

Ansh jumps from the balcony. Piya holds his hand. Ansh says don’t stop me, I won’t stop Piya says I won’t let you go. Piya says we promised we won’t hide anything from each other and would not leave each other. Ansh says I have changed. Piya says this is all a drama. He says I have to go. Ansh shoves her and jumps. Piya ties him. She says I won’t let you go anywhere. Ansh says let me go or I will forget you are a devik. Piya says you can forget that but you can’t forget I am your Piya. Ansh shoves her. Ansh says why can’t you understand that Mohana’s evil is in me. Piya says I got to know that you never hit the nail right so her evil can’t come inside you. You’re doing a drama. You are doing this so we aren’t harmed. Please tell me the truth. Ansh says if you know that, why don’t you understand how important is it for me to go. I can’t harm you all in this battle. Piya says I can die, but I can’t live without you. She hugs him. Piya says we will face everything together. That’s my right. Please don’t take it from me. Piya hugs him. Ansh ties her hands. Piya says Ansh leave me. Ansh says I am sorry. This is my battle. I can’t let you and kids suffer because of me. I don’t want my love to die because I love her. I have to go. Piya says we will face everything together. Ansh says I love you. Piya says please stop. Ansh jumps off the balcony. Piya screams. Mohana looks at them and says a lot if left Piya.

Precap-Ansh comes to Mohana. Mohana so you came here out of my fear or for the love of your family? Ansh says I am not scared of anyone. Neither Mohana nor death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today’s episode will definitely remain one of my favorite episodes. Yes, there was too much rona-dhona but otherwise it was awesome.

    Coming to the episode, today Piya was the star of the episode. I absolutely loved the fact that, even under such circumstances she hasn’t lost her mind and connected all the dots. In this process, kids weren’t harmed or she didn’t try to pull some stunt to elicit some sort of reaction out of Ansh; she was totally in control.

    She was aware of Ansh’s guilt and after receiving Pandit Ji’s call she could understand that Ansh might have intentionally left the coffin open because he felt guilty and now he is trying to move away to protect the family.

    Then her strong stand regarding Ansh. She didn’t hesitate to use her powers on Ansh if that was the only way to stop him. She was so persistent with everything that even Ansh had to accept why he was doing everything.

    And lastly the thing I loved most – she said it was her HUQ to stay beside and fight with Ansh no matter the consequences. I am glad they didn’t shove PATNI KA FARZ at this point.

    I respect the institution of marriage but unfortunately the way always a wife’s duties are highlighted, at some points you might get terrified of the idea of being someone’s wife. Let’s not forget the FARZ part where you are supposed to be the sacrificial goat for your husband’s family.

    But in all these, the very essence – PARTNER/COMPANIONSHIP gets lost. I love how each time Piya stresses on her love or her right not on her duty.

    For this reason, I want to give the dialogue writer a bone crushing hug.

    Coming to Ansh, as much as I am frustrated upon seeing him getting into the ADARSH BAHU mode, I felt extremely sorry for him at the end. And even he stressed on the word PYAAR. Mere Pyaar Ki Wajah Se Mere Pyaar Ki Hi Maut Ho Jaye, Woh Main Nahi Seh Sakti. You may be angry with him for his foolishness but you can definitely feel his pain. And when he said I LOVE YOU – it was heartbreaking.

    Today Ansh reminded me of Emma of OUAT. Letting your beloved know how much you love her because this is the last time you are seeing her.

    The only negative portion of today’s episode was Ansh’s conversation with the kids. Don’t get me wrong, I loved his honesty in the way he dealt with the kids. But I hated the fact that he himself isn’t doing what he had advised the kids to do – do the right thing even if it seems hard. Ansh very conveniently has chosen the easy way out while in truth this will only leave his family unprotected.

    And I have always hated the idea of burdening kids with responsibility. Take care of the family when I won’t be there – that’t the shittiest thing a father can do to his kids.

    About Mo, she is actually getting on my nerves. Her smirk and dialogues were totally that of typical Ekta vamps. She doesn’t frighten you. At best, she makes you irritated to FF the scene.

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