Nazar 24th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Piya couldnt save Ansh

Nazar 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ansh and Piya enters another world. Ansh says this doesnt look good. Lets go back. They try to go back but keeps getting pushed back. Ansh sees sword missing, sword is about to fall on Piya but Ansh holds it and gets his hand cut. Piya gets worried and says what if anything happened to you? Ansh says we are together, we will destroy this sword at any cost.

Naman says to Dilruba that dont know where Guru Maa went with mani. Panna says I am going behind her, you have to choose between mani or your inlaws? Dilruba is in tears and tells Naman she is a chudail and have to choose evil powers in this war so I cant be with you, she sadly look at Naman and goes with Panna. Naman looks on.

Ansh and Piya look around. They see many options. Piya says this sword is doing all this, she will tell us which well is the right one to choose.

Saanvi says to Nishant that what if war starts? Nishant says Ansh and Piya will destroy that war but we have to prepared to fight evil powers, we need their weapons to fight them. Naman comes there and says I have chudail’s weapon, he shows Dilruba’s bangles and asys you can use them. Nishant says yes.

Piya and Ansh look around many wells. Ansh goes to one well and puts sword inside but nothing happens.

Saanvi asks Naman if he left his wife? Naman says I am also a witch hunter and its my duty. Saanvi says you are going against your wife? Naman says we are from different camps, I have come on goodness side and cant go on evil side again.

Ansh tries different wells but nothing happens. He goes to last well and puts palai sword inside, it gives him current and pushes him away. Piya says this is the right well, it has patal fire inside. Ansh says I have to destroy this sword even if I die.

Nishant makes powder out of Dilruba’s bangles and puts bullets in that powder. Saanvi says Divya will die too? Nishant is skeptical. Saanvi says we have to do this, its our duty. Nishant covers bullets with powder and says lets go.

Ansh and Piya are going inside well. A snake attacks them, Ansh is about to fall inside. Piya holds his hand and try to pull him back but he falls inside.

Mohana asks Chitali to free them or Vedsheree dies. Nishant and Saanvi comes there. Avi is trying to stop Chitali from freeing Mohana. Nishant and Saanvi enters house and see Mohana and Divya gone.

PRECAP- Avi says to Nishant that I couldnt connect with Ansh and Piya, network is not working. Nishant says then Ansh and Piya will have to fight Mohana, Divya and Palai sword, if they cant destroy it then war cannot to be stopped.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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