Nazar 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohana’s eye comes back

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Nazar 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chetali says Piya think about it. We don’t have time. Ansh says Piya, there are so many problems and the kids keep fighting over that doll. Piya says you brought it. He says I didn’t. Piya says I didn’t either. Who brought that doll then?
Avi and Shekhar look at the photo. They say we have never seen this kid. Avi says no one has seen this kid in the building. Piya sees the video and says this is Rosy. It’s the doll that’s with the kids. They see the doll walking. Ansh says this means the doll got Patmayan’s hair. Chetali says it’s going towards the room. Piya says we have to stop it. Ansh runs upstairs. The doll hides. Chetali says where did it go? Shekhar says did it reach the ashes? Piya says no, the wall would have been broken. They look for the doll. Ansh says we have to find it. They lock the room. Ansh says the doll will find a way to reach the ashes. Chetali says to Piya please talk to Mohana. She syas I don’t know what’s up with her.

Angad stands in the rain. Mohana comes there dancing on tip tip barsa pani. She hides her eye.

Pandit ji says we will see what happens. He pours ganga jal on the ashes. It doesn’t reach the ashes. Nishant says it’s not letting the water come to it.
Ansh says Piya how could you be so careless? You didn’t ask the kids where did the doll come from? Piya says you didn’t ask them either. Ansh says let’s look for it now.
Mohana says on call I don’t know what is happening. Angad says this is love. She says you woke the love in me. He says let’s meet. She says in heart, I can’t meet him until my eye is back. Angad says I am coming to your place right now.

Piya and Chetali look for the doll. Mohana says you can’t find that doll without my help. Piya says we don’t need your help.
Ansh picks the doll. He breaks it. Pari says papa you broke Rita He says is this rita? Where is Rosy? She says I don’t know. They hear the noise. They run to the room. Ansh says we have to open the door.
Chetali says Piya, she is offering help. Piya says what do you want? Mohana says the hair reaches Patmayan’s daughter. What if I get that hair? Piya says but it’s going to the ashes. Mohana says it’s going to her daughter. I will tell you what will I do. But right now, do what I say.

Ansh tries to break the door. He says the doll knows where the hair is. Ansh breaks the door and comes in. The doll has broken the wall. The ashes come out and touch the doll. Ansh sits down and cries. He says no.. Maa.. Piya says Ansh look there. adi and Mohana are standing with the ashes in their hand.

Scene 2
Namna says I am your king from now. on. You will all listen to me. Everyone is of gold. He says what? How did this happen? Chota comes and says from this wand. Naman says was that all your plan? Chota says yes. I always turn things into gold.

Ansh says you changed the ashes? Piya says yes. That hair is destroyed. Ansh says but why would doll go there if ashes weren’t there. What’s in the other jar? Mohana takes out her diamond. She smiles. Mohana said we have to change the ashes with ashes of another daughter. Chetali said would you burn yourself? Mohana said shut up. We will make ashes of the diamond of my eye. They replaced the ashes.
Mohana puts her diamond back in her eye. Her eye comes back.

Naman says you know I hate being fooled. Chota says don’t dare saying a word. I can make you of gold. Dilruba and Savi come there as well. Savi says you fooled us. Dilruba says you made us of gold and came here. They throw gold on him. It falls on the witches. They come back to life. Savi and Dilruba grasp chota. He says leave me.

Chetali says thanks to Mohana. Maha witch couldn’t be formed. Piya says we won’t be able to stop her if she was formed. Ansh says I am sure this has only her benefit. Shekhar says where is Vedeshree? Mohana says there in the jar.
Savi comes to Nishant. Naman has Chota’s wand. Nishant says this will help us. We will be able to separate Vedeshree’s ashes.
Precap-Ansh says no one knows how to bring my mother back. Nishant says we can bring her back with Patmayan’s hair. Piya says it isn’t here. Nishant says we can’t bring her back without Patmayan’s hair.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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1 Comment
  1. Wow, this episode was hillarious!!!!不不不不不不不不
    Superb!!! Nazar team!!!
    The best is Mohana-Angad love story!!!!
    It was so funny seeing Angad for her in the rain and then Mohana dancing for him for “tip-tip barsa paani song”
    And the even better part was Angad coming to Raathods to ask for Mohana’s hand, I’m waiting for that moment.
    Since Mohana doesn’t have her FATHER now, so obviously, Angad should ask her hand from her son ANSH五五
    The women in Raathod family are really brainy, good job they replaced the urn fast with Adi’s help.
    Pari crying for her RITA, was so cute, Awwwh!!!弘弘弘
    And even the 3 women army of SAAVI, DILRUBA AND HER MOTHER were also fanatastic, they gave a good lesson to chotu pehlewan!!!

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