Naughty Ragini with Cute Sanskar(SS) vol3 -shot 1


One girl is riding horse nd enjoying the ride..suddenly her horse slips ,she gets scared nd closed her eyes with fear..before she could fall down,Someone held her nd pulls her onto another horse which he riding..she opened her eyes feeling secured in someone’s embrace..his face was not shown as he had mask..only his eyes are which she lost..
She gets sense when his soft tone reached her ear..
He:tum teek hu
She:hmm..danyavad is my responsibility to save u my princess..when u r in trouble ur prince is there for u..
She:u r my prince!!
He:haan..i will take care of my princess till my last breathe..
She:suchh mein
He nodded nd kissed her forehead..
She placed her head on his chest nd closed her eyes feeling his soothing embrace..
He:princess now i need to go
She:when u will come again
He:when u need me
She:i need u every moment
He caressed her hair..
She:dont go
He:i need to princess..bye..take care
She:prince dont go..prince..
The same girl woke up from her sleep shouting prince..
[she is our princess ragini-17yr old chirpy girl ,papa ki princess ,her mother died]
Ragini hits her forehead nd says again same dream..i will get mad thinking about him..
Shekhar( came hearing her voice):kya hua raagu.. u r shouting something..
Ragini:vo..kuch nay paa
Shekhar:are u sure
Ragini:yes paa.
Shekhar:ok get fresh..i will drop u at school.
Ragini nodded..
Ragini:again i got same dream
Piya(ragini’s friend):did u see him
Ragini:again missed to see him.(she pouts)
Piya:u stop think about ur prince then only u will not get dreams..
Ragini:how can i yaar..u knw how his eyes are ,some magic is there in his eyes..i feel like to live my whole life looking into his eyes..Nd when he held me ,i felt very secured nd i found solace in his embrace..i have to find my prince..
Piya:ok baba bas karo..getting late for class..chalo
Ragini nodded..
Ragini called shekhar:paa where are u..u said that u take me shopping..
Shekhar:sorry dear..i have a meeting
Ragini:u always tell like this only..i wont talk to u..
She cuts d call nd sat upset..someone came behind nd closed her eyes..
Ragini:paa(she turned at him)
Shekhar smiles nd imitates u alwsys tell like this only..
Ragini:paa(she hits him playfully)
Shekhar hugs her..
Ragini:tho chale
Shekhar:jii madam
Ragini smiles..
Both reached mall..they about enter Shekhar gets a call nd talking standing there..ragini sees cotton candy beside the road..
Ragini:paa u wait here..i will buy cotton candy..
Shekhar:wait 2min i will come with u..
Ragini:its ok paa..i will go..
Shekhar: carefull..
Ragini nodded ,when she crossing the road ,she sees a big vehical coming towards her with high speed..she gets scared closed her eyes tight with fear..
After 2min of silence ,she slowly opened her eyes feeling secured in someone’s arms that too the same feeling when she felt in dream..
She looked at him,her eyes met with his eyes which she always sees in her dream..she lost in those intense eyes..
He(parted away from her):are u ok
Ragini just stares at him nd recalling the dream nd what happened just now..
He:excuse me ..are u ok
Shekhar who saw this runs towards ragini nd hugs her..
Shekhar:tum teek tho hain naa raagu..
He:uncle aap
Shekhar(turned at him):thank u so much sanskar..
[sanskar malhotra-26yrs,doctor,his mother died when he was in 5years old..father died before 2years..shekhar nd his dad are friends ,ragini used to stay in USA ,so sanskar doesnt see her..when ragini returned india ,sanskar was in london]
Sanskar:thats ok uncle..
Shekhar:she is my everything..if anything happened to her naa..
Sanskar:dont wry uncle..she is fine..
still ragini staring at sanskar without blinking her eyes..
Sanskar: is she ur daughter..she was in USA right..
Shekhar:haan..1yeae back only she came nd continues her studies here only..btw when u returned from London..
Sanskar:yesterday only..
Ragini doesnt response..
Shekhar(held her shoulder):raagu
Ragini(came to sense):yes paa
Shekhar:he is sanskar..sanakar malhotra..ram uncle’s son..

Sanskar:hai ragini
He forwarded his hand ,ragini held it blushing..
Sanakar:bye uncle..i need to go
Shekhar nodded
Sanskar:take care urself ragini..bye(he said smiling)
Ragini nodded admiring his smile..
He leaves..
Shekhar:u should have careful naa raagu..sanskar came im right time orelse ,i cant imagine..
Shekhar saying something but ragini lost in thoughts..
@Next day
Sanskar was in hospital,nurse informed that someone came to meet him..sanskar said to get inside..
Sanskar surprised seeing ragini there..
Sanskar:u u have any pblm..
Ragini gives one chocolate to him..
Ragini:i have a habit to give chocolate who i like..
Ragini:vo..vo..i love u
Ragini:i said i love u
Sanskar:are u joking right
Ragini:no..i really love u..
Sanskar:are u in sense
Sanskar:when did this happen..u saw me only once..ohh..i saved ur life so u fallen for me..
Ragini:exactly not..but i knw u are my soulmate..
Sanskar:whats ur age
Sanskar:what is my age
Sanskar:u r still a kid..but u r talking too much..
Ragini:no im not a kid..
Sanskar:oh really matured..
Sanskar:what u knw about me to love..
Ragini:i knw everything..
U r sanskar malhotra..u dont like if anyone calls u sanky ,bcz ur mom used to call u like that,u wants to hear sanky only from ur mom..u r very intelligent u got 3 gold medals..Nd ur fav color is white kyun ki that was ur mom’s fav color..ur fav food is ——Bla bla…
She told each nd everything about sanskar in one go..
Sanakar looked at her with his mouth open.
Ragini:still..anything left
Sanskar:how u knw about all these..
Ragini recalled how she took some information from shekhar nd from some magazine’s those wrote about sanskar skills..
Sanskar:so..u did research about me..
Ragini:haan..i should knw about u naa..
Sanskar:listen ragini stop all these..its not love..this the not age to fall in stop this nonsense..
Ragini:Listen sanskar..when u truly loves someone, age doesn’t is love only..
Sanskar looks at her crossing hos arms..
Ragini:nice quote na..i red yesterday only..(she smiles sheepishly)
Sanskar:enough of ur drama..go
Ragini:really..mine is true love..
Sanskar:get out
Sanskar:i said get out..
Ragini looks at him with pout..
Sanskar:i dont have time to argue about ur stupid topic..go
Ragini:think about once naa..
Ragini:fine..i will leave u now but i will not leave u until u understand my love..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:ok..ok..going ..dont angry..
Saying she turns to go..again turns at him..
She comes towards him..sanskar widened his eyes..she took the chocolate return which she gave sanskar..
Ragini:vo..i talked to u so much na..Im im taking..tomorrow i will give another one..
Saying she goes eating her chocolate..
Sanskar gives a unbelievable look..

Hai guys here is new vol of naughty ragini with cute sanskar hope u like it..tell ur i will update i lv u mrs ragsan maheswari..

Mk:sorry dear..u asked me to write OS on VK b’day special..but i didnt get any ideas on OS,i could not able tp fulfill ur request..sry dear

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