Namak Issk Ka 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Satya frames Saroj and gets her arrested

Namak Issk Ka 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yug shouts at Satya to speak. He grabs her arm and asks if you are miffed with me or with Maa? Satya says you are hurting me. Yug pushes her away. Satya says do you think I am a puppet that you or your family can make me dance? I am a human and I have feelings, my patience is gone, you think you can buy me with money? Yug says I earned you with love and not with money. You have insulted our love today with the way you danced. Satya says you always had a problem with my dancing. I am not from a reputed family like you, right? Yug gets angry and throws things around.

Iravati comes to Saroj and says don’t cry. I know Kahani has insulted us all, I am feeling so bad for Juhi. She won’t get married like this. Saroj cries and says don’t say that please. Iravati thinks Saroj has to cry more than this. Gunjan calls Iravati so she goes from there.

Gunjan smirks and tells Iravati that you will praise me for what I did. Kahani tried stealing my phone but I took it back before she could do anything. Iravati checks her phone and says she has messaged Yug. You are a fool. Yug hasn’t read it till now.

Yug cries and says Kahani you know what my mother is for me but you gave her so much pain. Satya thinks he is no one to me but I still feel his pain.. why? Iravati comes there and silently takes Yug’s phone. She hints at Satya to keep him busy. Satya goes to Yug and says I am sorry, I will apologize to Saroj also. Iravati deletes Kahani’s message and goes from there. Yug says what is happening to you Kahani? Satya says just give me a chance, I will apologize to everyone.

Ronak gets a message in which a dancer was dancing in front of the hospital. Rupa comes there and asks what happened to your sister? She must be out of her mind. Rupa says you are joking about all this? Ronak says you should get yourself treated too. He goes from there. Rupa thinks he is right, this is not our Kahani.

Satya comes to Saroj and sees her sadly sitting there. Satya thinks I am giving pain to another mother for my own mother. Saroj says why did you do this with me? I thought you would tell me good news about Yug’s father. I have raised my kids and never broke but what you did today has broken me completely. I think Juhi might not get married now. Satya holds her feet and says I am sorry. She thinks I am sorry for what I am about to do.

Scene 2
Rupa comes to Yug and says this is not our Kahani. Yug says my heart says the same thing. She insulted our family in front of everyone, something is wrong. Rupa says I am with you. Iravati looks at them and thinks Satya will do everything now. She calls the police station.

Satya tells Saroj that I am sorry, please forgive me. Saroj says leave my foot. Satya says you can punish me. She holds Saroj’s hands and makes her grab her neck. Saroj says what are you doing Kahani? you will get hurt. Satya says I should be punished for my mistake. She beats herself and breaks a vase on her head. Saroj is shocked and rushes to her. She says I will call the doctor. Satya says no, this is my punishment. She thinks I have to live to do injustice with you, I am sorry. Saroj hugs Kahani and says something will happen to you. Satya cries.

The doorbell rings, Yug opens the door to find the police there. All come there. Iravati says what is going on? The inspector says your daughter-in-law complained you are torturing her. Rupa says I didn’t call anyone. Satya comes there running and says I called the police. Saroj comes there. Satya says my mother-in-law did this with me, please arrest her. Saroj says I didn’t do anything. Yug asks what happened Kahani? Your head is bleeding? Satya says she shouted at me, then broke a vase over my head. Yug asks Rupa to call the doctor. Saroj says she is lying, I didn’t do anything. Dadi tells Yug that this woman wants to send your mother to jail. Satya tells the inspector that look at them, I am bleeding but they don’t care. Saroj says she came to say sorry but I didn’t do anything. Satya says she started beating me, when I was running away, she hit me with a vase. All look on. Saroj says I didn’t do anything. Ravi says but Kahani has bruises. Saroj says it’s not the truth. Satya says then everything is a lie right? Ronak tried to molest me, then I had to bring him back. These people are behind my life. Saroj tells Yug that I had a problem with Kahani but I didn’t do anything today, don’t lie Kahani. The inspector says we have to arrest Saroj. Yug tells Kahani that if Maa has done this with you then we will leave the house, just take the case back, don’t send my mother to the jail, please Kahani.. I am begging you on behalf of our love. Satya sadly looks at him. Iravati glares at her so Satya says you don’t care if I am bleeding? If someone else has done this with me then would you ask me to forgive them also? It’s your mother so you are taking her side? Yug looks on and tells Saroj that if you have hurt Kahani then you have to be punished, I am sorry. The inspector says you all should be ashamed. Ravi says we have to take Kahani to the hospital. The police arrest Saroj. She sadly looks at Yug.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Iam really getting angry in this serial everytime iam waiting when real kahani comes and reveals the truth about Iravati evil deeds so she go to jail but no.when kahani brought some proof she could have sent to yug on phone but no Iravati burnt a proof.and kahani s father always be hiding don’t when he will come out.when real kahani bring some proof or some things that Iravati comes in between and makes a mess into clean so no-one will know it nor seen it.

  2. Christar Alley

    Aaaaghiii!!!!!!!! When will it end ooh my Gosh stop playing around the bush we need to see a real Kahan now!!!!😥🙌

  3. When is this series gonna stop this nonsense?

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