Namak Issk Ka 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Satya insults the family

Namak Issk Ka 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yug looks at Satya and says where did you go? She says I went to the doctor as you wanted. Yug hugs her tightly. Satya thinks I am part of Iravati’s lie so I will lie as much as I need to now.

The groom’s family comes to see Juhi. Rupa brings Juhi there. Saroj welcomes the family. Juhi meets the groom Aman and smiles. Iravati smirks at Aman’s mother. The woman says to Saroj that where is your other daughter-in-law? I heard she creates a lot of trouble. Isn’t she here now? Saroj says they had some work so they must be coming soon. The woman says what would be more important than her sister’s marriage? Yug and Satya enter the house. Satya says the important matter was to get gifts for you all. She tells the woman that you are taunting us like a mother-in-law from now on? She gives the gifts to them and tells the woman that this is expensive so keep it even if you don’t like Juhi. Yug looks on. Satya says where is my enemy Gunjan? She says that girl is nice but she is always behind my husband. She calls out to Gunjan.

Kahani is in the basement and messages Yug, she writes that Iravati has locked me in the basement, please save me as soon as you can. Gunjan comes there and says how dare you.. she takes her phone back. Kahani says please let me go from here. I know you are not like Iravati. Gunjan pushes her away and says you took away my Yug, just wait and watch what I do with you. She leaves from there. Kahani prays that Yug gets her message.

In the house, Satya tells the groom’s family that Gunjan wanted to marry my husband but then I entered his life.. Saroj glares at her. Gunjan comes there so Satya introduces her. She says Gunjan is my sister but she loves my husband. Yug asks Kahani what are you doing? Rupa takes Kahani from there. Yug goes behind them.

Yug gets a message from Gunjan’s number.

Scene 2
Satya comes to the lounge and starts dancing like a bar dancer in front of Juhi’s inlaws. All look on. Yug tries to stop her but she keeps dancing in front of everyone. Saroj is angry with her. Yug grabs her hand and says what is this madness? Satya says I just wanted to tell them that I was a dancer before my marriage. She says this family has an old relationship with dancers. Saroj’s husband left her for a dancer and now my husband is crazy about me too. Yug says what are you saying? Satya says I want to tell the truth. She tells Saroj that your prayers were not wrong, your husband was wrong. The groom’s family says what is going on? Satya says I am just telling the truth. This family never looks down on dancers. Juhi is a nice girl, she has seen so much in this house that she knows how to control her husband. Dadi shouts at her to stop it. She tells the groom’s family that we haven’t accepted her as a daughter-in-law. The groom Aman says that I can’t have a relationship with this family, this girl can insult us anytime. let’s go now. Satya says I can find out what you are up to on the internet. Iravati says stop it Kahani. Satya says I am telling the truth. She tells Saroj that your prayers worked, your daughter must have learned from me too, she will be a good wife like you were. Saroj says enough, she takes Juhi from there. Satya wipes her tears. Dadi pleads with the groom’s family but Yug says Kahani will apologize. Satya says why? Because I am a dancer? You should apologize too for marrying a dancer. The groom’s family angrily leaves. Satya says you all should thank me, they were not even good. Yug asks Kahani to apologize. I know you don’t do anything without a reason. Why are you doing this? Satya says don’t talk to me like this. Ronak says you created the whole scene, we don’t like to see you dance here. Satya says then look away. Yug asks her to stop it. Iravati says Yug and Dadi have to decide what to do about this girl now. Dadi tells Yug to handle her. Yug takes her from there.

Saroj is in her room and recalls Kahani’s call. She recalls Satya’s words and cries. She says this mangalsutra has burned me for years, my husband left me but these tears are loyal to me.

Yug brings Satya to their room and is angry. He says why are you doing all this? He shouts at her to speak. Satya thinks this Iravati is making me insult this family so much.
PRECAP – Iravati looks at Gunjan’s phone and says Kahani messaged Yug from your phone, he hasn’t read it yet. We have to stop him from seeing this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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