Namak Issk Ka 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Rony finds Kahani

Namak Issk Ka 14th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yug faints. Kahani cries. She says you can’t faint. Please get up. She cries and faints as well. Rony is looking for Kahani. He finds her and Yug. He says okay Yug you wanted to hand cuff her before me? He looks for the key. He finds it and says I found it but when he comes back Yug and Kahani are not there. Yug took Kahani to a side and has hand on her mouth. Kahani bites his hand and says Ronak I am here. He has left. Yug laughs. Kahani cries. Yug faints again.

Kahani finds a leaf and says eat it. It will heal your pain. She eats it and says now you trust? He makes him eat it. Yug faints, hit head is about to hit rock. kahani holds it. Kahani says sorry I had to faint you. drags the hand cuff out it bleeds her hand. Rony gives her the key and says hero is here to save you. Kahani slaps him. Rony says parsad why? Kahani keeps slapping him. He says what happened? You lost your mind in love? She slaps him more. He says why are you hitting me? She says because of you I had to hit Yug and faint him. I had to lie to him and say things I would rather die. You made me a liar in his eyes. What will he think about me? He says you are upset about lying to him? What’s up? Do you have anything for him in your heart? Is it beating for him? If that’s so, burry it. He hates dancers and won’t even let your shadow in that house. Kahani recalls Yug insulting her. Rony says you are emotional for the one who hates you and I love you, you should be happy. Take care of me. Kahani says I am marrying you already, what else should I do? Die? He says key. I am waiting for you int eh car. Kahani opens the hand cuff. She leaves. Her chunri gets stuck in Yug’s hand. HE says in unconsciousness, yo said you’re marrying my brother for money, wrecking my bhabis house. But my heart doesn’t believe it. I feel like you are saying something and your heart something else, why are you doing all this then? Kahani caresses his face and leaves.

Scene 2
Doctor checks Iravati and says her pulse is low and so is BP. How did this happen? Rupa says we found her fainted. He sys she will be fine. Gunjan comes in and says what happened to her? Saroj says how did you get these bruises? Rupa says are you okay? The maid says she was stuck on the road. She couldn’t move, thank God I saved her on the right time. Saroj says what is happening in this house? Iravati opens her eyes. Gunjan says I am sure it happened to me because of you Bari didi. I lost control over myself. Saroj says Rupa she doesn’t look okay. Please postpone the event. Iravati says no don’t cancel my daughter’s happiness. Saroj says was it evil eye? Iravati says it almost caught me. Sarojs ays what? She says nothing. I felt weak with all the work. Rupa says please rest.

Yug opens eyes and shouts Kahani.

Scene 3
Kahani and Rony come to the airport. She says why are we here? He says we are going to Bangkok. Kahani says but I don’t even have a passport. He says I arranged everything. She says Lucky and Rani? He says they are also in the same flight. She says why are we going abroad? He says because Yug keeps coming after us. He calls his guy to bring passport. He goes away on call. Yug comes there.

Kahani is shocked to see him. Kahani recalls hitting him. She recalls what he said. He says going? Kahani says yes, You can’t do anything here. There is police here. He says congratulations. You are going where you belong and yes never say three words again self respect, dignity and respect. A girl like you can be anything but respectable. Excuse me. He leaves, his hand gets stuck in her chunri. Yug leaves. Police come to Kahani.

Gunjan says sorry papa I lost to Bari did. All proofs are destroyed. I can’t take a risk now. She’s so close now. I have to stay silent for a few days. If she doubts me, we will never be able to punish her. This was isn’t over, just paused. She rests her head in his lap. He caresses her head.

Episode ends.

Precap: Police find drugs from Kahani. They arrest her for drug smuggling. Yug signs her good-bye from his car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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