Namak Issk Ka 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kahani waiting for Yug in the mandap

Namak Issk Ka 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saroj tells Yug that she didn’t expect this immaturity from him. She takes Yug’s phone and turns it on. All look on. Rupa asks why he was lying to Gunjan? Yug says I was not feeling well so I turned off my phone. Rupa says I know you well and you never lied to me, I am always on your side to tell me the truth. Yug says it was just my phone and I don’t need to prove anything, he leaves from there. Saroj thinks I couldn’t make a joke of Yug that’s why I was silent but I have to stop Yug, I have to take care of Gunjan and I have to protect Yug’s respect also. I will do all this tomorrow.

Yug says to himself that I will marry Kahani tomorrow so I have to tell Gunjan that she will never be happy with me. I will slowly tell the family that I want to be with Kahani only, they will be miffed but we will pacify everyone when Kahani will be with me, everything will be fine. Rani comes there and throws color at him. Yug says what is this? Rani says I am applying haldi as you are marrying Kahani tomorrow. Yug whispers that you can’t say this in front of anyone. Rani says let’s go.

Kahani’s haldi ceremony is going on. Kaki applies haldi to her.

Rani brings Yug to his room and brings haldi. She applies to him and he smiles. She says Lucky would be so happy, we pray that you remain with Kahani always. Yug says we four will be together now. Rani smiles.

Kahani dances with her girls. Otherside Rani dances and makes Yug smile.

At the night, Kahani calls Yug and says you didn’t sleep till now? Yug says I couldn’t sleep. Kahani says me too. Yug says Rani did my haldi today.. Kahani says Rani is a smart girl and she is my sister, tell me something else. Yug says what? Kahani says don’t think much. Yug says I usually sleep early so I can rise early. Kahani laughs and says a girl and boy talk like this at 2 AM in the morning? Yug says I never went on a date before you, I don’t know how to be romantic and be a lover but you will teach me. Tell me what we can talk about? Kahani says I don’t have much experience but I think when a girl and boy are talking late at night then there would be a filter, share heart to heart. How are you feeling about our wedding? Yug says everything is different, All-stars are smiling, I can’t wait for the morning so I can meet you. Kahani says you learned to romance so fast? Yug says I know we met some hours ago but I am missing you now. Kahani says love is like this. Kahani and Yug talk to each other for hours.

Saroj is sitting in her room and says he decided to marry Kahani but it’s a defeat for me. It’s a defeat of my love and upbringing, a dancer destroyed his mother’s life but he still chose to hold a dancer’s hand, he forgot my tears, my pain, my love, my upbringing.. he has forgotten everything but I will remind you everything to him. I won’t let him be unfair to Gunjan, this marriage will not happen.

Scene 2
In the morning, Kahani gets ready as a bride. Kaki blesses her and asks if she is happy? Kahani nods. Kaki says Yug must be coming soon.

Yug and Rani are leaving the house. Dadi stops him and asks where are you going? Yug says Rani has to do some shopping. Juhi says why you worry about her? Yug says till Kahani is not here, she is my duty. He starts leaving but Saroj comes there and says Gunjan will go with Yug. Rupa says yes take her along. Gunjan says it’s a good idea. Yug says no, I am in a hurry. Ronak says so she can go with you. Yug says she will not come with us. Saroj says what you do, where you go.. Gunjan has the right to know all that as your wife, I am sending her so she will go with you. Yug nods and says you have a right to say anything to me but it’s up to if I accept it or not. Gunjan will not go with me. Dadi says be respectful to your mother. Yug says Gunjan will not go with me and that’s final. He leaves from there with Rani. Saroj thinks I have shed a lot of tears but I will shed my blood to stop you now. Saroj deliberately slips from the stairs and screams. Yug rushes to her and asks her to open her eyes. Ronak says to take her to the hospital.

Saroj is taken to the treatment room. Yug sits outside and cries. Yug asks the doctor to treat her. Ronak tells Yug that you misbehaved with her and this happened. Dadi says now you are happy? Juhi says if you had listened to her then she wouldn’t have run behind you. Gunjan says where were you going? Yug says don’t ask me any question. The doctor comes out and says her condition is critical, we need blood. Yug says my blood group is the same. The doctor takes him.

Kahani comes to the mandap all dressed up. The priest says time is critical, call the groom also. Kahani waits for him. Kaki asks Kahani if she talked to Yug? She says no. Kahani calls Yug but he is giving blood to Saroj. He sees Kahani calling but Gunjan takes it and goes away. Rani says what to do now? Yug thinks Kahani has to wait, I will come at any cost. Kahani tells Kaki that his phone is off. Kaki says he must be stuck somewhere. Kahani says I can’t bear him breaking my hope again, it will break me completely, he has to come today.

Yug asks the doctor about Saroj. The doctor says she will be fine soon. Yug tells Rupa that I have some important work. Gunjan says you have to go when Saroj is here? You will not go anywhere. Rupa says she is right, you are needed here. Dadi says Yug is not going anywhere. Yug thinks Saroj is out of danger but Kahani is waiting for me, how can I leave? He recalls Kahani’s words to disappoint her this time. Ronak asks why he wants to leave in a hurry? Yug thinks I might not get permission but nobody can stop me from reaching Kahani if I have God’s blessing.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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