Namah 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Laxmi’s Promise To Alakshmi

Namah 25th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shukracharya tells Bali that Samudradev brought back Sri from Kailash, but couldn’t stop Narayan and Sri from meeting each other. Bali says he will provoke Alakshmi and will not let Sri take Narayan’s name again. Sri sings a song praising Narayan. All gods get happy hearing her song. Samudradev fumes hearing her song, angrily walks to her and warns her to stop praising trickster and asks who taught her this song. Sri says even she doesn’t know how she sang this song. Samudradev says Narayan is a trickster and she shouldn’t think of him.

Maid informs Alakshmi that Samudradev is scolding Sri. Alakshmi gets happy thinking she is getting what she wanted and soon her father will start loving even her like Sri. Bali walks to her and provokes her against Sri and says Narayan was staring at Alakshmi and looks like he is fond of her. Alakshmi gets happy hearing that. Once Bali leaves, Sri walks to her. She tells Sri that she is in love, but she doesn’t know if he loves h er. Sri asks who is it, she will help her meet him. Alakshmi says he is Narayan and asks her to keep her promise and take her to meet Narayan. Sri gets sad, but as promised agrees.

Sri takes Alakshmi to meet Nararayan and gets confused with the route. Alakshmi angrily asks if she really wants to help her. Sri sits down praying Narayan. Narad emerges chanting Narayan. Sri asks where Narayan stays and how to meet Narayan. Narad says Narayan stays in each atom and if she calls him by pure heart, he will emerge. Sri asks how to call him. She asks him to make an idol and pray him. Sri makes idol. Alakshmi says she doesn’t know to sing. Sri sings a song praising Narayan again. Narayan hears her song and heads towards her. Alakshmi senses Narayan’s arrival asks Sri to hide and herself acts as singing. Narayan reaches and asks if she was signing. Alakshmi says yes and asks him to come aside as she will feed him. He accompanies her. She gives him food when Sri seeing bamboo sticks plays music with it. Narayan hears that and walks to her. They both meet again while Alakshmi stands fuming in jealousy.

Precap: Narayan and Sri perform raas leela/dance which all god enjoy watching.

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