Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 3 )

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Episode 3

Precap: Good news by meghna about what? ?

Meghna: I think we all should go for a picnic as a family gathering and adventurous trip and khyati is even there.

Kunal: Good idea…

Naina:Amazing di.. But where will we go ?

Meghna: Anyone has any idea

Khyati: We can go to the kali and shiv temple near the Maribati hills which is abandoned from years. It had come in newspaper yesterday about it.

Karan: Ya I hv also read about it.. It would be amazing going there.

Kunal: Is it safe to go there ?

Naina: I don’t know why but I feel it is not good to go there.

Karan: Bhai u didn’t tell ur beautiful salli is scared too..

Naina hit karan’s stomach with her elbow.

Naina: Shut up

Karan: Ouch..

Kunal giggled.

Meghna: OK. .so final we r going there tmrw..for 2 days..

Kunal: But meghna I don’t think it is safe to go there as it has been abandoned since years..

Vishal: I had heard ghosts live there…

Karan: Are yaar vishal.. tu bhi in darpoko ke team mein..

Dadu: Kids do u think it is safe ??

Meghna: Don’t worry it will be safe..

Nk: Be carefull

Nirmala: If any problem inform us…

Meghna: Ma, Papa and Dadu u all r also going with us..

Dadu:But beta..

Karan:No buts, U three hv to come with us and enjoy..

Nk:OK then..

Meghna: now time for preparations..First all of u pack ur bags after lunch .. then we will come down by 5.00 for preparations.

Naina: OK di.. So all go to the dining table I am bringing the lunch..

Meghna:Chiku let’s go..

Meghna and naina went to the kitchen and came and served all. After lunch, all went for packing..

At nairan’s room

Naina: Karan will u even pack ur things.. see my packing is almost done..

Karan was busy staring at naina’s beautiful face.

Naina: Karan.. Karan

Karan came out of his dream world..

Karan: Yeah..

Naina:Karan tell me now

Karan: What ?

Naina: Ofoo!  Were u even listening what I was telling u since 15 minutes..

Karan: No.. no yes.. I mean yes

Naina: OK.. stop with this yes no.. I know u were not listening to me..

Karan made a puppy face..

Karan: OK. .Sorry… I was busy staring at my beautiful wife…

Naina blushed..

Naina: Karan now tell u will do ur packing or I will do it.

Karan: I will do in evening

Naina: U can’t cause we will be doing other preparations.. I only hv to do it now..

Karan: I will now stare at ur beautiful face again..

Naina again blushed..

Naina: Karan tum bhi na..

Karan smiled..

Naina started packing his things..

Naina: Karan will this shirt fit u..

She came near him to see whether the shirt fits him by measuring his shoulder and all. While naina was doing so karan was looking at her. Naina noticed it and smiled.After measuring, naina went back near the suitcase to put it. Naina kept the shirt after folding it. Then Karan suddenly pulled her towards him and pinned her to the wall.

Naina: Karan ye kya kar rahe ho.

Karan: shh…

Naina was blushing. They had an eye lock. Then Karan looked at naina’s lips and bit his lower lips. Naina knew what karan was about to do. She knew that she even wanted it. So she looked at karan’s lips. As karan leaned forward to share their first kiss, naina was slowly closing her eyes. Karan leaned forward and they could feel each other’s breathe. Naina was getting goosebumps. They were just about to kiss but then suddenly their room’s door flung open with a thud which disturbed them and they moved away and looked at the door to find nirmala, meghna and khyati smiling teasingly. Naina became shy.

Meghna teasingly: Oh shit ! Wrong timing…

Naina blushingly: Di….

Khyati: Sorry to disturb u both.. we should hv come later.

Karan: Khyati.. Shut up !

Nirmala: Stop teasing my son and daughter. U romance with ur partners so why can’t they romance ! They also want to romance haan !

Nairan blushed.

Naina: Maa aap bhi…

Karan: maa pls..

Nirmala: ok..but hv u done the packing ?

But before naina could reply, meghna replied.

Meghna teasingly : Nahi maa.. they were busy making khichdi….

Nairan blused hard..

Naina: Di pls..shut up…

Meghna: Acha so now my Chiku knows blushing.. haan..

Naina: Ma dekho na di Ko…

Nirmala: Meghna.. why r u teasing her ??

Meghna: OK. Sorry..

Nairan smiled..

And three of them left but khyati came back.

Khyati teasingly: Sorry to disturb u both.. pls continue after we leave.

Naina became shy.

Karan: Khyati…!!!

Karan ran to beat khyati but khyati ran.

Karan then looked at naina shyingly who was looking at the ground blushing.

Naina realised karan looking at her so she went to pack the suitcase. Karan went to play his guitar.

Nairan were silent the whole time and were blushing.

Naina was done with the packing.

Naina: Karan

Karan: Ya

Naina: We hv to go downstairs for other preparations.

Karan: Oh ya ! I had almost forgot. And btw thanks for packing my things.

Naina smiled and they went down.

All were waiting for them and they started the discussion for who will do what.

Meghna: So, all hv come. Let me there’ll u that me and maa are preparing the dinner. Naina and karan go for packing necessary food items. You will get most things from the store room. Kunal u along with Papa go for vehicle arrangements.Khyati and vishal u both go for tent and all camping things arrangement. Most things are there in basement only.

Kunal: Can’t i stay with u..

Meghna: Shut up kunal

And all left for their assigned tasks.

In the kitchen

Meghna: Naina and karan look so cute together..

Nirmala: Ya..

Meghna: They r happy now after so many hurdles in their life. I wish they stay like this forever.

They both smiled.Just then a voice came.

Voice: Nirmala !

Nirmala and meghna looked up surprisingly.

Precap – Whose voice is that ?? Picnic preparations. Nairan cute romantic scene 

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  1. Aafiya

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  2. Meronmioneh

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  3. Can’t wait to see who it is.
    Really enjoying your ff.

    1. Meronmioneh

      You will find out soon.. just keep reading my articles.. And I hope u always enjoy…

    2. Meronmioneh

      You will know soon… just keep reading my articles.. I hope u always enjoy my ff

  4. Resh

    hey hi!
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    i like the way you started the story!
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    load of love
    congratulations to the new writer! <3

    1. Meronmioneh

      Hi ! Thanks Resh ! I am happy u r enjoying my ff ! So as I hv posted my next episode, I can tell u that the voice is sandhya’s ! U hv got it right !
      And don’t forget to read the other episodes….
      My name is Yashika. I am a student and crazy lover of nairan. No, I had not forgot to add sandhya in the scenes. Actually, the first episodes would be of fun and happy family but soon sandhya will create many problems…So, Kindly enjoy my ff ! And best of luck for Monday exam 🙂

    2. Resh

      hey that’s a beautiful name… Yashika i’m sorry i hadn’t received the notifications of all your replies.. i was just casually checking through when i saw your replies! 😀

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