Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 2 )

Hey friends ! So I wanted to tell that no one would be knowing that karan would have got the allergy bcz of sandhya. Everyone would still be liking her but she would still try to separate nairan.

Episode 2

Karan: Oh ! I see…

All were smiling…

Naina: Acha di don’t u think kunal is really handsome…

Meghna: Jeeju se directly kunal… haan..

Then meghna tried to mess up naina’s hair playfully same did naina. Both the chauhan brothers were happy seeing the sweet antics of there wives.

Kunal: Meghna u r very sweet when u r angry..

Meghna:only when angry..??

Nairan laughed…

Kunal:No u r always beautiful n sweet… u r my queen..

Meghnal had eye lock.

Naina: Di u r so lucky, jeeju is so romantic…But see my fate, I got such a boring person.

And naina made a cute puppy face.

Kunal playfully:Karan tu meri salli Ko pareshan kar raha hai.. use Khush nahi rakhta tu ??

Karan: Naina Acha I am not romantic.. ??

Naina made a stubborn face. Then Karan went more and more closer to naina. Just then everyone came down.

Nirmala: Are kya chal raha hai ? Tum log kiski baat kar rahe ho ?

Naina:No maa just that chapter wala andu. .

Karan:What did u just call me ?? Haan ?



As karan was about to hold her hand, she got up and started to run.Karan chased behind her. Karan caught her and lifted her playfully. Everyone was happy seeing the couple except sandhya who was burning from inside.

Sandhya (in her mind): Wait naina.. bahut Khush ho na tum karan Ko pa kar. About dekh te jao mein tumhari khushion mein kaise aag lagati hoon…

Naina: Karan leave me..

Karan: no..


Karan:U think I am not romantic !? Tell that I am romantic or else I am taking u to bedroom like this..

Naina: ok baba.. ok.. u r romantic. Now pls leave me..

Karan wickedly smiled..and left her.

Naina was then very shy and was looking to the ground. Everyone was smiling. Just then a voice came.

Voice:Dad !

Everyone looked to find khyati with vishal.


And everyone hugged them.

Naina: Come.. and sit

Then naina went to the kitchen for food preparation along with meghna.

Then after sometime dadaji called meghna.

Meghna arrived at the hall.

Meghna: ji dadaji !

( mute ** )

{ u will know later about the conversation }

Then dadaji called naina.

Naina: Ji dadaji !

Dadaji: Beta khyati has come for her pagphera rasam. So we realised that the first time u had pagphera, karan aur tum ek dusre Ko apna nahi pa rahe the.. so wo rasam thik se nahi hui. Now after ur marriage u hv not gone to bundi and the rasam has not been done. So, we were thinking to send you and karan to bundi along with vishyati the next week if it is ok with u !

Naina was super excited and happy to go to bundi after a long time.

Naina: Dadu thanks a lot.. We will surely be glad to go to bundi..

Karan: Yes dad u we will go to bundi next week for pagphera.

Then Karan looked at naina and naina at karan, they had an eye lock but they broke it as all were present.

Naina: Di u will also come with jeeju na ?

Meghna: Cheeku but I can’t as I hv at lot of office work and I also hv to take care of the house.

Naina was a little upset but yet she was happy to go to bundi.

Naina: it’s okay

Meghna:But I hv one more good news…

PRECAP: A good news 

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