Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 16 )

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Hey guys ! Sorry for being late but I had written this episode twice but it all got deleted. Pls keep loving my ff…

Episode 16

Naina went downstairs slowly struggling. After sometime, karan woke up and got fresh to go downstairs. After eating food, all went to their rooms.

In nairan’s room,

Naina: Karan….

He didn’t reply.

Naina: Karan… Why r u not talking to me? What hv I done ?

Karan: It was not ur fault… It was all my..

Before he could complete his sentence, naina kept her hands on karan’s mouth.

Naina: Just stop it…Stop blaming urself… it was none’s fault…

She stopped. They had eyelock. They were so lost in each others eyes that they couldn’t realise that now they were on the bed being naina on top of karan. They were about to share a kiss but before that Karan’s trance broke and he moved away. Naina was startled by his sudden move. He moved out of the room before naina could speak. She sat on the bed being sad. After some minutes, meghna came with juice for naina. naina drank the juice and thanked her. Then, meghna left.

After sometime, karan came. Naina slowly went to him and held his hand.

Naina: Karan….

Karan was about to go when  he suddenly felt her grip on his hand being loose. He turned to see her falling to the ground. He held her before she could fall and kept her on the bed. He became tensed. He called everyone. Meghna came and became very worried. After sometime, naina woke up and found everyone gathered around her.

Meghba: Cheeku?  R u okay ?

Naina: Ya di… I am fine.

Vishal: But how did u faint ?

Sorry for the short update. Actually, I had to write more linger than this. I had written it two times and it all got deleted. My hand is paining a lot so couldn’t write more… Sorry. .. Pls keep loving my ff…

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  1. Aafiya

    Don’t be sorry yaar…
    Post the next update as soon as possible…
    And a long ff…
    Take care…

    1. Meronmioneh

      Thanks yaar…. I am happy that u understood my problem…. Will try to post as soon as possible maybe this week..
      Yeah, this will be a long ff…I have many ideas to continue it…
      Keep loving my ff…
      Loads of love

  2. It’s okay dear… no need to be sorry as it wasn’t your fault..
    Actually after swabhimaan ends its the only source where we can still have our beloved Nairan so we wait for it eagerly but we understand your situation… you just continue this amazing story and yeah knock some sense to Mr. Chhatey wala akdu he can’t make suffer our cutipie Naina…
    Update soon and take care

    1. Meronmioneh

      Thanks… I am happy that u understood my problem…Yes u r right after swabhimaan ended these stories are only source to remember them…I miss my fav couple nairan so much..And yeah karan has his brain back again and I have posted my next chapter too where u will see nairan romance. Check it out too…
      Loads of love.

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