Nagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin 2………………..Obsessed

Nagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin 2………………..Obsessed

Rudra: Leave Rocky forever shivangi

Shivangi: NO never

Rudra dies for her.

Gurudev: Leave rocky shivangi he is takshak nag

Shivangi: NO never

Gurudev marmarte bacha hai.

Rocky: Chale mere jindagi se shivangi. Mujhe teri shakal nahi dekhna hai tumne mujhe dhoka diya hai.

Shivangi: NO never

Even though Shesha throws shivangi, rocky is the reason why shesha hates shivangi.

Rithik_Shivangi’s dad died saving rocky.
Shivanya died getting shivangi married to rocky for her daughter.
Rocky always blames shivangi that she cheated upon him whereas he did the same. Double standard fellow.
Still our actress is obsessed with the same person.
When he knows that shivangi is the rightful caretaker of naagmani then why does he want it for shesha or himself. What will he do with it. You fool.

This is the only serial where we hate male LEAD and we hate female lead for loving male lead. Ironic isn’t it.

One good thing is ROCKY is a nag. Nag getup suited him a lot. He never looks human to me. He is always either angry or rondu(CRY BABY).

Now comes new self hypnotized sleep walker with eyes open…………..Rohan Gsth(i dont remember his surname). He and his mom are explaining to shivangi that she has to get back her love. Idiots.

I really hate myself whenever i watch the episode or read its update.

  1. Nandhini

    Exactly!! Instead of torturing us with more illogical things and stupid acts of rocky and shivangi the makers can send real snakes to our houses and kill us directly!??????

  2. Jia

    Mona you are right,whatever shivangi did for rocky but he doesnt care,how much guruji and rudra warned her to stay away from him bt she always follow him
    Now he has become the takshak nagraj and idiots like others who is greedy for naagmani
    How he can be so insensitive
    Fed up with his idiotic drama
    We the viewers are hoping to see some good episodes bt in this season always evil wins

    1. Mona146

      and guess what these takshak were not there in shivanya-rithik times. Then how come they suddenly popped out of nowhere? Do the clans get created suddenly.

    2. Nandhini

      Yes…actually there are 9 kinds of naags group according to hinduism..takshak nag group is one of them…they are taking this concept in season 2 and showing nonsense…

  3. That’s so true mona I loved Shivangi’s No never?

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