Hello everyone… I knew all are waiting for me right.. thank you so much for your lovely comments.. and I am arranging grand function for you all on wedding day… so no bak bak… as poor abhi… how much time he will be in pain for his fuggi ??
The episode starts with temple scene..
Wom: so you are searching your fuggi na… she is not here… not here… go… go and search her fast… because death is following her as shadow at anytime it will caught her… go.. go fast… only you can protect… go.. suddenly temple bell ring… ya… she is really at danger… Ha.. ha…
Abhi get shocked and started to go fast and get down from step… suddenly he falls down.. his head got hurt… but there he gets the thread which he had tied on pragyas hand… he take it and cry… abhi look at temple… and Prays for his fuggi
Tere liye khudko badal de
Tere liye kuch bhi kar de
Vaada hai tujhse mera
Ab sada ke liye
Tere liye saansein le rahe
Tere liye har din jee rahe
Tu hai mera, main hoon tera
Ab sada ke liye

Khud pe koi haq raha na humara
Tere liye hum hain jiye
Phir ab na hoga ye ishq dobara
Tere liye hum hain jiye

Tu hai mera main hoon tera sahara
Tere liye hum hain jiye, wo..
Marke bhi de dunga ye kaffara
Tere liye hum hain jiye
O.. tere liye hum hain jiye
Suddenly abhi gets a calls.. and he goes and reached his house…
He rings the bell… someone opens the door… it was his fuggi… abhi comes there.. and gives her a tight slap… and hugs her..
Abh:fuggi…. do you knew what pain I am going through…. how can I live without you… I feel my life got ended…
Pr: abhishek…
Preethu: abhi what you have done..u beta pragya..
Ab; preethu.. look what she has done.. she make us all in peak of tension… suddenly abhi notices pragya… her hands and legs are got wounded and tied with medicine…
Abhi make her sit..
Ab: fuggi… what happens to you… how do you got hurt…
Sar; abhi when she was coming in auto… some car get hit on her auto and it falls to that canal side… as pragya was unconscious that moment… it’s this Dr. Sheela who saves her… and look to sheela..
Shee: abhi don’t worry.. her wounded are not too… just some scratches only… I have did all first aid.. I was the new doctor to your hospital…
Abh: thanks a lot Dr. Sheela..
Shee: k now I am leaving…
Pr: sheela…. on this Sunday… we both are going to married… you must be also there with us.. as you are our special guest..
Shee: of course.. I will.. as u are my first friend in this place… they all started bid good bye… but purab comes…
Pur: tum..
Shee; tum…. and goes in peak of anger..
Abhi: how do you knew her..
Pur: oh what to tell Bhai… do you knew what a girl she is… she Is not good..
Ab: what happened..?
Pur: Bhai… do you knew she is my first love… she rejected me… because I am behind all the girls..
Ab: so you knew both as many years..
Pur: not many years just today….

And he sees bulbul there and in peak of anger..
Pur; pragya what happened to you… is she beat you…?
Pra: sheela..
Pur: haa… she will do it… I will show her who is this purab arora…
Pra; hllo.. it’s not sheela… your Bhai give me this present..
Purab started to laugh loud..
Purab gives a shakehand to Bhai…
Pur: she deserves it in these days she is too getting over smart..
Pra; ohoo.. I am over smart right… you just go and check bulbul..
Pur: bulbul..
Abhi: today.. she is gona kill u..
Bulbuls room..
Pur: bulbul.. meri sweet heart..
Bul: I am your sweet heart right..
Pur: haa princes..
Bul: k then your first love..
Pur: you..
Bul: then what about sheela.. after confessing your love for me.. then too you are following girls… che…
Pur: bulbul.. this purab… only loves one girl.. only that girl is in his heart… that is you..
Bul: then what’s that all drama…
Pur: bulbul… that’s just fun.. you are my love… and you will be forever.. I love you bulbul…
They both hugs…
At night.. everyone slept… but abhi can’t as he beats his fuggi… abhi goes to pragyas roomAbhi sees pragya lying in bed… he sees his hand mark on her face… abhi sits close to her… and make her wear blanket… touches her face.. and gives a kiss on it.. pragya opens her eyes smiling..
Ab: don’t you sleep… is this painting..
Pragya gets up…
Pr: I knew you will come here.. that’s why I am waiting for you..
Ab: sorry fuggi.. it’s my fault… I did a fault.. that’s not the way to react..
Pr: no abhishek.. it didn’t hurt me.. because I see your love it.. you did it.. because you thought that you will lose me.. abhishek.. just remind only one thing.. I will be always with you.. and stay with you.. because there is no one or no place where I will be get protected… only the place is here.. just touching his heart… this face is where I will get all the love what I need… by placing her head on his chest.. and this is the most protective place In this world.. I believe you.. whatever you will do that’s right… abhi hugs her emotionally… ( tere sang yaara plays)
Abhi make pragya lies on bed… and make her sleep.. and he goes…
He reached to his room.. on his bed there is something for him..
Ya letter..
Mr abhishek,

Is your fuggi fine now.. ha ha ha… ya this time nothing will happen to her.. this is just a test dose… but I will take her life from her body at next time…. ha ha ha.. you are now at a mission to find me right… ok go ahead.. before you reached at me.. I will kill her.. I will kill your you must believe me na.. that I can do it… so let’s start our game… as your wedding is going to happen on this Sunday… let’s see how will be take place without a bride
With love
abhi smiles looking at this…
Episode ends..
So friends what’s the meaning of this smile… did he find this Mr. X..
Note: I am now perfectly fine and started to go to my college regularly… so don’t be get tended about my health.. I will take care of it.. because I want to write more… and make you all irritated with it..
K.. I am really busy now.. because it’s me who want to arrange everything to this wedding.. because there so many guest… so many new characters.. I don’t knew why all of them are coming at this moment to make me tensed..

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  1. I think Mr. X is none other than that woman in temple ????. Don’t know why, today evening when I was thinking about thought came to my mind like this…
    Epic was good…
    Ya ya you have to be busy now since, you belong to both girl and boy side ??

    1. HARITHA

      That women..may be… she is.. lets wait and watch.. as now there are 2 more days for unveiling MR. X.. thanks roli for commenting

  2. The episode was awesome di… it’s clear that abhi is up to something….if you are feeling tensed about the wedding preparations, then ok.. Shall I help you?? Of course, I will be there to help you dear di…so sweet of you di..ummmaaaaa???????

    1. HARITHA

      Ya vishu… I am relaxed now.. as my all works have done now.. because purab did it really nice… thanks alot vishu…

  3. Nice one n interesting episode yaar.. Thn I’m too excited for abhigya marriage…

    1. HARITHA

      Me too dear… thanks alot for your comments

  4. nice one carry on i am not going to do any request or prediction because these things are fun for you but your fun hurts me

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks mukundji… I am happy that you commented on my ff again… I knew my words hurts you lot… but I thought that I have some freedom with you… what I mean by saying so is I knew what you will comment after reading that episode… because from each of your comments I came to knew about you.. as you don’t like pain… as you don’t like to separate anyone… you are too soft natured person… but you thought that I did this to make joke on you.. sorry.. 10000000 times sorry.. I didn’t mean it.. I have no intention to hurt you… really so sorry… I have cross your limit.. sorry for that.. please forgive me.. it’s be like a good friends.. the friend who always tease… says suggestions… say anything confidently… will you accept my friendship… please….

  5. sheerapthini

    Oii haritha it’s awesome so nice wonderful

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks sheera

  6. Superrrrrrrt….?????????…. Keep going….. We are very happy about your health recovered……?☺

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks maha…

  7. Hey haritha…Superb epi yaar….abhi smiles after reading letter mystery???

    1. HARITHA

      Ya abhi smiles… what’s the reason

  8. good n nice………..

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks di

  9. awesome di.???You are making more and more addicted to your ff…Lets see who”mr x”is…I am eagerly waiting pls update soon my pyaari pyaari di???

    1. HARITHA

      Ya I will try to make it fast

      1. Di u asked me a question why do i hate myself?I hate myself but i love everybody around me and i will pray to god to keep them happy(Including tu siblingd?)Actually di i feel everybody on the earth have some talent but i dont have any i am just a burden???I feel that i have done something good in my life as i got such a wonderful family but they have definately done a sin as they got a daughter like me.Whenever i think about this i will cry a lot ang hate myself even more.May be there is no one who hate themselves more than me??Sorry di for boring you??

      2. HARITHA

        Who told you… you have no talent.. who told you.. you are sin for someone…

  10. Sandy

    ? Eagerly waiting for Mr. X arrival. Abhigya scenes were really so senti and I loved it. Abhi’s feeling/concerns for pragya was ?????????

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks Sandy just 2 more days.. everything get cleared

  11. thank god finally abhi is upto something and eagerly waiting for abhigya marriage

    1. HARITHA

      thanks dear…ya its going to happen soon

  12. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. HARITHA

      thanks reshu

  13. Trisha

    Aweeeesomeeee???….wondering why Abhi is smiling at that letter….is it because he knows who the mystery person is??

    1. HARITHA

      I don’t knew Trisha.. is abhi knew about it or not?

  14. Very nice epi waiting for the wedding eagerly.

    1. HARITHA

      Ya wedding is coming soon

  15. Saranya24

    ??lovely darlu jst like u muuaahh???????

    1. HARITHA

      Just like me.. oh that’s ????… muaaah

  16. Priyamvada

    Loved it chechi

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