Nadaan Parindey 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab being angry thinking how can Sameer survive. His colleague asks him to go home as his brother came back. Purab says yes, I will go now. Purab comes home and sees Sameer. Sameer and Purab look at each other. Sameer comes to him. Purab thinks how he shot Sameer in the jungle. Sameer hugs him and Purab is shocked seeing his sweet behavior. Sameer says what happened, why did you not meet me in morning, Bebe said you took good care of Bebe and Meher.

He asks what happened, are you not happy seeing me. Purab says no, nothing like that, I m tired and not feeling well. Sameer says fine, lets meet in morning. He leaves. Purab says how can this happen that he did not tell anything, I shot him and he does not remember that. He says this can’t be Sameer. Meher is angry and tells Bebe how Sameer reacted. Bebe supports Sameer. Purab looks at them. Meeher says was I not sad when he was missing, so is this right, that he is so rude to me. She says he is not talking to me, as if he does not remember me, he is acting as if I have send him on war and trapped him.

Purab is puzzled. Bebe pacifies her and asks her to have patience. Bebe says he might have gone through bad times, so he changed. Meher says but he is talking to everyone, but not me. He has shut the door on my face. Bebe and Purab are shocked. Meher cries. Meher says I tried talking to him and hee has shut the door, he has insulted me. Bebe is puzzled and consoles her. Mama and Channi see some girls’ piccs for Purab. Purab comes there. Channi tells him that he has to marry as Sameer will be marrying Meher now. Mama says the same and leaves.

Purab tells Channi that he won’t marry anyone else than Meher. Channi says she is Sameer’s fiancé, if your dad knows this then. Purab leaves angrily. Channi lies to her husband and says Purab needs time to think. Bebe brings food for Sameer and knocks the door. She sits by him.

Bebe makes Sameer have food. Hee takes the plate and eats himself. He coughs and she gives him water. She asks him not to think anything. He says Meher……… She says she is angry on you. She says you know her, how much she loves us, you should not hurt her like this. He says I did not say anything. She says she felt bad as you shut the door on her face, I know you are upset. She says don’t worry, everything will be fine, see you used to eat by my hands before and now you are eating yourself.

Sameer says my habits changed, fine, make me eat. She says no, I like when you eat yourself. She asks did you miss me. Purab looks at them. Sameer says I feel I came after so many years. Bebe cries and says I know you missed me a lot. Sameer says yes, but I had to live to come back to you, so I changed myself. Bebe asks him to have strength and she is happy that he is back, everyone changes with situation, maybe this is for good. She says I will make you leave bad memories and good days will be ahead.

She says you have to talk to Meher, she is very upset. She says else she will say this is not Sameer. Purab says even I think the same Bebe, this is not Sameer. Sameer sees Meher on the terrace and comes to her. She starts leaving and he stops her. She says don’t talk if you don’t want, but don’t be rude to me. He talks to her and says either Sameer can be there or Pyjama Singh. She says I m sorry, I should understand this but I did not. She says I want to be friend with Sameer and forwards her hand. He says my hands are burnt, first test me and then become my friend. He leaves.

She thinks what did she do. She says I misunderstood him. Its morning, Bebe calls Meher and asks her to give tea to Sameer. Meher says he might be sleeping now. Meher takes tea for him and sees he is not in his room. She looks for him. Meher tells Bebe that Sameer is not at home. Sameer is shown running in high speed and coming to the border. Sameer looks at the border post. The man praises him and says you have shown them the right place and speaks ill about people across the border. Sameer gets angry. He leaves. The man says why did he feel bad as I told about others. Purab says as he is not Sameer.

Meher talks to Sameer and he says the lines. Purab is shocked. Meher looks at Sameer and smiles.

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  1. yeh sameer toh gusse main jiada handsome lagta hain yaar…

  2. yeh sameer toh gusse main jiada handsome lagta hain yaar….

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