Nadaan Parindey 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher arguing with Bebe defending Sameer. Bebe gets angry. Iqbal gets a summon by the army office and wears Sameer’s uniform. Bebe scolds him. Iqbal says he does not have mum and she never prayed for him. Bebe says I wish you fail in your mission, he gets exposed and get caught, then she will get peace. Iqbal smiles and says you are first mum who is eager to see her son death. He says he has killed many and won’t mind if Sameer is next. He leaves and reports to the army office. The commander says he is reinstated and he got promoted too. Iqbal is happy and smiles. He thinks its easy to reach the file now. He thanks him and says I will work for my country and leaves.

The man asks why this promotion. The commander says he has to keep an eye on him, if Purab brought any proof, it might be of some help. Mama asks Purab why is he not going on duty. Purab says he took leave. Mama asks about his investigation. Purab leaves. Mama talks to Channi and says Purab can’t get leave, there is something. Iqbal comes home and Meher asks him what happened. Iqbal first jokes and then says I have to report to army next week, as he got promoted. Bebe is shocked. Iqbal smiles seeing Purab. Meher smiles.

Meher says she will make sweets for him. Purab asks Iqbal how can he get promoted and the brothers have a fight. Meher stops Purab. Mama comes and Meher tells Purab started it. Mama says he is jealous as he got suspended. Mama scolds Purab and Channi. Purab says ask him, I got suspended because of him. Mama asks what did Sameer do. Purab says is he Sameer, he is doing a mission here, for other country, as him who is he, why did he got sold to enemies. Bebe looks on.

Purab says I caught him many times to catch him, army gave this duty, he did not get in my hands and he is smart, he is reason for this. Purab says no one can stop me today, this man is a traitor, Bebe tell me why are you annoyed with him, don’t you have any doubt. Purab tells what Sameer is doing, why did he refuse to marry Meher, and why did he marry her in temple in hurry. Purab asks Sameer to answer everyone. Mama asks Sameer is Purab right. Purab says he does not have any answer.

Bebe prays for Sameer’s safety. Meher says I have the answer. She says Purab is lying, he wants to trap Sameer, as he did not want Sameer to come back. Channi says stop it. Meher says Purab loves me, this is true. Everyone is shocked. She says he wants to marry me, even now. Mama asks is Meher saying right. Meher says he said he loves me many times. She says he stopped me when I was marrying Sameer, he came to meet me on marriage day, asking me not to marry Sameer. Mama scolds Purab. Iqbal smiles. Mama calls Purab a traitor. Mama says I don’t want a son like this. Get out of my house.

Mama folds hands and apologizes to Sameer and Meher. Purab is shocked and cries. Mama asks Channi to come and tell him how did she hide this from him. He asks Purab not to show his face to him and leaves. Purab tells Sameer that he will take this revenge, as they both know the truth. Purab says fate will not support you always, when everyone knows your truth, they will kill you, first me, I will make you get insulted more than I got, this is my promise.

Purab says the day this snake bites you, you will come to me, that day you will know the difference between love and madness, the day he cheats you, you will know my love. Meher says even if Sameer cheats me, I will live my life with his love in my heart, you don’t know love, you just want to win me. She says my happiness is connected to Sameer. First go and learn love, forget me, I will never be of anyone except Sameer, I trust him a lot. You will never get a space in my heart. Bebe looks shocked and thinks Meher is mad in Iqbal’s love, how to save him from his trap, how to explain Meher that she is walking on ruining path.

Iqbal tells Bebe that he married Meher to succeed in his mission and shut her mouth. Bebe cries at the border and says I will bring you back my son Sameer, I have full trust that you will come back.

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