Nadaan Parindey 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe doing the Mu Dikhai ritual with Meher. Purab looks on fuming. Meher says see I wore the dupatta you gave me, I will love you more than Sameer. Meher prays to Lord and says I accept Sameer by all my heart and all pain and happiness of this house is mine now. She says I won’t let any bad shadow come on this house, bless me and give me strength to keep up my promise all my life. Mangal smiles. Bebe thinks she will save Meher from this traitor. Purab gets a call and says I m coming tomorrow. He says commandor is calling me. Mama asks is everything fine. Purab says yes, why will it be not fine. Iqbal and Malik hear this.

Mama asks Sameer about its honeymoon plan. Bebe gets worried. Everyone laughs. Iqbal says I did not think, I will talk to Meher and Bebe first.

Malik asks will he do everything asking Bebe. Bebe says he forgot to ask me before marrying. She leaves. Mama asks Sameer to win Bebe’s heart as she is very annoyed. Mangal says yes, go and try. We will leave now. Mangal blesses Meher and they all leave. Malik hugs Iqbal and asks him to be careful, Purab has his eyes on him, no one should have any doubt, do as Sameer would do after his marriage. Iqbal says don’t worry, I will manage better than Sameer. Malik smiles.

Meher tells Sameer that Bebe is annoyed. Sameer says I will make her happy, don’t worry. Meher comes to her room and it looks very beautiful. She asks did Bebe do this. He says whoever did, for your smile. He asks her to come closer to him. Meher smiles and goes to him. She says we are starting new life, lets go to Bebe and talk to her. We will make her happy else I can’t be happy. Sameer says you be here, I will go and talk to her, you take rest. Sameer says where did Bebe go, maybe she is not at home, I will go and see. Meher gets worried.

Bebe comes to the Dargah and cries. She thinks of her son Sameer and Iqbal. She says why are you punishing me, he is Sameer’s look alike, such a big cheat and I gave Meher to him, what to tell him now, to give herself to that traitor. She says you should have punished me, why Meher. Iqbal asks her to agree with her only then he will keep Meher happy. She scolds him. He says what happened is because of Lord, I came here and married Meher, all because of Lord. Lord will send me back after my work ends.

He says bless me, its my first night. She holds his collar and says don’t dare to touch Meher. He leaves. Bebe comes to Meher. Iqbal asks Meher to let Bebe sleep, and come with him. He smiles and leaves. Meher asks Bebe what happened that she is not forgiving her, I told you everything, don’t you trust me. Meher says punish me, but forgive me. Bebe says fine, tonight you will sleep in my room, not with Sameer. Iqbal hears this and looks on.

Meher asks why. Bebe says why, you asked for punishment right. Bebe asks her will she come with her or not. Meher is quiet. Bebe holds her hand and takes her. Iqbal smiles. Bebe sleeps and Meher gets up. Bebe puts her hand on her. Meher tries to move her hand. Meher opens the door and Bebe reminds her promise, asking where is she going. Meher shuts the door and rests back. Meher thinks Sameer will be waiting for me, what to do, I will try later again. Bebe asks her not to think, you promised that try to keep, my eyes are closed, but my focus is on you.

Meher thinks why is Bebe doing this, why did she stop me, what happened that she did this, I have to find out, I have right to know. Its morning, Meher greets Iqbal good morning, and he asks when did I come. She says I came when Bebe went to take bath, and you were snoring here. Iqbal smiles looking at her. She asks how will I sleep with you if you snore like this. He says you have get habituated else sleep in Bebe’s room all life. She says I will get habituated. They lie in the bed and have a talk. She asks about his night. He says I slept well. She says what, I could not sleep all night, thinking about you. Iqbal holds her while she turns being annoyed.

Iqbal touches Meher and she smiles. Bebe sees them and Meher is shocked. Bebe tells Meher that he is not my son, not my Sameer. Meher and Purab are shocked. Iqbal looks on from far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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