Nadaan dil (epi 8)

Hello guys .I know after long time..Final year hai submissions are without delay let me start.

Ragini: this is not done laksh..You promised you would be back soon.

Laksh: sorry ragini but try to understand this is my future.Everytime it is not possible to stay with you behind your back…Don’t be a nagging girlfriend..

Ragini : laksh you only said you will come in 1 week after that you said its important and you will have to extend your stay for another week its 1 month..I am tired laksh..I am scared.

Laksh: ragini listen stop with your stupid worries.I have to go… bye..

It has been one month that laksh has gone to US.He was supposed to return after one week but he kept on delaying his stay ..Ragini was worried about this. It was not his being with her .It was her insecurities that kept her worried …

Here sanskar was trying his best to keep ragini occupied and happy..He knew it was not ragini’s fault .She left her home ,her family to stay with laksh and here laksh was just worried about his future.both were not wrong at one or the other point …..

Ragini hangs the phone..

Sanskar notices her and comes to her ..

Sanskar: so another argument with laksh ..huh?

Ragini turns to him with tears.

Sanskar immediately wipes them..He couldn’t see her in tears no matter what…

Sanskar: hey I was kidding sorry.

Ragini : its okay.I am scared sanskar ..What if he leaves me….

Sanskar: it will not happen.

Next day ragini comes down..sanskar was having juice and hands it to her..Ragini drinks it and as she raises her hands to drink it her top goes up revealing her waist…. Sanskar couldn’t stop himself ….Places his hand on her waist and grazes his hand on her tummy..Ragini gets shocked and spits the jjuice on him and all over herself…

Sanskar realizes what he was doing and tries to clean her..

Sanskar : sorry sorry ragini ..

Ragini: what sorry.What were you doing by the way..

Sanskar: wo ..wo I saw an ant on your waist thought to help you..

Ragini: help see what did you dress…

Sanskar: why to cry go change na…

Ragini: I don’t have dresses..I gave everything for laundry..

Sanskar: how stupid you can be..

Ragini: haa I expected you to spoil my romance with ant..(she said sarcastically)

Sanskar closes one eye embarrassed..

Sanskar: you can wear my clothes..

Ragini: what? Look at your body and look at my body(she swirls around and sanskar keeps on staring her)look at your waist and look at my waist(she shows her waist)..Look at your personality and look at mine. (she raises herself and stands infront of him.)

Sanskar was staring at her with open mouth like that arun icecream wala add ….

Ragini notices it and nudges him..

Sanskar : actually I have my old can wear them..they don’t fit me.Its your size you can wear them.Come I will have to search them.

After one hour of throwing all the clothes here and there sanskar finally finds them.. a pair of capris and a small t shirt..

Sanskar gives them to her and goes out……After some time ragini comes out ….sanskar was turning other side…

Ragini: sanskar…(she makes a cry face ..)

Sanskar gets shocked seeing her..The t shirt was no longer small on her it was loosely flung on her slender body and was falling of her shoulder..She was holding the pants near her waist in both her hands…Sanskar burst out laughing..

Ragini: shut up ..

Sanskar: sorry but you are looking like brand ambassador of most thinnest girls…

Ragini : its your fault.I told you your clothes wont fit me..

Sanskar: but I bought these clothes when I was 17 years old…They should fit you..

Ragini: sanskar my waist is different from yours.Girls waist is like hourglass boys clothes will never fit us.Now do something …

Sanskar: ok come with me.

Sanskar takes a belt ..

Sanskar: see perfect solution…

Ragini: yeah..why didn’t I get this idea?

Sanskar: because you need brain for that..

Ragini leaves her pants and puts hands on her waist..The pants slip off her waist but sanskar holds them pulling her more towards him and his fingers were against her skin on waist line..

Bothe were lost in each other’s eyes…there was no gap between them..

Ragini : wo..wo…

Sanskar comes to senses and starts working on the belt..He fits it to her ..

Sanskar: perfect now..

Ragini smiles..

Ragini : what about t shirt..

She was trying to keep it in place.

Sanskar looks at her..

Sanskar: I have a solution for this also.He holds the tshirt at the bottom and pulls it ..with a thud ragini is pulled more close on him..he squeezes the bottom and ties a knot at one side of her waist. She was adjusting the sleeve..but sanskar jerks her hand away ..

Ragini: what?

Sanskar adjusts the sleeve off her one shoulder ..andd drags her to the mirror..

The white t shirt was now off her one shoulder and the the knot on the waist gave a perfect s*xy look to ragini…

Ragini: wow…You are splendid..

Sanskar: I know..

Ragini tries to turn around but as the clothes were fallen all over room she slipped and falls on sanskar…. he tries to balance her but slips due to sudden force ..both fall like a heap on the bed full of clothes ..both roll on bed trying to free…

Epi ends/

Keep imagining ragsan rolling on bed until next episode…


Precap: raglak break up and ragini goes missing..

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