Nadaan Dil Epi 3

Hello everyone .Shri is back Guys Please tell me why you love ragsan so much.I love them because even without being a real couple they won so many fans Neither they needed hot romance to create a fire .There was a natural hotness in them a magic which starts even with a simple eyelock.So I just love them . You tell me why you love them .Well here it is. Guys please tell me if its boring and please give honest opinions so that I can make changes or stop this ff.Please guys give honest opinions..

Ragini was admiring her room and she couldn’t believe it was a bachelor’s room.the cleanlinees ,the quietness and everything was so soothing. It was just like her taste.She didnt have difficulty in sleeping.She didnt even feel it was anew place for her instead he felt it was her place.she hugged the pillow and slept.At around 3 she heard a car pulling up in driveway ans she woke with a jolt and she checked who it was.Sanskar came out of the car visibly he was drunk and another pair of legs got down the car .It was a beautiful girl. Sanskar came towards her and cling to her both came inside the house.Ragini got angry looking at the scenario.

Ragini: huh how can he? But why should I bother he is a rockstar and he can do anything..Some time before I felt sorry for him thought. Looks like he was drunk then .idiot.
She went back to sleep.
Ragini woke up at 5in the morning.It was her ususal habit but this time it was something else COFFEE her favourite.She loved coffeee like anything .Her day started with coffee but here she was not sure about it as laksh doesn’t like coffee.Yes their opinions never matched but they never argue except over coffee.In other words ragu loves coffee and laksh hates it

Ragini(in mind): coffee her? Who could be making it.Sanskar ? No he just came at 3 how can he wake at 5.Then who it could be.Whoever it is coffee I am coming.
She just ran out of the room in hurry and as soon as she came out she collided with a strong muscular body she was about to fall but sanskar holds her and ragini in the fear of falling closes her eyes.sanskar was just lost in her angelic beauty.Her scared face was giving him goosebumps and he just wanted the time to stop for ever.
Ragini was surprised not find her self falled and opened her eyes to the most deep set of eyes those eyes which never fails to mesmerise her..
Both composed themselves but
both eyed each other ragini was dressed in her shorts and sanskar was in his boxers
..Both turned their faces embarresed .
Ragini looked at his perfectly abs curved across his muscled body.Something caught her eye.they looked like some scars.

Ragini(in mind): looks like scars .Who could have given it to him spoils his body.I wonder who bet him/.
Sanskar saw her staring at his body.
Sanskar: I dont want to sound rude but Can I ask you to stop staring
Ragini: huh..I am not ..
Sanskar: I was joking.Do you want anything?
Ragini: wo yeah I smelled coffee.
Sanskar: you like coffee.
Ragini: I love it.
Sanskar: but laksh?
Ragini: I know but I cant leave coffee
Sanskar smiles: me too.

Sanskar: come down I will make a cup for u
Ragini: u??
Sanskar:MadamI make the best coffee just try it.
Ragini: ok.

Both go back to the kitchen ragini looks around to sit somewhere
Sanskar who notices it pats the kitchen table .
Ragini: No I can’t jump.
Sanskar nods his head disbelievingly and holds her waist and lifts her..Ragini was shocked and sanskar makes her sit on the table.
Ragini: what the…
Sanskar: Sorry you couldn’t sit So I just helped
Ragini smiled.
Sanskar made coffee and ragini was admiring the way he worked on coffee like a professional.
Sanskar handed over the coffe to her.
Ragini: hmm its too good trust me even I can’t make so good.
Sanskar: thank you.
Ragini: Can I ask you something.
Sanskar: Yeah
Ragini: You and laksh are good friends na .How did you guys meet?
Sanskar:Actually we are cousins.
Ragini: buyt laksh never..
Sanskar: Coffee is getting cold please have it.
Ragini(in mind): why is he avoiding my question?
Ragini: did your girl friend go.
Sanskar: she is not my girlfriend
For unknown reason ragini was relieved.
Sanskar: I dont do girl friend thing.She was just for fun.By the way how do you know.
Ragini: I saw you.
Sanskar: oh..

Laksh comes there .
Laksh:Good morning guys
Ragini hugs him.
Sanskar gives them a smile and turns to go.

Laksh: sanky.Listen

Sanskar: yeah
Laksh: Please take ragu to her college na.
Ragini looks at laksh
Laksh:sorry baby I said I would come but I have to join today itself.Sanky will help you.
Sanskar: ragini be ready in 5 minutes.

Ragini looks hurt at laksh but he was looking at his phone not caring what she was feeling.

At College.

Sanskar and ragini finish with the admission process and are walking
.Sanskar notices that ragini is dull.

Sanskar : did you take everything .You sure did not forget anything
Ragini: no
Sanskar: you did forget.
Ragini looks at him confused
Sanskar: your smile.
Ragini bends her head with a sad smile.
Sanskar holds her hands and makes her look at him..
Sanskar: look Ragini Whatever laksh is doing its for you .
Ragini: I know sanskar but I just wanted him to be here on my first day
Sanskar: I know what you feel.but I am there na don’t worry .

Ragini smiles ..

She hugs him.

Epi ends

Precap: ragini and sanskar’s friendship

  1. Lovely7

    I love tevar because of their lively nature and friendship so I love ragsan stories
    It’s magical to read their stories

  2. to be ragsan is best and even swalak didnt affect me…the way ragini taking care of sanky,sharing her pain,sanky stone heart melting was speechless… I will be filling in the sky if they were real couple… To be frank according to pschology a devil man and angel pair will be best in the world because devil have aggresive nature while angel is soft she change devil with her love….moreover sanky was like shoulder for ragini to share her pain…that y i loved them…

  3. the way ragini make sanky to have food,making him to sleep,way sanky fighting with nurse for ragini,both tieing thread in tree,awesome…it still in my heart and it always in my heart

  4. Awesome Shri dii!!!!

    I love ragsan because they are Love! They are magic! They hv that power in them to attract anyone without doing anything…… Most important is the friendship between TEVAR which is the reason we love ragsan the most!!!!! ❤❤❤❤

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  6. they made me realise the meaning of friendship…i m a die hard fan of urs. R u fine now,how is ur health…post my side story soon plz….bye take care

  7. A12345

    Everyone are explaining… Wat vl i say….. Hmm….. I just love them to the core

    Coming to the part its obviously awesome

  8. guys..i’m so sad i thought namish is true friend of teju..but he is marrying some other girl..what i hide from his fans why they gave hopes to temish fans if they hurt us..i’m so sad for my teju?rom now nomore temish…i feel like crying?

  9. Too good…I was actually waiting for this update……Its really cute how Sanskar is taking care of Ragini… Update the next chapter soon…

  10. Charms22

    Fab Shriyu Jaan, I love RagSan’s friendship, care and the simple eyelooks they had????were on fire and hot

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  12. Lovely7


  13. Lahari

    When sanskar entered into show..i dont knw why i thought they will make a good pair..later their small small eyelocks made me crazy..nd their friendship their teasing in ivs..i got totally mad about them..they have a magic..looks perfectly eo…heavenly one can beat them..
    As u said they won so many hearts without need any hot chemistry nd all.
    If we can get a chance ,they will definitely win even more hearts..
    I wish it will happen oneday…
    May i like somw other pairs..but not like
    as them..i addicted to them…my friends always teasing me..they called me as ragsan..he he..i loved it….
    Sry for my bakbak..

    Love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Ragsan?????

    1. Shrilatha

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