Nach Baliye 7 12th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 12th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Semi Finale Episode of Nach Baliye have the performances on Jeetendra’s classic songs by your favourite television jodis, like Abhi-Pragya, Raman-Ishita, Jodha-Akbar, and Ishani-Ranveer. Jeetendra enters with Ekta and dance on the song Taki Taki……Rithvik welcomes Jeetendra and Ekta Kapoor. He asks Ekta, how did you feel dancing with your father. Ekta grins and replies that she was dancing with her baliye…. Everyone laughs. Jeetendra says it would be difficult for the judges to eliminate one jodi. He says everyone performed well.

Rithvik says Ekta has to decide who will be eliminated today and who will stay for finale. Ekta says she can’t judge and her father would do the needful. She promotes her saree brand and says it is available online. She says her heroines is modelling for that saree right now, and says it is available for minimum cost. Karan says please applaud for Jeetendra and Ekta. Rithvik informs that Nach Baliye Grand Finale will be on 19th July.

1. Upen and Karishma:

They dance sensually on the song Dil Se Re………………from the film DIL SE.

Judges Comments:

Marzi says you did acrobacia. You both have the power to dance. It was commendable, well done. I saw your clean and neat act.

Preity says great attitude, great song, great presentation. You did lifts confidently and smootly. It was overall a good act.

Chetan says it was technically very strong, but it was less enertainment wise.

Ekta says dance was good. Both of them are good. She says both of you compliment each other. I knew Karishma since she was a child. Karishma says people know her as Karishma Tanna only because of Ekta.

Jeetendra says I like the flow with emotions. I think you have done a good job.

Karan says score total will be 40 today, but Marzi’s scores will be hidden and will inform you at the end.


Chetan 9, Preity 9, Jeetendra 9. Total 27.

Shabbir says they have started as producers, but now they are part of my family. Rajat says Ekta has faith on me that I could do well. Paridhi says she is very thankful to Ekta.

A clipping of Ekta Kapoor’s actors are shown. They thank Ekta for giving them their first break and success.

Ekta says she feels bad to have been praised by her actors on her own show. She thanks all the actors for her career’s success. She says she is here as her parents’ supported her and also gave a chance. She thanks her parents.

2. Rashmi and Nandish:

They dance on the song Baanwli Si Preet Mori… Ab Chain Kaise Paaye Rasiya…………………from the film KURBAAN.

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says today is the best act of yours. He congratulates them and asks how is their married life going on. Rashmi says good. Chetan says you are looking like a newly married bride and glowing.

Ekta hopes that she has fulfilled the promise made to Nandish’s mum. Nandish’s mum thanks Ekta. Nandish says I love you mom.

Jeetendra says it was wonderful. You did dance passionately together, otherwise it would not have been possible.

Preity says Rashmi is an exxpression queen. She says it was mind blowuing s*xy act.

Marzi says transition was good. It was good, commendable. You both deserved to come to this position, and you dserve standing ovation too. He gives them standing ovation.

Karan says Preity’s score will be suspense for Rashmi and Nandish.


Jeetendra 10, Chetan 10, Marzi 10. Total 30.

Tushaar Kapoor’s video clipping is shown. He says his dad is his role model. He tells he loves his sister and is protective about her. He says he is very proud of Ekta. He tells few words about Ekta. Ekta says it is looking as a last day on television. She says Tushaar is like her elder brother, and is more matured and understanding than her. Jeetendra tells about Ekta’s childhood incident and says he is proud of his children.

3. Amruta and Himanshu:

They dance lromantically on the song Dheere Dheere Naino Ko Dheere Dheere…….from the film SHOR IN THE CITY.

Judges’ Comments:

Jeetendra says it was such a sweet dance. I was lost in it.

Chetan says act was nice, romantic and sweet.

Preity says it is all in all, nice and sweet act.

Marzi says cute act, sweet, simple…..good act and dance.

Ekta says both of you are very talented.

Karan says jeetendra’s marks will be suspense.


Preity 9, Marzi 9, Chetan 10. Total 28.

Ekta says marriage is made in heaven. She says if Chetan was unmarried, then she would have chosen him. Chetan blushes. Rithvik calls Ekta and Jeetendra for dance on stage. They dance on the song Dhal Gaya Din Hogayi Shaam……..with hosts and jodis. Karan thanks Ekta.

4. Ajisha and Mayuresh:

They dance wonderfully on the song Ishq Wala Love…………..from the film STUDENT OF THE YEAR.

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says it was innovative and fantastic. It can be used in films too, bus stand sequence.

Marzi says Ajisha is awesome and overshadowed Mayuresh. He says great act.

Preity says amazing guys. She says you came as wild card entry, but now you are game changer couple. You both are simple, hard working and dedicated etc. Well done.

Jeetendra says I was expecting stars. I couldn’t see that level.

Rithvik says Chetan’s score will be surprise.


Marzi 9, Jeetendra 9, Preity 10. Total 28.

Jeetendra tells about his love story with Shobha Kapoor. He praises his wife and says she gave him so much. He says there is no substitute for her.

Karan tells that one jodi will leave us today. He calls upon the jodis on stage.

Rashmi and Nandish: Secret score by Preity….10/10. Score 40.

Himanshu and Amruta: Secret score by Jeetendra 10/10. Score 38.

Upen and Karishma: Secret score by Marzi 9/10. Score 36.

Mayuresh and Ajisha: Secret Score by Chetan 10/10. Score 38.

Rithvik tells that Upen and Karishma will leave today. Jeetendra requests the judges not to do any elimination today. Marzi says we agree with Jeetendra, and giving a chance to Upen and Karishma. He says Nach Baliye Finale will have 4 finalist jodis.


Rithvik says finalist jodis will perform one more time for the audience. Karan welcomes Himanshu and Amruta.


1. Himanshu and Amruta:

They dance comically on the song 1234 Get On The Dance Floor, and Thalaiva….Lungi Dance… from the film CHENNAI EXPRESS.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi asks Himanshu to wear long Lungi….He attacks Chetan with his poetry. He says you both were looking like actor and actress, and are made for each other. It was completely entertaining and awesome. I love you both today.

Preity says south indian flavor was good. I wish you best.

Chetan says most entertaining, and paisa vasool act.

Himanshu requests the audience to vote for them on the listed no. 1800 274 1003

2. Rashmi and Nandish:

They dance fabulously on the song Main Tenu Samjhawan Ji……….from the film HUMPTY SHARMA KI DULHANIYA.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says I love the end. You got great results guys. It is diffcult to do aerial for the first time.

Chetan says you did very well, beautiful start and end. Well done.

Preity says Rashmi is looking like a doll. It was sensual, good act. You are strong contender and I want you to smile and be sweet.

Nandish requests for the vote and asks audience to give misscall on the number 1800 274 1005.

3. Karishma and Upen:

They dance fabulously on the song Chadariya Jheeni Re Jheeni… from the film BADLAPUR.

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says I am so happy that they are not eliminated. He feels that it was one of the best act.

Preity says your performance and journey has been incredible. It was amazing performance. I wish you best.

Marzi says you deserved to be in the finals. You are not reality couple but real couple.

Karishma requests the audience for vote on the number 1800 274 1006.

4. Ajisha and Mayuresh:

Both of them dance as women on the song Munni Badnaam Huyi…….Darling Tere Liye…..from the film DABANG.

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says it is difficult to do Lavani. He says your act was good. He wishes them best.

Marzi says Mayuresh is a proper item. He says Ajisha performed as a girl, but you gave good expression like a woman. Great job.

Preity says Ajisha is amazing, I couldn’t identify Mayuresh. It is amazing. Ajisha says she wants to prove her dad that she didn’t do wrong by choosing dancing as her career.

Ajisha requests for vote and asks the audience to give miss call on 1800 274 1004.

Rithvik tells that winning jodi will get 5 Lakhs rupees from Signoraware.

All the jodis dance on the song Oh Gujariya with the brand new HONDA JAZZ car which will be given to the winner. Rithvik asks the audience to watch Grand finale on 19th July.

Rashmi and Nandish tell about the Shake It To Make It Contest.

NO PRECAP. Grand Finale on 19th July 2015 at 8 pm.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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