Nach Baliye 6 24th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 6 24th November 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 6 24th November 2013 Written Update

Hosts Gautam and Karan welcome the viewers on Nach Baliye co-sponsored by CERA. Today’s celebrity guest Saif Ali Khan comes to promote his film Bullet Raja. Saif greets everyone and says he is excited to see the show.
Karan invites the first jodi of today.

6. Gurmeet and his wife Debina.

They dance sensationally on the song Hey Manmohini Teri Adaa…. from the film HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM.

Terence says, In tango dance, there is a twisting of legs and it can be seen in your dance. it was a superb beginning. He says it wasn’t easy but today you have done a phenomenon job.

Shilpa says, she was surprised. It was wonderfully executed. She loved the costume and dance.

Sajid says, they will go to the finals. He challenges other jodis to show what they have done in this episode. Sajid compliments Gurmeet saying he has the power of being a aspiring star.

Saif says, It was a beautiful performance, dance, costume. It was a brave choice of dance.

Saif tells a dialogue from his film and Gurmeet enacts it wonderfully. Debina tells Saif that she is bengali. Saif says he is half bengali. She requests Saif to perform on the Tanga Rickshaw. Saif wheels the rickshaw. Debina praises and thanks him. Saif with difficulty wheels the rickshaw while Kiku is enjoying the ride, then Kiku gives a ride to Saif.

Scores: Shilpa gives 10, Terence gives 10, and Sajid gives 10. Total 30.
Karan says you are safe this week. Gurmeet and Debina appeals for the votes.

7. Raju Srivastav and his wife Shikha.

They gets classic as they dance on the song Aaj Rapat Jaye Toh Hamein Na Uthaiyo…. from the film NAMAK HALAAL. Raju dances in Amitabh Bachchan’s style.

Saif says, performance is superb. He admires his clothes, dance and Amitabh’s style. He tells Shikha is graceful.

Sajid says, we expect comedy item when your name comes. You have acquired Amitabh’s style, mannerism etc. It was mind blowing performance.

Shilpa says, you were dancing like a hero. She appraises their chemistry and says performance is improved. She compliments Shikha.

Terence says, Raju did superb and says Amitabh’s nuance was beautiful. You have done good.

Scores: Shilpa gives 9, Terence gives 9, and Sajid gives 9. Total 27.

Raju compliments Shikha and says I love you. Raju mimics Amitabh Bachhan’s dialogues. Karan says you are safe this week. Raju appeals for the votes.

All the couples gives a surprise performance for Sajid Khan on his birthday. He cuts the cake with Saif as he is the star of his film Hum Shakal.

8. Kanika Maheshwari and her husband Ankur Ghai.

They dance on the illusion wall, on the song Dheemi Dheemi Chalne Lagi Hain Ab Hawaein… from the film ANJAANA ANJAANI.

Terence says, Ankur being a non dancer has done wonderfully. It is a anti gravity act and says hats off.

Shilpa says, it was unique and innovative. You performed well. Hats off to you both.

Sajid says, you blacken your face for the dance. It was brilliant and overall it was a entertaining illusion act.

Scores: Shilpa gives 10, Terence gives 10, and Sajid gives 10. Total 30.

Karan says you are safe this week. Ankur and Kanika appeals to vote for them.

Saif dances with Shilpa on the romantic song Haaton Me Aagaya Jo Kal Rumaal Aapka. Karan gets a cake for Saif decorated by Kareena.

9. Amrapali Gupta and her husband Yash Sinha.

They dance romantically on the song Jaanedo Naa Pass Aao naa….from the film SAGAR. They dance amazingly on the car rooftop.

Shilpa says, you guys are back. She praises Yash on his performance, stance and attitude. She praises Amrapali and says you dances gracefully.

Sajid says, your dance on the car is amazing. It was a beautiful performance. He says what Amrapali did today is no less than a heroine.

Terence says, it was nothing less than a film shoot. It gives me so much pleasure as a technical judge. He says I am very happy and wishes them best of luck.

Sajid says, you both were two weeks guests according to my perception but if you perform this way then no one can stop you from going to the finals.

Scores: Shilpa gives 10, Terence gives 10 and Sajid gives 10. Total 30.

Yash and Amrapali wedding clip is shown as today is their wedding anniversary. Amrapali gets tears in her eyes. Yash says they got married at this time one year back. He shows the tatoo with Amrapali’s name written on his back and wishes her Happy Anniversary. He expresses his love and thanks her for everything. Yash and Amrapali wishes each other.

Gautam says, you are unsafe this week. Saif dances with Kiku, Bruna, Yash and Raju on the song Tamanche Pe Disco.

10. Bruna Abdullah and Omar Herror.

They dance emotionally on the song Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain….from the film LAKSHYA. Even after the performance Bruna continues to shed tears.

Terence says, you took a big risk. There was some difficult movement and you did it smoothly. He praises the performance.

Shilpa says, there was some drop in the dance but have work hard. She asks Bruna not to cry.

Sajid says, to Bruna that she is beautiful. And tells Omar that he has become a dancer.

Scores: Shilpa gives 9, Terence gives 9 and Sajid gives 9. Total 27.

Gautam says you are safe this week. Omar and Bruna appeals for the votes.

Rithvik requests Saif to play guitar. Rithvik sings the song Sang Ek Pal Chen Na Aaye Sajna tere bina.. for Asha, while Saif plays the guitar along with him.

11. Sanjeev Seth and his wife Lata Seth.

They dance romantically on the song Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hain Yaara Main Kya Karoon….from the film RAB NE BANA DI JODI.

Shilpa says, this performance is much better than last time. She says superb for the improvement. And says well done.

Terence says, you didn’t leave anything, so well done for performance and energy.

Sajid says, I am happy to say that you guys have done extremely good. Well done.

Scores: Shilpa gives 9, Terence gives 9 and Sajid gives 9. Total 27.

Gautam says you are unsafe this week. Sajid thanks Saif for coming to Nach Baliye.

Gulabari Most Romantic Jodi of the week is Yash and Amrapali. They get pearl set and a gift hamper.

Gautam announces this week elimination of Sanjeev Seth and Lata Seth. Karan announces that Yash and Amrapali are safe. Yash appeals for the votes.

Lata thanks Nach Baliye for giving them opportunity to do and learn something. And says whoever is going in the next round is deserving. She tells her fans that they will entertain them through acting.

Gautam and Karan requests the viewers to vote for their favourite jodi as the voting lines are open till Monday 9 am and sign off.

Stylish moment of the week is Saif and Rithvik’s guitar performance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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