Nach Baliye 6 17th November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Nach Baliye 6 17th November 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 6 17th November 2013 Written Update

Today’s episode of Nach Baliye 6 started with Gautam holding a lamp and taking an oath that the lamp will be lighting till he gets married. He then goes to Shilpa and asks ashirwaad, but she blows the lamp off and asks to start the show with his co-host Karan. Karan then asks Shilpa why she blew the lamp off. He asks everybody to clap for Jugdes Shilpa Shetty, Terence Lewis, and Sajid Khan. Karan and Gautam start joking again.

Gautam calls the next Jodi Gurmeet and Debina.

6. Gurmeet and his wife Debina.

They start performing on the song Jiya Jale Jaan Jale… Nainon Tale… Dhuwan Jale Dhuwan Jale from the film DIL SE. They dances well and even performs stunts during the performance.

Terence says, you went completely out of the box. It is beyond classical dance. He praises Gurmeet performance over Debina and says he did a good bharat natyam dance. He likes their lifts.

Shilpa says, you few men carry off classical dance but you did the act well. She praises Debina and says she likes the act. She says you have passion in you both.

Sajid says, he thought he is seeing the finale episode. He says you wants to win and it is your motive. He praises their dance.

Scores: Shilpa gives 10, Terence gives 10 and Sajid gives 11. Total 31.

They appeals to the audience to vote for them. Gurmeet shows his abs in a comic manner.

Gautam and Karan invites the next jodi Kiku and Priyanka.

7. Kiku Sharda and his wife Priyanka Sharda.

They dances romantically on the song Tumse Mili Nazar To Asar Hua Hai Aaj Yeh Dil Pe….from the film MAIN MADHURI DIXIT BANNA CHAHTI HUN.

Sajid says, you are very entertaining couple. And says you are truly good but could have done better.

Shilpa says, your energy is infections and tells Priyanka that she is very graceful and their effort was seeing in their performance.

Terence says, your tummy was shimming even after you ended doing head shimmy. you are going to be better. He says to Priyanka that you did well.

Priyanka says performing with Kiku is like a dream for her. Shilpa asks Kiku to make laddos from the bondi and makes Priyanka eat it lovingly. Kiku makes Priyanka eats the laddoo.

Scores: Shilpa gives 8, Terence gives 7 and Sajid gives 7. Total 22.

They appeals for the votes.

8. Vinod Thakur and his wife Raksha Thakur.

They performs wonderfully on the song Itni Si Hasi Itni Si Khushi….Itna Sa Tudka Chand Ka….from the film BARFI. Gautam praises their performance.

Shilpa says, they are lucky to see his performance. She says she is overwhelmed and his jumps are incredible. She tells Raksha not to compress her dance. She says well performed dance.

Terence says, well done superb. And says you have invented a new dance form. He likes his spining. You are a good performer and surely will be in Top 4.

Sajid says, your heart is big than any normal man. You are legless and it is your strength.

Scores: Shilpa gives 9, Terence gives 9, and Sajid gives 9. Total 27.

Vinod says their marriage rituals were unique as our family didn’t approve of it but we didn’t stop and married without their permission. He says, we have a dream to marry like a any other couple.

They appeals for the votes.

Gautam invites Riddhi and Raqesh.

9. Raqesh Vashisth and his wife Riddhi Dogra.

They dances passionately on the song Ae Sun Le Na Sun Ne La Kehna Tu…. from the film SHUDDH DESI ROMANCE.

Shilpa says, very loving performance and their chemistry is apparent. She says she expected more from them. She says she sees them on number 1 position.

Terence says, you mixed Jive and Bollywood and it was nice but somewhere it was clumpsy. You both have confidence in each other.

Sajid says, performance is good but can be more better. He says chemistry is good.

Riddhi says they are soulmates and will never leave each other irrespective of their fights. Rakesh says Riddhi is the fragrance of his life.

Scores: Shilpa gives 9, Sajid gives 7, and Terence gives 8. Total 24.

They appeals for the votes.

They invites the next jodi Bruna and Omar.

10. Bruna Abdullah and Omar Herror.

They dances on the song Baanwli Si Preet Mori… Ab Chain Kaise Paaye… Aaja Rasiya Mohe Ang lagaa le…..from the film KURBAAN.

Terence says, this act is acrobacia. Movement was good. He says he is impressed with Bruna. He says you didn’t do the lift properly.It was sensual but not vulgar.

Shilpa says, it was passionate. It is a amazing performance.

Sajid says, you lived upto your last performance. She says Bruna is beautiful and Omar has a good body. Overall good performance.

Scores: Shilpa gives 10, Terence gives 9, Sajid gives 9. Total 28.

Raju, Ankur and Kiku does an act and everyone laughs.

Bruna and Omar appeals for the vote.

Gautam invites the last jodi Sanjeev and Lata.

11. Sanjeev Seth and his wife Lata Seth.

They performs on the song Ho Rangeele Rangeele Pal Hai, Chamkeele Chamkeele Pal Hai from the film LUCK BY CHANCE.

Shilpa says, your performance was crashed. You didn’t have chemistry between you.

Terence says, you are a senior couple. But dancing is difficult for you. It is a folk dance but you didn’t do justice. And asks them to try.

Sajid says, he praises Lata. He says genuinely it was not good, it was looking half hearted performance. You have to put a lot of effort.

Scores: Terence gives 6, Shilpa gives 6, and Sajid gives 6. Total 18.

They appeals for the votes.

Voting lines are open till Monday morning. Gautam and Karan appeals to the audience to vote for their favourite jodi. They sign off saying they will return with the super duper performances.

Stylish moment of the week is Gurmeet and Debina’s dance movement.

Next Week:
All the jodis are performing with their baliyes.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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