Nach Baliye 5 10th February 2013 Written Episode Update Wild Card Spl

Nach Baliye 5 10th February 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 10th February 2013 Written Update

Today it is a wild card special episode. Based on judges marks and audience votes, only one jodi will join other jodis in top 7.

Sajid Khan opens the episode today as it’s big day for him. He says we will see exclusive song from his upcoming film, “Himmatwala”. Chote-Bade come there and ask him, you’re talking about himmatwala but where he is? Sajid Khan then call out Ajay Devgan. Ajay Devgan joins everyone.

First comes Shefali Zariwala and Parag Tyagi who dance on song “Aankhon Se Tune Ye Kya Kar diya”.

Everyone asks for once more and Terrence and Shilpa give standing ovation.
Shilpa says that she kept staring at them. It was such a difficult performance and choreographers did a terrific job. She says that she loves their

chemistry and she missed them. She also gives them “super se upar”.
Sajid and Terrence also like their performance. Terrence says they did best lifts so far.
Ajay Devgan: It was a fabulous performance.

All judges give 11. So their total is 33/33.

Neelu Vaghela and Arvind Kumar come now.
They dance on song “Naina Mein Sapna” from movie Himmatwala.
Judges and Ajay enjoy their performance.

Talaash-E-Baliye jodi, Sovit & Satyaki, comes now. They perform on “Tumhi Ho Bandhu” song in salsa style.
Judges love their performance and welcome them to this show.
Terrence goes on the stage and dance with Satyaki.

All contestants now dance on Ajay Devgan’s song and Ajay loves their dance. He hopes to be back during Finale too.

Next wildcard jodi is Rahul and Dimpy.
They dance on a comedy song “I don’t know what to do” from movie Housefull.
Audience love their performance and ask them for once more.
Judges and other participants also love their performance.
Sajid: superb, if you don’t return after this performance, then I will say, I Don’t know what to do.

Marks: Terrence: 10, Shilpa: 10, Sajid: 11
Total: 31

They also get KitKat break for entertaining performance.

Next wild card jodi, Deepshika Nagpal and Keshav Arora, perform on Aaj Ki Raat song from movie Don.
Shilpa finds this act interesting and better than what they have shown before.
Terrence felt their performance started good, but then started dropping. Sajid agrees with Terrence.
Ajay likes their performance, overall.

Marks: All judges give 8 points. Total: 24/33 marks.

Ajay leaves now wishing everyone all the best.

Next wild card jodi is Smita Bansal and Ankush. However, Smita got injured while rehearsing and she requires rest at least for few weeks.
They get emotional on the stage as Smita and Ankush really wanted to be part of the show.
Ankush gives his performance with their choreographer, Swati.
Terrence invites Smita to sit with them and make Ankush’s performance even more special.

Ankush and Swati perform on song “Mere pass hai tu”.
Smita loved seeing Ankush dancing and she wanted to be with him.
They do not get marks as they won’t be participating in Nach Baliye.

Jodi of the week goes to Shefali Zariwala and Parag Tyagi.

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