Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Nalini blasts on Arjun for breaking Pinky’s fast

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pinky seeing Arjun coming and checking his watch. She keeps her plate. Shraddha asks Asha if the fast is over. Asha tells that their fast will be completed when her husband breaks her fast making her drink water. Arjun comes to Pinky and tells that he needs to talk to her. He asks her to sit and asks what you need in your engagement from your wedding planner. Pinky says whatever you think. Arjun asks if she is not happy with the engagement and tells that happiness is missing from her face. Antra says you are right and tells that they shall forget the past and move on. Arjun says I agree, as life stops if stuck at one point. Sunny comes and takes Arjun with him. Antra asks Pinky if she loves Arjun. Pinky asks what are you doing? Antra says she is making arrangements for her victory, says you are looking good, but if you was happy then it would be great. Pinky says she will show her happiness.

Pinky comes to hall and sits beside Vikas. She forwards her hand. He holds her hand. Pinky says today is Hartali teej and my engagement too, so we shall play game. Lakshman says why not and asks Ram not to refuse. Ram says ok. Sarthak says we will play couple game, and starts game with Ram. He asks Ram, what is Nalini’s favorite color. Ram says it used to be purple before, but now blue after marriage as I like that color. Nalini smiles. Sarthak claps for them. He asks Lakshman what his Amma used to make good? Lakshman says she makes good tamasha/drama. Ram laughs. Asha says your father is a good lallu. Ram gets a call and attends it. Sarthak asks Vikas when Pinky gets happy. Vikas says Pinky might be happy when she used to shop clothes or when she used to have good food. Pinky nods no and asks Sarthak why did he ask such question, says Vikas ji doesn’t stay here so must not be aware. Asha says Vikas shall know. Arjun messages Vikas. Vikas checks the message and tells that he wants to try again. He says Pinky gets happy when her Papa calls her betiya with love. Pinky nods her head and gets emotional. She says she gets happy with the tukbandi competition. Antra says I will compete with you. Pinky and Antra sing asking each other to agree to each other’s sayings. Antra asks Pinky the right way and pushes her on Arjun. Pinky gets shocked. Arjun smiles. Sarthak claps for Pinky and Antra. Nalini gets upset. Sarthak claps for them.

Antra asks Pinky to take the right decision. Shraddha says now it is our turn. They play music. Pinky dances on the song le ja le ja…soniye…She dances with Vikas. Antra nods no and asks Arjun to dance with them. Arjun says I don’t know dancing. Antra signs Pinky not to dance and pushes her on Arjun again. Pinky looks at Arjun.. and imagines dancing with him. She comes out of her imagination and continues to dance. Arjun tells Nalini that he is very happy to see Pinky happy. Pinky faints and falls. Arjun runs and holds her. Vikas says may be she fainted due to dehydration. Arjun says someone bring water. Nalini goes to bring water. Arjun asks her to open her eyes. He takes glass of water and makes Pinky drink water. Antra thinks of Nalini’s words and smiles seeing Arjun breaking her fast. Nalini shouts Arjunj ji. Antra says Pinky’s fast is completed and asks whom you will stop now.

Ram comes there. Nalini throws the glass and asks Arjun if he doesn’t understand when she told that Pinky will drink water from her husband’s hand. Pinky gains consciousness. Arjun says she had fainted so I just…Antra says it was not Arjun’s mistake, I gave that glass to Arjun. Nalini says he did the mistake, but you didn’t stop him. She tells Arjun that she thought him as understanding guy and says today you have crossed all limits. Asha asks Sarthak why Didi is shouting and getting angry, what happened to her. Pinky says Maa. Nalini says I am talking to him, just be quiet. Arjun folds his hands and says I am sorry. He says I was helping her as she had fainted. He goes from there with tears in his eyes. Pinky gets up. Ram asks everyone to get back to their work. Pinky asks Nalini to drink water, but she refuses and says I will drink this water from my husband’s hand, as I know this fast and my relations limits, which you don’t know. Ram asks Nalini to handle herself and makes her drink water with his hand. Nalini drinks water and touches his feet. He asks her to rest for sometime and takes her with him. Pinky comes to Vikas and says sorry. Vikas says I hope this was just a mistake. He gets upset and goes.

Precap: Antra asks Pinky to express her feelings to Arjun and tells that he has right to know. She says I have seen in her eyes for Imarti and asks her to tell. Imarti tells Arjun that she wants to tell him something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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