Naamkaran 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil apologizes to Avni

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Naamkaran 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with lawyer insulting Avni. He says you would have done something to provoke Vidyut, when you knew he is a dangerous criminal, you moved back, then you played a death drama and gave birth to Nilanjana, wow, one should learn being manipulative. Avni cries. Judge asks lawyer to be careful with his language. Lawyer says I m just questioning if she is fit for raising Mowgli, she is illegitimate, cheater and characterless, who had planned to marry someone else behind her husband’s back, when her plan didn’t work out, she planned her death to flee, don’t know what will she do ahead, its easy for her. Neil looks on and says enough…..

Neil says you can’t question her character, I didn’t wish you to publicly humiliate her, Avni being an illegitimate child, doesn’t have any connection with this case, Vidyut just wanted to get her, he didn’t love her, Avni is a good wife and good mum. Avni cries. Judge asks Neil to control himself. He asks lawyer Nayak not to target any woman’s moral character. He asks Avni to go and sit in her place. Avni runs out. Neil worries. Mitali looks on. Neil says I didn’t wish Avni to get mistreated here, I just wanted my son’s custody. Judge says calm down, the court is adjourned. Neil rushes out.

Avni leaves in the car. Neil calls her out. He sees Mitali and says I want to apologize to Avni, I want to rectify my mistake. She says I know she was cornered, she would be feeling bad, it doesn’t mean you run after her, you can make a call and explain. He says I just want to explain that I didn’t know about laywer. She says I hope you know about my friends’ party, you said you will come, I will not stop you if you want to meet Avni, I promise, but you are repeating your mistake, you didn’t come in my felicitation function, but now everyone wants to meet you, I hope you will surely come. He says I promise I will surely come and meet your friends, I will not disappoint you, I will say sorry to Avni and come.

Neil looks for Avni. He is on the way. He thinks of Avni. He says what did I do. He calls Avni. He comes to Avni’s house and asks did she come here from court. Tara says she isn’t here. She calls Sunehri and says Sunehri said Avni isn’t with her. Neil says I should find Avni. Mowgli asks where did mumma go, why is she angry, what did you do, tell me, mumma goes away when she is sad, she used to go on beach when we troubled her in Kashid, go and find her now, you always upset her. Neil says I promise I will find your mumma. Mowgli says you have to get her, else you won’t talk to me.

Neil comes somewhere. He says where can you go Avni. He cries and recalls Avni. FB shows, Avni says when life leaves us somewhere, we should return where everything started, you will get all answers in front of you. FB ends. Neil repeats her words. Neil leaves.

Mitali comes home. She says my friends kept a party to congratulate Neil and me. Shweta says the day was tough today, be it for Neil or Avni, don’t worry, give some time to Neil, he may come to your house for party. Mitali says he promised he will come, he has to come. Mitali returns home. Her friends ask about Neil. She says he would be on the way. She calls Neil. She welcomes more guests. Mitali cries and says Neil you have to come, you promised.

Avni is at cliff lake point. Neil comes there and sees her. Neil recalls Avni and his moments. Avni too recalls their moments. She closes eyes and cries. Neil calls her out. He walks to her. He says whatever happened today, I can’t deserve your forgiveness. She says I know your lawyer was responsible, not you, this had to happen, I will never become a part of this society, I m not made for normal family. He says where did we reach. She says somewhere far, we can’t see the way clear, as we have tears in our eyes. He says we used to fight for our life, today we are fighting with each other. She says maybe this was written in our fate, maybe its right. He says we lost everything. She says no, not everything, our son will be with one of us. They cry. He says I respect your principles. She says but I lose the ones who support me, my past always follows, when my dad wasn’t with me, how can I expect anything from someone else, I couldn’t tolerate anything today. He says I m ashamed for this, please forgive me. She says sorry for my decision, I thought I was doing right, I know I did wrong and hurt your heart. They cry.

Avni says yes, I m illegitimate, it doesn’t mean anyone points finger at my character, I want to appeal to court that I get my son’s custody.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Emotional episode….
    This maithali drama i hope last tak na chale, it end soon… Vaise bhi only 9 episodes hi reh gye hain… And i am sure pura show short cut me repeat hoga… And where the hell shaisha and kk, she should have been there in favour of avni…

  2. Please cvs dnt rush with Avneil…
    Give give good relaxing end to Naamkaran atleast pleaseeee

  3. Sana.

    Ohh god what is going on in this episode yaar? Neil again proved himself a womaniser who wants mitali side by side wants to have avni.all happened because of him only but avni understood him unlike him.he didn’t even tried to understand avni but avni once again proved herself that she can understand Neil in any situation.this Neil wants avni’s forgiveness ohh really you brat forgave her when she was apologizing to you? You can’t forgive others mistakes but wants other to forgive your mistakes wow your law is so awesome you brat.this mitali ohh my god what to tell about her Neil and mitali’s conversation is irritating to hell.i want to make a broken chapel garlands for both mitali and Neil for their marraige.both asses this is for you

    1. Sana.

      This is for you asses????and CVS take this award for your stupid storyline???

    2. Sana.

      That neil brat said that they are fighting with each other.he only started that custody drama .its all because of him.that brat only said that he doesn’t want to humiliate avni publicly it means if that lawyer humiliated her privately he would have kept silence.he was silent when
      the lawyer was humiliating avni then after his humiliations end he presented to be affected by superb acting.if I was in avni’s place while Neil was apologizing to her I would have pushed him from that cliff and would have went to jail happily.this mitali have no humanity at all who stopped Neil while he wants to apologize to avni.this Neil said mitali is better than avni am I right…avni didn’t stop Neil when he went to meet chuhi,she didn’t even said a single word when chuhi hugged Neil in one episode but this mitali…see the difference you brat.mitali is suspecting him but avni didn’t and this brat compared avni with mitali wow.avni didn’t want anyone to humiliate Neil so she accepted herself being neo before media in order to secure his job but this Neil…hats off to you brat.over all Neil doesn’t deserve avni at all.he said that no one can take avni’s place in his life even chuhi can’t take her place but now let mitali to take her place and also encouraging her wow…so nice of you brat.

  4. After many days I liked today’s episode especially the way Neil supported avni….Plz guys plz do something I don’t want nk to end so soon plz…… But don’t lose hope lets fight till the end and plz spread positivity. Just watch nk only on TV and all its repeats and plz join the trend going on twitter and start tweeting and send thousands of mails to sp and productions. Just show the power of nk fandom……

  5. can’t say about this track. ohh idiot miltali, why can’t she see the love between them and want neil to accompany her to her stupid parties. being a women she can’t see that it hurts when someone point o character. and she should understand being avni’ friend and neil ‘s so called fioncee.
    damn stupid friend

  6. old neil khanna is back…emotional ful filed episode….

  7. Neil should no better dat avni is n always be by his side

  8. that girl called Mitali should know that Neil doesn’t like her. At least she knows he has been awful things. Neil can not change loving Avni all of a sudden.

  9. that girl called Mitali should know that Neil doesn’t like her. At least she knows he has been doing awful things when he meets Anvi whether good or bad. Neil can not change loving Avni all of a sudden.

  10. Savithri V Ramani

    Good episode.But still Neil doesn’t realise he has only avni at heart.and not mitali.his false ego will doom everybody’s life.

  11. Now it is true that there can be no way to bring back nk because it has been confirmed that the show will go off air. But why can’t the CV’s end it nicely?? Mitali is being a problem day by day. She wanted​ Neil to rethink his decision about marrying her . And now she is on the go to make him her’s only . I didn’t know how the show come in the top 10 position with this story . Maybe everyone wanted it to come back so they are watching it

  12. My hatred to mithali is increasing and also this Neil is behaving like a lizard he always changing his colors.

    1. You’re right sara

  13. Finally Neil khanna is back………..The way he supported avni is so lovely and the mitali is so irritating.So much of happened in the court and she want to celebrate felicitation party.but today’s episode is such a cute @ lovely episode. Love u avneil☺☺?

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