Naamkaran 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Saisha and KK elope

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Naamkaran 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni scolding the reporter. He says I m doing my work to find truth, Saisha is an illegitimate, society doesn’t accept such girls. Avni says I don’t like such society who raises finger on innocent. She scolds the reporters and gets angry. Neil smiles. Avni holds Saisha’s hand and goes. Avni comes home. Samrat hugs her. He says when did you become so tough and brave, we love you. Bebe thanks Lord. Sunehri says Avni, actually…. Saisha is very upset, we should keep her away from this mess. Avni says Lord Krishna left the battle field and then fought too, I have left battle once, this time I will fight, I will retaliate, we will go back to Kashid today. Saisha says KK didn’t call today. Avni says that story is over now, I know its difficult for you to move on, but you have to. Saisha cries and goes. Neil thanks the lawyer. Avni asks Neil what will he do. He says you don’t need to worry for me, I prefer to live with truth, our paths are different now, maybe it can’t be same now.

Prakash comes to Neil. He says you are a sensible guy, I have seen more of life, I want to say something, I want to share my experience, whatever happened between you and Avni, it was bad, if you really want peace, just forgive Avni wholeheartedly. Neil asks are you serious. Prakash says people do a lot to save love, I understand, you had to go through a lot of pain. Neil says I don’t love Avni. He goes. Samrat asks Saisha to come, Avni has booked cab, everything will go fine. Saisha calls KK and says Avni wants to take me to Kashid, if you really love me, we will elope and marry. He says okay, meet me at Shiv temple. She agrees.

Shweta and Bebe cry. Avni hugs them and cries. Saisha hides and leaves from there. Bebe gets some shagun plate and asks Avni to have it, she has a right on it, don’t refuse. Avni accepts. She asks where is Saisha. Kamini asks Rahil what are you saying. He says our son has eloped. She asks what. Avni looks for Saisha. She calls Saisha. She gets Saisha’s letter. Saisha writes, sorry Jaan didi I love you but I love KK too, I know you will forgive me.

Saisha reaches temple and thinks of Avni. She says so sorry, I have no choice, I can’t lose you and KK. Pandit asks what are you doing here. She says I came for marriage. He asks where is the groom. She says he will come. Neil gets on call and says I will send Saisha’s pic, circulate it and find her. Avni says Saisha didn’t understand. Neil says KK’s phone is not reachable. Avni calls on KK’s landline. Servant says Kamini and KK went out. Pandit asks how much time more will he take, call him. Saisha says he will come. Neil takes DD and Mitali’s help to find Saisha. Mitali says Saisha has thrown her phone in garden, she knew we will try to trace her, Avni don’t worry, we will find Saisha. KK comes to temple. Kamini comes there.

He gets shocked. He asks are you serious to marry that illegitimate girl. KK says yes, I love Saisha, I want to marry her, mom please don’t stop me. She says you haven’t done any work by yourself, you are marrying without my consent. He says I never questioned you, I have grown up now, I can take this decision myself. She says I think my son has grown up in right sense. She cries and says I never let our family face any problem, I worked harder than you to make you a star, I wished you get stardom and I get contentment, what’s the use, every effort got waste, now Saisha is most imp to you, if you think you are doing right, who am I to stop, go and marry, you will fall in my eyes forever if you go ahead, you will die for me, you will get married there and I will do your Shraddh at home, think again, will you choose your love or your mom who gave you birth. Mitali says KK’s cook made the last call to Saisha. Avni says we have one way, we need to meet Kamini, only she can help us now, she doesn’t want Saisha and KK to unite.

Avni asks where is Saisha. Kamini says she would be trapping someone, find her soon. Rahil calls Avni and says Kk told me that he is going to meet Saisha in some temple.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ayesha_malhotra

    History repeats once again . Just like how Dayawanti blackmailed ashish , Kamini (Dayawanti 2) blackmailed K.k . And coming to neil . How can he just say that he doesn’t love Avni ! That’s so rude ! And I have nothing to say . I didn’t like this episode except for khanna family scene .

  2. Ayesha_malhotra

    I hate karan Kapoor and this saisha ! Flying chappals and tamatars for kaIsha

    1. Sana.

      I want more from you ayesha. Tamatars and chappals are not enough think more ayesha.

      1. Ayesha_malhotra

        I feel like putting that KaISha in kadaai and dry them ??

      2. Sana.

        Like Tamil movie anniyan?

      3. Ayesha_malhotra

        Exactly sana ! Kumbibagam ??

      4. Sana.

        wow superb plan ayesha to kill them. but where we can get big kadaai to dry them?

  3. Sana.

    donno what happened to this neil? he said that he doesn’t love avni. bad episode. this kaisha’s track is getting my nerves. i heard sayesha will die soon as everbody in nk set wore white dresses. if it happens i will be the most happiest person on the universe. bohut ho gaya cvs pls bring neela’s murder truth out else neil won’t understand avni’s helpless situation instead he will keep on ranting at her. fed up of this kaisha’s track. if cvs keep on irritating like this, i’ll definitely stop watching nk.

    1. Is it true you are saying sana. Plz say it is true.plz I will be thankful to you plz

      1. Sana.

        watch this hiyori. swetha is in white dress so they guess there will be funeral scene. but donno its true or not

    2. Sana.

      sorry… swetha ji wore white dress. but don’t know about all in nk set. i just hope she will die.

    3. Don’t take tension.. I will bring kadaai???

      1. Sana.

        bring soon neil that too very big kadaai so that only we can all dry them together.

      2. Ayesha_malhotra

        Thanks bro !

  4. I didn’t see episode today because of rain there is powercut so they will not give current till the rain stops.i read it here so I will not comment on today’s better talk about saisha than this episode.
    ‌Shayad joh bhi saisha kar rahi hai agar avni ki beti hoti toh aisa kabhi nahi karti. agar aisa kiya bhi toh, avni ke past ke baare mein jaanane ke baad,avni ke jaisa chahti hai waise hi karti, infact aisa apne pyaar keliye bhaag jaane ke bajaay apni career aur apni future par focus karti. This will be the difference between avni own daughter and saisha.saisha can never ever become avni daughter. after knowing about avni past and her pain she took such decision of running away with kk for his so called love. Saisha can never become like ayesha maa.ayesha maa,neela and avni took a stand for themselves and moved on in life with out anyone’s help and succeeded in life without any man’s help. avni is just like neela maa strong and independent and avni became strong because of aisha maa and neela maa.but saisha after getting avni love .avni loved saisha and took care of saisha just like neela maa did for avni. how can she acts so different when both saisha and avni have learned and received same moral and ideals, the morals and ideals avni got are from neela maa and the same morals and ideals which neela has given avni, avni is giving to sukoon ghar kids, samrat and saisha. samrat is like avni,he received avnis teachings and know what is difference between good and wrong, two different kids brought up by avni, samrat loves avni and respect her and obeys her.saisha became different when samrat is like avni, how come. Saisha is creep I tell you. She is disgusting to the core and selfish like her mother. Kk Ashish I don’t want to talk about them till Neil is hero.maybe I can scold Neil but kk Ashish they don’t have a backbone to take their decision like Neil do.
    ‌samrat understands,care and loves avni more than saisha to tell the truth.

    1. And ananya I have accepted your request. Thanks you for that.

      1. Thank you for what?

      2. Sana.

        even i too searched your names in fb but couldn’t find out i mean which will be you.

      3. Yesterday’s ideas forgot we all are making plans to kill kk and saisha.

    2. Search Nancy Maurya and hiyori iki then you will find us.

      1. Sana.

        There’re there nancy maurya. I’m confused.

      2. Sana.

        There not three

    3. Ayesha_malhotra

      Guys what’s your profile picture? It would be easy to find your account . And my account name is ayesha malhotra and profile picture is 2 bunnies holding a heart

      1. Sana my profile picture you can see girl flying in the sky with wings and nancy maurya brown hair girl a scarf around neck and a cap on head holding something red color things in hands.i s it enough

      2. Sana.

        thanks hiyori and i sent friend requests to both of you

      3. Ayesha_malhotra

        Hiyori even I sent a friend request from I profile to you

  5. Jennifer James

    I hate today’s episode because it was boring and Saisha is so ungrateful upon all what Avni has done for her she chose KK who is like Neil’s age Saisha character is so irritating

    1. Sana.

      you’re right sara

      1. sana. you can search me by Nancy maurya and hiyori di by hiyori IKi

      2. Sana.

        ananya i sent friend request to u

  6. Avni and neil don’t have time for sorting their issues out and working on their marriage but they have all the time to do social service by helping that stupid saisha. …baat bhi karte h toh bas saisha saisha saisha……Hume kabhi avneil ki story dekhne ko milegi? ?? I don’t think so….naamkaran is just about sayesha…

    Ab mission sayesha bachao then sayesha’s pregnancy track then how is this avneil centric track ??? Kese koi batayga Mujhe. ….ky avneil normal life jeeyenge ya sirf sayesha se obsessed rahenge? Hate you cvs and sayesha just die! Your death may boost the trps as well

    1. Ishika relax once saisha dies.we Will get rid of her and kk too forever.

    2. Sana.

      neil don’t want to sort out his issues with avni its clear when he spoke to prakash. they still think about that chudail chuhi and devil vidyut’s daughter. they lost almost everything because of that mishti still they didn’t even learn a lesson.kk will go after his mom and i must say sayesha deserve it for her planning to run away with that impotent kk, who cannot takes decision of his own.

    3. Ya right suniye ab humare Neil babu kanyadan karenge us stupid shaisha ka…phul daalkar…kyaaaa baaaat hai….

  7. Sana.

    in upcoming avni slaps sayesha and sayesha is seen apologizing to avni and hugs her avni too hugs her. swetha and bebe is seen comforting that stupid sayesha.

    1. Sana.

      link for avni slapping saisha on location video

  8. Same story like hiyori di. No electricity to watch naamkaran. Waiting to see it tomorrow.
    But according to the update why did Neil said that he don’t love anvi. What is he thinking?? He decided to part ways!! We all know that he loves avni very much. But why can’t he forgive her. He explains everyone including stupid saisha then why is he himself doesn’t understanding. Is he upto something or overreacting??
    Serial seriously agr mein saisha ki jegah hoti to kbhi avni ke aage kk ko choose nhi krti. Kahan Vo 2 din ka pyar aur kahan avni ka sacrifice. Hope she dies soon.
    We all will party.

    1. Sana.

      neil is overreacting. avni understood him in jail track but now he is not ready to understand her.

  9. Guys I have an good news for all .. In upcoming track we know that there will be an pregnant track for Sasha but kk refuses to accept the child because of that Sasha will decided to die so she will attempt the suicide . and surely avneil will reunite soon. Sana sister you are right yesterday you said that you saw the location video there avneil will get saisha to home after that only they came to know that Sasha is pregnant . after that she will attempt the suicide . I am so happy to hear that saisha will die guys plz keep watching naamkaran on TV . I wish our old naamkaran has to come

    1. Sana.

      don’t expect more saffran. now only i watched another video where kk came to khanna mansion and was talking with sayesha holding her hand infront of entire family. now i don’t think saisha will die. nk cvs has spoilt my mood. no hope left on this cvs. they will only kill good people like neela ma and won’t kill selfish creature like saisha.

  10. Sana.
    must watch it fully kk came to meet sayesha in khanna mansion. what is going on in nk can’t understand.

  11. Jennifer James

    You are right Hiyori and naamkaran is so boring i hope the cvs does not make KK and Saisha the new leads and when will Neil find out that he has a son with Avni and his son is Mowgli

    1. Sara what you talking about.neil and avni doesn’t have son that kid mogli is orphan just like sukoon ghar kids.

    2. Sana.

      Sara mowgli is not avneil’s son.

      1. Why r u talking about Neil and Avni son now they dada, dadi or Nana, Nani how funny

      2. Sana.

        nana,nani vin and yeah its tooooo funny.

  12. I didn’t liked today’s episode…. Only I liked Khanna family ‘s emotional part… How can Neil say that he don’t love Avni?? Kya ho gaya Neil ko???
    And Sana I am also with you as your another partner ????
    And so ayesha party toh banti hai as you said yesterday ??and hum logo ko party dena mat bhulna ??

    1. Sana.

      You are welcome to our team neil. Share your ideas to kill kaisha and cvs without leaving any proof.

      1. Deeyaana

        I’ll give u an idea. Just put scarf on your face and go to the sets of NK and burn that stupid kayesha or gun can be used.

    2. Ayesha_malhotra

      Definitely Neil I’ll throw a party if KaISha dies

      1. ???okay okay

  13. Today I only liked khanna family and avni’s lady don avatar otherwise the epi was boring. I don’t understand even after advice of prakash to Neil about Avni’s sacrifice he is not ready to listen or forgive avni instead telling him that he doesn’t love avni and hurting her feelings with his harsh words he will pay for it. Neil doesn’t deserve avni, avni did so much for him and his family and he was one of the reason for neela ma’s death but understood and trusted him and took his side but Neil now he is acting like blind and deaf even after knowing that avni did everything for him and his family and knowing the pain she went through this years due to her bitter past he should emotionally support her but hats off to CVS for making us hate Neil. Nowadays I am disappointed with him and I think after knowing the truth he should ask forgiveness to her for his bad behaviour but she should not forgive him that easily. Anyways I heard strong rumours of saisha going to die. If its true then guys lets do party ???????? ?

    1. We don’t need to hate Neil but I feel he is acting do u all remember that time when avni left to goa Neil did the same so may be its his acting
      By the way this is my first comment for naamkaran so hi everyone!!!!???

      1. Sana.

        Welcome shravya

    2. We all have no need to hate Neil, do u all remember when avni went to goa knowing it was a plan Neil said like this only but just searched for her so I feel he is acting may be overreacting
      But whatever happens plz don’t stop watching nk
      I am a fan for that serial and mainly for avneil but this kaisha is not letting any avneil scenes to happen I just hate kaisha how can she forget her angel who loved her the most
      Shiiiii I hate saisha????
      By the way this is my first comment everyone so
      Hi all of you?????

      1. Ayesha_malhotra

        Hi sravya . Welcome

    3. Sana.

      Adi the news is kk won’t accept Sayesha’s child but I saw one video where kk came to khanna mansion and talking with sayesha by holding her hands in front of entire family. So I don’t think they will kill her. I think kamini may kill her like dayawanti killed ayesha. Don’t know what is going on in this cvs mind.

      1. Deeyaana

        I wish I could break the sets of CVS and then kill kamini and kayesha. Such irritating people the don’t provide screen space to Avneil. Yaar, I wish I could change the mind of this stupid CVS. I feel like breaking my TV when I see kayesha. I hate them from the core of my heart. Dayavanti was better than these stupid people. I wish I could edit the story of NK and then we could experience some happy and cute Avneil scenes. Yaar I just hate hate hate hate hate hate hate*10000000000000000000000them…….

  14. Sana.

    Shocking! Kk came to khanna mansion and making everyone understand his situation. Everyone understand. They are upto inviting new guest in their life I mean kaisha’s child. Sayesha is admitted in the hospital I thick for check up. Doctor is seen treating her. Then kk and sayesha talking in hospital and avni also there. I’m sorry to say this guys I think sayesha won’t die and I won’t watch this crap as my dad won’t allowe me to watch this kinds of track. So I’m going to take a break.

    1. Sana.

      But i’ll try to read wu or Atleast your comments alOne.

    2. this should not happen. when everyone is trying to understand kk situation.
      why can’t cvs understand our situation????
      sana. there are many by my name . you tell your facebook id name . i will try to find u.or u search hiyori IdI . I am also in her frnd list.

      1. Sana.


    3. Yes sana u r right I also heard the same in one spoiler. I think its better to not watch this crap. Actually from today ipl is starting so I thought to give my half an hour to naamkaran skipping ipl but after hearing this crap I think I will waste my time watching nk instead of it can continue watching ipl. After seeing all this one thing is sure that our old nk will never come back so its waste to watch this serial but I will see on Monday if something interesting happens then I will watch it or I am going to change the channel now its final. There is a limit for everything and CVS had crossed all limits to make it a worst serial. Just giving this one chance only for my avneil. Even avneil deserves more better serial than nk in which leads i.e. avneil are getting less importance than that saisha. Hate that saisha and secondly kk also. I’m first going to kill this stupid CVS who killed neela ma and introduced saisha that’s for sure. Just planning how to successfully kill them……

      1. Sana.

        even i wish to kill them. make a solid plan to kill them and don’t forget to call me, we together kill that stupid creatures on the earth.

  15. Ayesha_malhotra

    I’m shocked reading this news Sana . Now I’ll prefer watching IPL match than this .

    1. Deeyaana

      True #LOL TRACK nonsense story

  16. I don’t know why but at the beginning i heard that they said there will be Saisha with Samrat and I’m like ok that would probly be suitable but they bring in kk and saisha I don’t know what people are doing I feel that every tv show drags on for no reason why can’t people just a little bit creative because a little bit creative will do just fine but its like they have nothing to tell anymore so they are driving it. I don’t get it yesterday Saisha knew about Avni’s Aisha maa she knew her story and she thought oh I will elope with KK because if I don’t then I will suffer so much and Avni won’t be affected at all. She knows Avni suffered more than she did and her sititution is so small. I mean she is 18 if she should have a love story it should be like a high school musical type but not like that movie cause that is too Disney but like a sweet innocent love story. HAS CVS GONE CRAZY. I mean Disney movies are so much better than this cause like they don’t drag it so much. Why don’t they see how much their TRP was since that B*tch Juhi came. I feel like Disney knows more about love and eternal love than a TV show. This is such a nonsense track I mean High School Musical 3 knows more about eternal and seet and innocent love than Naamkaran.
    P.S I am from the US and a silent reader but has been here from the beginning. So I feel Disney movie just knows how to put on a good fictional love stories.

    1. I agree with u diya,d usney channel know better about love than this stupid show.eternal love doesn’t come like that do easily in life,the people who are in love should try to think to love and along with love, how to build up their Own career and enjoy their love life too.about passing years they will know about each other,their likes dislikes,how they suffered in life instead of all that happened between two people they made their own way in the world,succeeded in love and real life too and high school musical is good example of love and teen story.not like this naamkaran people are representing us in the name of love they are making love a joke if they don’t know about love they don’t have a right to talk about love and teach us what love is and love will be.this is opposite of love, for their pleasure these saisha kk using love thats it. atleast show kk and saisha like avni and neil how avneil relationship started instead of this stupidity. No better kill kk and saisha because of them avneil is not given importance.

    2. Ayesha_malhotra

      Hi diyah welcome to nk family

    3. Sana.

      welvome to this page diya

  17. can anyone tell the latest trp of naaamkaran ? is it increasing or decreasing ?? plzz tell any new update regarding trp.
    lastly i know is 1.8 from 24 march-30 march

    1. 18 the spot and trip is 1.8

  18. Hi diya we welcome you to naamkaran family

  19. Hey can anyone tell me if how can we become the writters of these serials. I really want to change this track…..

    1. Ayesha_malhotra

      I wish there was something like that ???

  20. Wellcome Diya..

  21. Sana.

    upcoming avneil’s romance on location video. neil gets close to avni.

    1. Yes but I think he is drunk. I’m not sure about it but seeing him it looked like he is drunk…..

      1. I also think so Adi… And I think Neil was in angry mood also…
        And thanks Sana..

      2. Sana.

        i also think so adi

      3. Sana.

        no thanks between friends neil. after all we all are partners in crime.

      4. Sana.

        yeah he is drunk and avni told it in an iv that he expressed his emotions in a drunken state about what he had gone through in her absence since 10 years.avni use samalne ki koshish kar rahi he

  22. Thanks guys for welcoming on the page. I just hope that Saisha and KK are dead ASAP because naamkaran won’t be able to achieve anything with them or the cvs.

    1. Sana.

      they are going to get married diya.

  23. Sana.

    upcoming: saisha and kk marriage. avni get sayesha ready for the marriage. disgusting track. now avneil will become nana and nani. if i get a chance i will spit on the faces of kaisha and even cvs too

    1. Yes sana u r right but spitting is not enough we have to first torture them by giving electric shock so that their brain will work again and will learn that they are just wasting adiza’s talents and then we will kill that mental CVS afterwards that saisha and kk also… Even this torture is also not enough for them bcoz they have just wasted talent of avneil and even spoiled my favourite serial and also gave all heart attack and blood pressure to adiza fans by their so called worst twists. Now I think its better to kill adiza also as I will prefer them dying than becoming grand parents.

      1. Ayesha_malhotra

        Yes adi you are right

      2. Sana.

        you’re right adi.

  24. Why Avni not taking care for Neil I am waiting for even single scene always runs for shayesha very very sad

  25. Now I’m sure that that stupid saisha is not going to die. I read in one of the spoilers that kk will plan a date with saisha to enlighten her mood but there kamini will try to kill saisha to keep her away from kk just like dayawanti but I think saisha is not going to die. I think its right time to take small break from nk. I feel very bad for avneil inspite of their hard work and talents the show is completely spoiled due kaisha. They will definitely pay for it for spoiling nk and my avneil’s acting completely. Now no mood to watch this show anymore. But if something interesting happens in this show lyk saisha’s death I will watch this show but will read updates its my final decision. CVS you have two options either kaisha should die or avneil. This is the only way to improve this show a little but if avneil will die then there will be nothing to watch in this serial

    1. Sana.

      Adi one happy news. Sayesha updated her pics on insta that she is shooting for her death track.

      1. Wah Wah what a great news Sana!!! Aaj toh dil khush Kar diya aapne…

      2. It is not confirmed we should not get too happy neil.let us see her die in the upcoming episodes.then we can be happy.

      3. sana really is it true? But I can’t trust that choti chuhi its not that I don’t have trust on you I fully trust you but not that stupid saisha might be she is playing some prank with us. But hope she will die soon and may her soul rest in peace and even nk fans will also live in peace…..Anyways thank u for this update sana

      4. Sana.

        Adi I didn’t mistaken you. I just hope she will die soon.

  26. Guys check this news I don’t understand.maybe you can tell.this show trp has increased doesn’t it?then what’s the meaning of this.

  27. Saisha kk got married wow yahi hona baaki reh gaya tha.the video is on YouTube

  28. Saisha kk got married wow what will happen next.the video is on YouTube

    1. Sana.


  29. Yes hiyori I also watched it in one of the videos and now its final I am quitting naamkaran as now they will not show avneil instead of that will show kaisha romance and their kids for which I am not at all interested. From today nk died for me and plz only one thing is remaining plz even kill adiza as I can’t see them as grandparents….

    1. Sana.

      It died for me too. I can’t watch that khatha’s romance. Moreover neil will do kanyadan for that choti chuhi now avneil will become nana, nani soon. This cvs made young couple nana and nani and spoilt my mood. I won’t watch this crap anymore.

    2. Adi plz yaar humlogon keliye aur avneil keliye yeh show dekh lo plz I request.m maybe we may get a surprise this week along with this stupidity.plzz dekho avneil dekhlo plzzzzz

      1. I mean avneil keliye dekhlo plz

      2. Sry hiyori I’m very disappointed with this track ? ? they have ruined the show completely but for you and avneil I will try to watch nk this week but if there will be no interesting twist or if they make avneil side characters then I will quit the show completely. Sry to say this but I already did anteem sanskar to nk but for adiza I will try to watch but not sure as it depends on my mood which gets spoiled by that stupid kaisha. Anyways we have crossed century in this comment section.

  30. Sana.

    It died for me too. I can’t watch that khatha’s romance. Moreover neil will do kanyadan for that choti chuhi now avneil will become nana, nani soon. This cvs made young couple nana and nani and spoilt my mood. I won’t watch this crap anymore.

    1. Yes sana me too now also I saw Saisha’s new look after marriage so its sure that she is not going to die and now CVS will consider that stupid kaisha as the main lead and will show their romance which is more worst than hell so its better to quit naamkaran. Today I am doing Nk’s aakari sanskaar so that that kaisha will never return into my life and even their soul should rest in peace. But I will try to comment here. But no more interested in watching this serial. Its better to end this serial than showing that saisha and her marriage and this foolish CVS plz don’t make avneil part of all these as it will be a big insult for avneil. This much big insult and injustice to avneil is the biggest mistake of makers and you will definitely pay for it and I cant bear any insult to avneil as insult to avneil is their fans insult… I’m only going to watch ipl at 9pm its final now.

    2. Guys this show needs us sana plz see the show for avneil said saisha is going to die that’s true right if it is gonna happen you will miss the chance to see that.plz guys see this serial for avneil I also don’t like cvs there are making young couple nana nani but I will watch it for avneil if something good they planned after this stupidity we are going to miss that track like avneil patch and romance etc etc just because we didn’t like this track we ruined the whole show that’s will be not fair.w e are going to miss upcoming nice avneil tracks.

  31. Have some positive thinking about naamkaran sana and adi

  32. Ya I also request don’t quit this show.. Please please please please please..

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