Naamkaran 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni gets arrested

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Naamkaran 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni saying you won’t be able to support Saisha always, as life is not like films. KK says even you were illegitimate but you always fought with the world, do you want the same pain for Saisha. She says I want Saisha to become stronger, I don’t need to give her legal surname, you need a legal surname and your mom’s permission to love someone, I m cancelling this alliance. She goes. Kamini asks are you out of your mind. KK says Saisha is a nice girl, she will get my name after marriage, me and my PR team will manage, Avni refused to adopt Saisha and asked me to take a stand if I truly love Saisha, I truly love Saisha and I will marry her. Kamini gets angry. She says this trouble didn’t end, you all don’t know who am I, I will not get that orphan home, don’t know what’s her background, someone having good status will get related to us, I will do anything to stop this. Neil takes Saisha to Aisha’s grave.

He says this is Avni’s Aisha Maa, Ashish’s wife, she never got status of his wife, she never cared and just loved Ashish, she accepted being his children’s mum, she always waited for him, knowing he will never come, because Ashish was marrying someone else, Dayaben has taken Aisha’s life, Avni didn’t wish you to fall in trouble, she has a fear for you, she doesn’t want you to marry KK, he listens to his mom, he never takes his own decisions just like Ashish. They come home. Neil says Ashish married Neela, she learnt about Aisha and their children, she realized he is a weak person, Neela named her life to Avni and loved her a lot, love is selfless, Avni loved you selflessly, she saved you from your father, who didn’t even want you to stay alive, she fled to save you and left me behind, the only man who loved her immensely, ten years, Avni stayed alone so that she can save you. He thinks of Avni.

He says maybe I can never forgive you, she has given me pain, she could have spoke to me and we could have found some way, Avni loves you a lot, she gave you a chance to make an identity, Avni did this so that you learn to live head high, seeing you forgetting her values, she is trying to hold it, I don’t think there can be any higher true love than this. Saisha says I should say sorry to her. Avni looks on. Media comes and asks Avni where was she till now, what about Vidyut, will you accept your plans, tell me. Neil calls DD and says reach home fast. Kamini says once the news channels telecast this, Avni and Saisha will get defamed, they will go away from us. She laughs. Bebe, Prakash and Shweta come out. Prakash asks media to leave them alone. Reporter asks Neil how did he know that his wife is alive. DD comes there and stops the media. Constables arrest Avni. Saisha runs after her and calls her out. Avni is taken away.

Saisha takes an auto and goes after the police van. Kamini, KK and Rahil see the news. Kamini asks KK do you wish to get related to them, Avni has jailed someone for ten years by a false blame. Rahil says its okay, don’t panic. She says Manmohan tell the media that we have no idea about it, tell them that KK is so shocked that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. She goes. KK says dad, I need your help. Rahil says our hands are tied, just Kamini rules here, sorry. He goes. Shweta says Avni got arrested again, you lost Avni once, not again.

Prakash says just think what Avni did for this family, her way maybe wrong, but her intention was right, don’t let history repeat itself. Kids ask why did police arrest her. Shweta says why don’t you say anything. Bebe says you couldn’t defeat Vidyut in spite of being a cop, as Vidyut was a snake, Avni had to do this to defeat him. Shweta says yes, Avni wasn’t wrong, just look at these children, why don’t you say anything. Neil says I have left my duty, all these things are not in my control, I can’t do anything. Saisha says I want to meet Avni once, please. Inspector asks her to sit and wait. Another inspector sees her and calls Kamini. He says have some green tea, let me deal with Avni lawfully, she is very smart, lets see, she faked her death. Kamini praises him. He says they won’t trouble you and KK. He goes to Avni and says how does it feel to get a life.

He asks did you do everything alone or with someone else, did you had any enmity with Vidyut, you have several accusations on you, truth can save you, speak up. Neil gets lawyer and asks inspector to stop shouting on Avni. Inspector says ex officer Neil came to save his wife, you know very well to manipulate law, I will get your wife punished. Neil says court shall decide about her, I shall do what I feel right, okay, thanks. They leave. Reporter asks him about the case. Neil says Avni got bail, the truth is, Vidyut attacked Avni, she almost got burnt, she ran for her life, if somebody runs or hides for saving life, is that a crime, I don’t think so, law runs on facts, Vidyut has confessed his crime in front of me, police has no proof that Avni is responsible for it. Reporter says I understood, I will ask your question. He says we all know Saisha is illegitimate, does Avni know about her parents. Avni and Neil get angry.

Kamini asks what do you mean KK is missing. Rahil says our son has run away. Avni reads Saisha’s letter. Saisha runs away from the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ayesha_malhotra

    I don’t understand why saisha was pretending like she was feeling sorry for what she did and now she’s eloping ? I heard that in upcoming episodes saisha will get pregnant . CVS have gone mad . And I’ll keep asking this again and again when Neil can explain everything why Avni left everyone and all why can’t neil understand ? I know Neil is angry with Avni but he can’t treat like this ! And yeah Kamini is another Dayawanti . I hate k.k and his family . And yeah if they keep giving importance to kaisha then goodbye to Naamkaran . I’m only watching this for AvNeil . I’m feeling very disappointed . I want this kaisha track to come to an end

    1. i agree totally miss Malhotra…..watching for avni and neil not for any other stuff….

      1. Maddy you can call her by her name ee all are frnds after all.

      2. Not ee that’s we

    2. Sana.

      just think in the way that neil is a preacher who doesn’t even follow what he preach but wants other to follow. he wanted kk to give a chance to his love in last episode but he himself didn’t give avni a chance.

    3. Same here ayesha,kk saisha are getting irritating day by day.w e don’t like them why don’t cvs understand that.

  2. loved the way neil took a strand for avni.mindblowing episode!
    one thing isn’t cleared when neil tells saisha about avni’s sacrifice. if he knew it then why is he not forgiving her. may be because she has not sorted out matter with him and ran without trusting him that he is make everything ok.

  3. Pavithra1616

    I am not talking about that stupid Sayesha and km in my comment.. I am just talking about our dear avneil.. Neil, what is the problem with u? I can’t understand… U should be angry with avni, but everything has an extend,na? U loved her so much and still u r loving her.. And now what is the matter to be angry? Huh? And what was the need for this arrest drama? She got arrested and bailed out in this epi itself! What is this? I can’t believe it our nk..

    1. Pavithra1616

      Its not km, its kk.. Typing error!
      And one more thing…
      What does the CVS trying to convey through teenage pregnancy? Is this the nayi soch of star plus? I dontnknoq if the news is true, but even if its is true or not, I sag, its stupid! No one will watch it! CVS, pls leave this kaisha and focus on avneil!

    2. Sana.

      don’t you know pavithra ex a.c.p. neil khanna’s laws are different. he can do anything to save avni but avni should not do this. he wanted avni to understand his helpless situation but he won’t understand her helpless situation. he will stay angry only.

  4. Pavithra1616

    Today, the way Neil told that stupid girl about avni was super.. I really loved that attitude of his.. Glad he still remembers that he had once loved her madly and had loads of romances with her! He gives adicices to everyone and still he doesn’t know to follow them! Its just though the CVS wants us to hate the best character of any show- Neil.. Just like we hate that idiot couple(kaisha) ! If I get them in my arms, I will just kill them! They spoil the whole show!

    1. Sana.

      even i have a same feeling of killing kayesha.

  5. Sana.

    nice episode. less screen space given to kayesha but precap is disgusting. i liked the way neil supported avni in the interrogation room. donno what kamini will get out of doing all this things against avni?she is overreacting. neil should tried to find out the reason for leaving him instead of being angry with her. hope he will understand. by the way saisha’s pragnancy drama is waiting for us. if cvs give more importance to kaisha i will definitely bid bubye to nk and this time i’m really serious. once again history is repeating not even avni became pragnant yet eventhough they consummated their relation but the girl, who likes her daughter become pragnant wow cvs. hats off to you. as ayesha told me i think sayesha will die in delivery time and avneil will rise that child up. i want avneil to have a child of their own. pragnancy drama means story will definitely take a leap of 10 months as cvs won’t show her being pragnant for so many days. so i think we should bear another leap also. if they kill sayesha i’ll definitely watch nk for ever.

    1. Pavithra1616

      ?? u said it! Everyone would be in a thought about what u said in the last line.. And the news u said,I can’t believe.. Pregnancy track? Stupid!

    2. I will too if that saisha gets pregnancy comes I Will Quit.jisne yeh serial banaya hai usski ko bolo ki woh khud dekhe yeh serial if that pregnancy track.
      i am fed up with saisha guys serious.this show has so much to shows us like neil avni cute little fighting and their romance or bringing an enemy who think to separate them,khanna family happy moments,how strong to make avneil relationship, instead of this we are getting to see this saisha and kk.

  6. Pavithra1616

    When avni got arrested, Neil’s was just standing alone like a idiot or statue.. Even that stupid girl ran behind the van! Neil loves Avni more than that stupid girl… What is the CVS trying to say? When she was taken away, Neil’s eyes was looking painful and still he didn’t react! And even after the persuasion of his family,he didn’t react or didn’t even tried to find a way out! He decided to do something after he got a call… Then when he bailed her out, he and she looks at each other.. But he turned and went not even telling avni to come! It was so bad! We fans can’t tolerate this track anymore.. We are done! But I say, I will never quit nk cause I love it soooo much!

    1. Sana.

      now a days neil is overreacting. if he wants he can forgive her but he didn’t want to forgive her at all i mean he is forcing himself in this.

      1. sana,
        i don’t know why but i think that neil is doing this only to save avni.remember last time when avni ran from house and got mishti, neil was pretending in front of his family that he doesn’t care of avni but later it was revealed that it was their plan to find mishti.
        i think he is doing same thing by showing that he is not affected by avni but may be he is trying to protect her only. also like when he send avni to jail because inside he also knows that she is not at fault. i am being suspicious of his changing behaviour.i don’t know why but i think he is planning something big.
        I don’t know why these thoughts are coming in my mind ..i even don’t know if my point of view right or wrong.

      2. I agree with ananya he is acting suspicious from that saisha engagement day and I don’t know what is he planning.hiding something but what.neil is suspicious nowadays,guys why are you not observing his behavior.think what neil is up to.

  7. Always gives a wonderous scene….
    Loved Neil reminiscing his moments with Avni & Where he defended his wife as a strong support…
    Love u Neil Khanna
    You always set a high standard of a best hubby & proves this character best by justifying it..
    Love u Avneil

  8. Pavithra1616

    Precap is not at all good and episode was too bad! Precap was sooooooooo bad…. This kk and sayesha are out of their minds! Both of their parents doesn’t want them to get married, and now they are running away! And I say, they don’t even love each other! In yesterday’s epi sayesha was hiding avni on her love and I am asking her why she know bout love to judge avni.. CVS, we beg.. Pls end this track as soon as possible.. It want get u any trp… Pls….
    Luv u avneil????

    1. Pavithra1616

      I mean sayesha was judging avni..
      And I mean I am asking her what she knew about love to judge avni..

      1. Sana.

        you’re right dear and don’t say ever avneil are her parents. avneil are not her parents.

  9. Sana.

    ayesha, ananya, hiyori first we should made a solid plan to kill kayesha [khatha] . i think we should throw rotten eggs on them then we should throw big big stones on them. they will die out of stinking and stone hit.what you say guys. please do share your opinion after all we are partners in crime. we should give a name to our team first i think so. what you say guys?

    one more thing i forgot to share in my comment, i was shocked when sayesha ran behind avni while they were arresting avni. yesterday after hearing her story she said i love you jaan di then after sometimes she said i hate you. her mood is swinging all the time. we can’t expect anything from that chudail chuhi’s daughter. so i won’t believe her at all.

    1. Pavithra1616

      Sana di,I am also in it! I am also waiting to get a chance to kill that kaisha…

      1. Sana.

        u r welcome to our partners in crime team pavithra

    2. What name am not getting guys you decide but I have an idea to killing them why don’t we tie both them up,take them to a cliff and drop them of the cliff or we will throw them into a deep sea where they can’t get out of it. you know any place like that.
      By throwing stone and rotten eggs we may get caught,our finger prints may appear on that. we should kill them without any proof. What’s the point in killing them if we left the proof.

      1. Sana.

        you’re talking like you’re expect in crimes….anyways we can use hand gloves. yeah you’re right if they watch cctv footage of us throwing rotten eggs, we will get caught. so your plan will work. i got an idea we can push them into a quicksand…by doing so we can get their tickets confirmed in hell.

      2. superb plan . hum usne kisi jungle ke daldal mein daal denge. phir vo apni puri jindagi vahin pyaar pr lecture denge wild animals ko.ya phir hum unko tree pr ulta latka denge.

    3. i think it’s a good idea Sana but saisha deserves more than that. we should also suffocate her in water aur phir shyd pyaar ka phir bhoot utar jaega uske sir se. at a moment she loves jaan di ,the moment she hates her.
      i am telling i will take a break from nk if pregnancy drama starts.why does cvs don’t end her character?
      i am thinking that neil is upto something big.because of his suspicious character nowadays.

    4. Ayesha_malhotra

      I’m fed up with this kaisha

    5. Wait our team has a name already i thought you guys will keep a cruel name for our team.
      I wish it is better instead we killing her.she herself should die or cvs should kill her.
      And sana you are the one who asked for idea’s
      And these ideas are not created and used by u and me.see every serial it may be indian or any other national tv serial,they are the one who use these ideas to kill characters in the shows which I am talking about.i am not expert but they are.

  10. Today s episode is great. avni taught a good lesson to kk.all took a stand for their love, neil ne avni keliya stand liya saisha keliya kk ne, today i liked saisha she know the truth about avni.Saisha is concerned for avni when avni needed her the most. Neil helped her but he acted suspicious today don’t know why. Khanna family i love you guys, u are best in the world and their unconditional love for avni is totally great.
    Yaar plz chaho toh saisha ko maar do par teenage pregnancy track mat lekar aao. awkward ho jayega.
    I heard saisha is going to die in upcoming episodes. is that true

    1. Sana.

      i also read that but don’t know whether it is true or not. but she returned back home and was lying on the bed whole family was in tension.. i saw it in one on location video.

  11. I think episode was OK not very good but nor it was bad.I only avneil’s part and avni’s convo with kk.Neil why you are wasting time to make that stupid saisha realize her mistake. She will never realize her mistake and now in the upcoming she’ll will try to elope with that kk but he will not turn up and she faints in the temple. Disgusting….Today I heard in some spoilers that saisha is going to die I don’t know its true or fake but if it happens I will be the happiest person in this earth…. Anyways I will not waste time in talking about that stupid saisha and kk trp of naamkaran increased which was very surprising but good. Its just bcoz of avneil’s milan and their fight sequence. When this CVS will understand that people including me is watching nk only for avneil so plz don’t lose these precious gems ? or even don’t try to change its shine as its shine will remain forever but u will be tired of changing its shine…..

    1. Adi you too heard that.i also want to know yaar.i have seen so many people are happy with saisha death.

      1. Yes hiyori if it happens then it will be one of the best decision CVS had ever taken. I think their last good decision was the memorable episodes they have given especially avneil before the entry of juhi. But I don’t think they will do so as CVS don’t know what makes a good decision. But plz confirm as if you will not kill her I have to come there to kill her with a solid proof plan and I know even my avneil friends will accompany me. Be ready guys as if makers will not throw her we all have to get together and throw her out with a solid proof plan. Secondly we have to kill that kk and then CVS. Are you guys ready?

      2. Ok then we sana, me, ananya,pavitra Ayesha all of us are making plan to kill kk saisha ok if u want to join the club you are welcome and don’t forget to call me when you are doing all this.i am with you. We all are partners in crime right and frndship too.

      3. I mean not frndship frnds.we all are friends right

    2. Sana.

      if saisha dies i will be the most happiest person on this universe. but i don’t think so as she returns back to khanna mansion and is taking rest and i saw it in one video. may be she will die after that.

      1. Yes hiyori I will also join u all and I think CVS will not show her death bcoz CVS only know to kill good people or make them disappear by magic(here I am talking about neela ma and Ali). I think they show something like saisha’s death and will become a big trouble for avni and everyone especially Neil will blame her for saisha’s death as he will think bcoz of her decision of not adopting saisha she died and ultimately after all this drama we will soon realize that it will be a drama of saisha, kk and maybe kamini also will be involved in it to trouble as everyone including CVS motive is to trouble avni. Its just my thought I thought to share with you all. Have a nice day and keep watching nk only on TV…….

      2. Adi I don’t think if saisha die Neil will blame avni because Neil know the reason behind avni not adopting her instead of blaming avni Neil will help avni to reduce her pain in times of need because he knows what avni has done for saisha before and now too.he will turn avni support system but avni will not be able to handle herself she will blame herself for saisha s death and will leave khanna family.this is my point of view if saisha die.

      3. Sana.

        Adi welcome u to our partners in crime team. What was your plan to kill sayesha. Please call me once you ready with your plan. We all together kill her. Ok don’t forget to inform.

  12. I just read it somewhere saisha is going to die in the story…
    And avni will be broken…and then yeah Neil turns support…
    But if this is true.. I mean this is actually true..
    I would be on cloud nine

    1. Guys plz someone say it is true but who knows.i wish it comes true.

      1. Sana.

        i read it in article. but i won’t believe any updates in article. i’ll believe only the on location scenes as it never be false

      2. hiyori
        tumare muh mein ghee shakar. let saisha die.
        we will celebrate!!!!!
        by the way tumare pass fb pr frnd request aayi hogi. it’s me.

      3. Sorry ananya for late reply, I checked face book today ,u mean Nancy Maurya right ,is that you just to confirm,if that’s you I will accept.

      4. Ayesha_malhotra

        Are you guys in touch with each other in Facebook ? That’s great

      5. Ayesha ananya send me a facebook request yesterday by searching my name in facebook.

    2. Ayesha_malhotra

      That’s great hiyori .

  13. I think saisha ultimately stupid

  14. Ayesha_malhotra

    And yeah if Saisha dies I’ll throw a party

  15. Deeyaana

    I wish CVS would conduct a voting for kaisha then they would definitely be out cause 80% viewers hate them.

  16. Sana.

    Upcoming : avni to slap sayesha and sayesha is seen apologizing to avni and hugs her avni too hugs her. Later swetha and Bebe comfort sayesha by giving her water to drink. Guys I don’t think this cvs will kill her. So guys be ready to kill that sayesha.

  17. hiyori. yes it’s me by nancy maurya .you can accept it.

    1. Accepted your request.

  18. you guys heard saisha would commit suicide when kk doesn’t accept her baby. this would turn union for avneil..
    just waiting fot it.

  19. soory . it’s ‘for’ in last line.

  20. isnt the cvs coming back to the first episode of the story. avni’s mother ayesha = saisha. avni’s father (celebrity) = KK (Celebrity) . Kamini = Dayawanti. Saisha will give birth to a child and KK will not publicly accept her as her wife due to celebrity status and mom’s fear (Same as avni’s father). Kamini will kill saisha one fine day just as dayawanti killed ayesha. Then Saisha’s child = Avni and she too will start taking revenge from Dayawanti Mehta -II aka kamini…. History repeats

  21. But fun is that Dayawanti mehta still looks the same age as ten years ago… now she will join hands with kamini… two generations against next two generations consecutively…

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