Naamkaran 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni requests Neil

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Naamkaran 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil complaining about Mowgli’s behavior with them and Mitali. He says you taught this to him, he used to call me superman, you made me a villain in his eyes, did you do such upbringing. Avni says he is a child, he felt bad that day, he has seen your anger, children are sensitive, I m explaining him, you are his Papa, you didn’t think about him, can he stay happy, you will take revenge from me, think how mum and dad raised you. She cries and goes. Mowgli thinks of Neil and gets scared. Avni comes. He hugs her and says I won’t go away from you. She promises to not let him go away. She makes him sleep. Its morning, Avni says this adoption is happening so soon. Lawyer says a child organization is sending the couples, maybe the children here are lucky. Avni agrees.

At the court, the custody case begins. Goswami says Neil can give a better life to his son. Neil says I stayed away from him for ten years, Avni didn’t tell me about him, I have a right to raise him well. Avni says he is right, he can give a good life and quality education to Mowgli, but I have few questions, we will know if he can care for Mowgli or not, because we should remember, emotional care is imp for a child. She asks Neil about Mowgli’s fav dish. He says Muesli. She says no, he likes Rajma rice, do you know his fav color, what thing comforts him in cold. Neil says I don’t know. She asks about Mowgli’s allergy, his fav lullaby, what makes him sad, what makes him happy, his biggest fear….

She says I know everything, I have learnt this by watching Mowgli, I can tell about his mood. She says Mowgli is my life’s reason, I m sure to make him a good person. She says you have spent a day with Mowgli, what did you know, was he happy with new toys, custody should be given to one who knows child better. Neil says after keeping my son away from me for ten years, how can Avni expect me to know about him. Goswani says Avni’s words can’t be taken seriously, she has hidden the child from family. Neil says I accept that she knows everything about my son, she is raising my son like an orphan, but how will she justify her actions, the child has grown up thinking he has no one in his life, is this not an emotional trauma. Avni says identity is not by some name or family, he knows I m his mum. They argue. Court gets adjourned.

Avni goes after Neil and stops him. She says please don’t snatch Mowgli, you are his father, have your right, let him stay with me. Neil goes with his lawyer. Sunehri stops Avni and asks her to be strong, its a long fight. Avni says I m fighting with those for whom I fought. Avni asks lawyer who hired him. He asks her to check documents. The papers fall down. She sees a cheque signed by Prakash. She gets shocked and sees Prakash. He says yes, Prakash has hired me and asked me to fight case from his daughter’s side. Avni calls Prakash. He asks her to be strong, its not easy to fight for family with family. She says I have courage, as I have your blessing, I m glad you are with me, thanks.

Neil, Shweta, Prakash and Bebe come home and see Mitali. Mitali says I had been waiting, its late, I have to go office, I will see you later. Neil says sorry, I will take you on lunch, I did a mistake, just come. Mitali says you just came from court, take rest. He says just tell them you are unwell and can’t come office, come with me. Avni says I got courage as Prakash is with us. Lawyer gives documents. Avni thanks him. Sunehri says all formalities for Daisy’s adoption are done, Daisy is very happy. Sunehri goes. Avni asks lawyer to sit and goes. Lawyer calls Kamini. He says Avni is interfering in adoption. She says just keep her engaged, my plan needs time. He asks how. She sees Mowgli’s pic and says own blood is own blood, do something that Avni’s attention gets diverted. Everyone tells Daisy that they will always be together. Sunehri says we have to win this case for Mowgli’s family. Lawyer stares at Mowgli and smiles.

Mowgli gets kidnapped. Avni calls him out and looks around.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pavithra1616

    Episode was really bad actually… Neil made me hate him more today.. He behaved very badly to avni.. I gave Avni a thumbs up each time she said something against Neil.. Neil said avni as wife today.. Thank god he remembered her as her wife.. Precap horrible.. Now Neil will claim that avni dose t know how to keep Mowgli safe.. Now,will he win? And the way he apoliigised to mitali was just like he do with avni.. He hold his ears just like earlier.. Waiting for tomorrows epi…

    1. Sana.

      yeah he will win the custody claiming that mogli won’t be safe with avni.

    2. He apoliigised to mitali was just like overacting.

      1. Sana.

        you are right vin.

  2. Deeyaana

    Is the timing of Nk changed?? Abt the ep court room had too hot discussion and that stupid kamini…… Troubles Avni for no reason… Mowgli kidnapped……..

  3. Pavithra1616

    In yesterday’s epi.. He was furious at Mowgli for throwing ice cream at Mitali which he didn’t do his whole life with avni.. I guess,for him mitali is a guest.. If it we savni he know she don’t have any problem.. I just told my opinion.. What do u guys think…
    Neil was the one who protected and supported avni and now avni needs someone else to protect her from that Neil..
    And Prakash, thank u.. U r really a kind person.. Not at all like that Neil,ur son..
    Neil takes avni’s hands from his and didn’t even say a word to her and leaves.. what does he think he is doing? He thinks he will win? Let’s just see what’s he is gonna go through.. He will regret.. What do u guys think?
    And I had many things to share but I forgot everything??
    Luv u avneil??

    1. Exactly ???

  4. Thanks 4 the fast update amena di.
    Coming to epi this Kamini is just disgusting.

  5. Sana.

    my hatred increases day by day towards neil while i watching him. he is blaming avni and also for that ghandi aurat mitali he scolded avni he didn’t even do the scold chuhi while she treated avni bad what does it mean?he loved that chuhi more than avni.avni was right he should think from mogli’s side. mogli won’t be happy if he separates him from his mom. he should think about mogli than his revenge.but now he wanted to take revenge from avni and not mogli so he is doing this. neil should pay for his actions but it won’t happen as its gonna off air i think so.and yeah neil was right mogli was not with him since from his birth he was with avni then how could he know about him but he was with him one day fully na, mogli was upset without his mom why don’t neil understand that.he said that he didn’t know anything about mogli as he was not with him but he was with him in that day na then why he didn’t understand mogli can’t stay without his mom. he is a hypocrite who acts very cleverly in playing with girl’s lives by his hypocrisy. the way he talked to mitali in today’s episode proved that he is characterless, womaniser and more than that a tourniquet killer. i wish i could slap him and mitali left and right continuously till i get tired.and prakash was a good hearted man who has been with avni during thick and thin unlike that womaniser, brain death patient neil. I HATE YOU NEIL . my hatred for neil is unmeasurable. i wish avni to move on with someone who deserves her love than this neil. as i said earlier i won’t support the idea of uniting avneil as i feel neil doesn’t deserve avni. neil ass should married that another ass mitali. both asses should give birth another ass those two asses deserve this than anything in this world. i wish to spit on that asses rather than spreading flowers in their marriage. hate you neil ass and mitali ass.hate you cvs for your stupid track.first i should spit on you cvs. thu thu thu have it cvs if i get a chance i will definitely spit not on your face but on your mouth.

  6. Guys plz ask star plus not to make naamkaran go off air plzzzzzzzzzzzz.i am asking all of u guys naamkaran fans nd viewrs too. plz help to save naamkaran plz.p lz ask star plus to either change time slot nd not to make naamkaran go off air.

    1. [email protected]
      Write email to star plus regrading the show.

  7. episode is how it doesn’t matter to me. for me the only important thing is to save our nk. l hope star plus will not off air naamkaran. hope they give it a new slot

  8. and about episode I think niel will soon realise his mistake but if avniel union will be for the sake of happy ending than I don’t want it because at least now adiza is working together but if the show ends then we will loose both avniel and adiza

  9. dis meadia people spreading off air news evrywhere….can any 1 tell me da true news abut air off plzzzzzz

    1. Sana.

      We people also confused about the off air news like you.we can’t understand whether to believe it or not

      1. Recnt episodes are making me stres..another side dis media people scrd me with air off news… restless situation for avneilian….??????????

  10. Niel…….plzzz

  11. Neil is not wrong. How can Avni expect Neil to know about Mugli in a day. She had no right to keep a son away from his dad.

    1. Ofcuz and da same time he cant snatch a chid frm his mom..neil has a family and he s wiling to mrry mitali…but avni’s one and only hope mowgli….neil actualy doing dis all with eago

  12. Why does everyone feel for Avni. I think she is out of order keeping father and son apart from the outset. Let her see how it feels when her son is taken away from her she may have some empathy for Neil.

  13. Why does everyone feel for Avni. I think she is out of order keeping father and son apart from the outset. Let her see how it feels when her son is taken away from her she may have some empathy for Neil.

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