Naamkaran 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni gets Mowgli back

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Naamkaran 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini saying Avni would have gone to police, you have come here to save your son. She asks goons to tie up Neil. Neil fights with them. He gets a gun and asks goons to lie down. He asks Kamini to get away from his son. She says Avni would have surrendered till now. Mitali asks what are you saying. Avni says Kamini is innocent, I have framed her, I wanted money for my son, so I took this step and sold Jeetu to them. Neil asks inspector to arrest Kamini. She lies. Neil says we have to go to Avni now. Mitali asks Avni is she in any problem. Avni says no, I did child trafficking. Mitali says I will help you out, I promise you. Avni says this is the truth and my final statement, law can punish me. Mowgli says mumma is not answering. Neil drives fast. He asks Avni to stop. Avni sees Mowgli and hugs. He says Kamini had kidnapped Mowgli. Kamini says he is lying. Mowgli says she is lying. Kamini asks the proof.

Neil plays the recording and says check mate. Mitali says arrest Kamini. Neil asks how can you do this, you know Avni can’t do this. Avni says its not her mistake, she asked me but I was refusing. Neil says sorry to overreact. Mitali says what matters is that Mowgli is safe. Avni hugs Mowgli. They get Mowgli home. Shweta hugs Mowgli. Avni says KK can’t believe this, KK wants to think about Saisha and his coming child. Prakash says Avni, you risked life for love again. Avni says Sunehri, we should leave now, Mowgli also needs rest, thanks Neil. Mowgli hugs Avni. She cries and hugs him.

She asks Mowgli to stay with them, they all care for him and love him a lot. Neil says Mowgli can’t stay happy without you, I made a mistake, forgive me, I couldn’t see his happiness, Mowgli will just stay happy with you, I will give his legal custody, we can’t make him a good person like you would make him, I m seeing a strong independent woman, there are very few people like you, Mowgli is lucky that you are his mum, a mum who risks life for children always, I will always be with you. Everyone smiles. He asks Mowgli to go to his mom, but just come to play at home. Mowgli agrees and hugs. Avni thanks Neil. They hug. Mitali looks on. Avni says I will pray for you and Mitali’s married life, thanks, I shall leave now. She leaves with Mowgli. Neil says I hope he stays happy with Avni.

At home, Avni says I missed you a lot. Mowgli says I missed you more. She asks him to sleep now. Prakash comes to her and says I have come to talk something imp, you, Neil and Mowgli will complete the family. Avni says no, its too late now, Neil and I got divorced, Neil’s future is with Mitali now. He says life’s relation doesn’t end like that, Lord made your and Neil’s relation. Avni says our ways are different now. Prakash blesses her. He goes. She thinks of Vidyut making Prakash shoot Neil, and Neela getting shot. She says everything would have been different today if Neil knew the truth, but I have to save you all from this truth.

Its morning, inspector meets Saisha and says it has Vidyut’s belongings, you are his daughter, so you are given all this. She thanks him. She checks Avni’s pic and I love you written on it. She thinks I m ashamed to be your daughter. She gets a memory chip inside the pic frame. She plays the chip. She sees something and gets shocked.

Shweta shows sherwanis to Neil. Shweta says your decision to send Mowgli was right, you just start a new life with Mitali, I want you to stay happy. He asks her to talk to Mitali once. She goes. Saisha comes and says superman. He asks is everything fine, sorry you had to suffer because of Kamini. She says one who does good shouldn’t get punished right. He says right. She says I was getting this to Avni, but thought to get this to you, it has Avni’s sacrifice story, I want to do something for her, just see the video. Neil plays the chip. He gets shocked seeing Vidyut’s crime video and Neela dying by Prakash’s hands. Neil cries. He thinks Avni knew this secret, she went away from us to save us, I made a big mistake.

Avni says we have to do what’s right, you have to keep your promise to Mitali. Neil leaves. He imagines Avni. He tells Avni that his happiness is with her and Mowgli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally phew.. Neil gets to know the truth ?

    1. Sana.

      I am sorry for the giving wrong information.after watching the onlocation video of miniel and their interview about it.i thought it won’t came out.once again I am sorry.sorry to all for misleading you by my misunderstanding.pls forgive me guys.

    2. Sana.

      Especially I wanna apologies to you Cathy for spoiling your mood yesterday by telling truth won’t came out. I am really very sorry for that.

      1. No problem dear. I already imagined this wud be the twisty because there was a hugging shot of Avneil where Neil is on her knees.. Avni as always have a tendency to become a Mahan tyagi by sacrificing her love . I thot the story to be like this only.
        Don’t be sorry. I can understand. M sad because NK is going offair. I have no other series to watch

  2. Sneha Sugumar

    Even though I hate Neil’s character a looooooooot I don’t want NK to end.
    Don’t know y it feels so weird today. I really don’t know how will I spend my time without NK. I got really attached to it . And it’s difficult for me to lead a lyf without NK. I’m not going to watch star plus hereafter. Never in my lyf time. Stupid channel.??????????????????? U ppl r making me cry. And today’s epi was good. So finally Neela maa’s murder truth is reveled. I’m eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi.
    I really don’t know what to type. I feel very bad today. I just don’t want nk to end.

  3. Pls don’t stop naamkaran… Its is my fav serial and the best serial I’ve ever watched… Star plus why are u stopping this serial??what’s wrong in this? Whichever interesting serial airs on Star plus they will off air it very soon… But the boring serials will last for a long tym… Bakwaas Star plus… I love naamkaran, especially zain and aditis chemistry and love between them… Mowgli is soo cute…. Plz dnt stop naamkaran… even if u off air it, continue it on hotstar please….

  4. They are ending nk….ok what about yrkkh dragging like anything… it’s high time now pls end those serials also

  5. Sana.

    I thought truth won’t come out after watching onlocation scenes.but it came out.wondering for me.finally that jerk came to know about the truth.he deserves it.that jerk wanna marry Mitali na go jerk go and marry her.avni gave a good reply to that jerk.anyways I felt little bad for that jerk. I will unsubscribe starplus for pulling the plug of naamkaran.

  6. Idiot Neil now only he felt that his happiness is with avni

  7. After a long time naamkaran is back. But there is no use.we are waiting avenil’s reunion.But when it’s happens serial going offair .I can’t control my anger.I hate star plus. There are many serials on starplus. But why they choose our nk. I can’t understand it is going offair for that kcl.Even i can’t bear it’s promo.I want that kcl get low trp and it will go offair so soon.It is a good gift to starplus for their decision.

  8. Yesterday’s episode was nice after a period of 2 months. At last Neil came to know the truth.Its very surprising for me that the truth came out as after watching that marriage video of mitali and Neil in insta I thought truth won’t come out.Atlast after 3 months Neil’s brain started working.But even after knowing the truth about Avni’s sacrifice for him and his family he is ready to marry mitali and even didn’t stop the marriage it will be mitali who will stop their marriage this proves him more characterless. I hope CVS will never unite avneil till the end as Neil doesn’t deserve avni. I want Neil to go through the same pain avni went these days. He have to pay for all his harsh words towards avni but I know ending will be different.Disappointed with nk makers and that stupid sp for ending this show this early….?????????

  9. Loving episode ……finally neil realise his mistake and the truth also came out. I don’t want NK to end…..only 2 more days???

  10. Such a superb epi… Loved it so so much.. amena di, it was a late update.. No problem but pls update earlier of these two days as they r the last… I waited till 10… Neil knows the truth thank god… I will give a descriptive comment from my account later..

  11. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice episode…. 2 more episodes too go…??????

  12. Pavithra1616

    Was one of the best episodes.. Avneil scene was so so good.. Neil hugs avni.. Thats really superb.. And all those things were just perfect! Avneil-The perfect couple! At last Neil knows the truth.. Yay!!! Old nk and old Neil back.. But the thing I can’t digest is he still is marrying mitali after knowing the truth.. Neil allowed avni to keep Mowgli.. Yaar! Kya hua? Did anyone brought ur brain back? Yes,just like we wanted.. Its happening.. Mitali deserves this.. Good kamini got arrested.. At last a use with Saisha..thank u??.. Loved the epi so so much?..Prakash-Avni conversation was so touchy.. I really thought that avni forgot about neela ma death and her reason for leaving .. Glad she remembered.. And Neil came to know it.. His expression was so so awesome! Luved it totally! Hats off to Zainu??.. 2 episodes to go and Friday is Zainu’s bday too.. Such an imp day.. Precap a good one.. A happy one..avneil will be happy not us.. We will loose our avneil and nk.. Precap is of half tomorrows and half the last episodes.. Star plus, you wil regret this… Its our word or else u have to get our adiza back…Waiting for the next episode… Luv u avneil???

  13. Episode was good, finally all the truth revealed. Happy to see today’s episode. Thanku NK makers. U r doing a wonderful twist and avneil reunion. I know that avni had a good reason for her hiding.but finally neil realized . But why its go off? Its good for 10-15 episodes of avneil after union. Because we all are nevr happy that neil doings towards avni. Neil do something crazy for avni for misunderstanding and for her sacrificing in 10 years. Then only we forgive neil. We want this. Because all the viewers are hated neils performance. NK makers u must done for avni . Thats neil must do happy for avni. Must.

  14. Ishpreet Kaur Sarao

    Pls don’t end this show it is My favourite ????????

  15. Ishpreet Kaur Sarao

    Pls don’t end this show it is My favourite show ?????????

  16. can anyone tell me that how neil gets to know that avni knew this secret and how can he conclude this without knowing that vidyut blackmailed avni to marry him else prakash would go to jail

    1. It’s been 2 days Neil’s brain started working and now only he realized that Avni will sacrifice anything for beloved ones. She was ready to be imprisoned for safety of her son. Goes same for Neelama’s murder.

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